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Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's Go Swimming, Daddy!

The other day, hubby and son get to swim on the swimming pool by themselves. I was going to join them, too, but the weather is too cold for me to jump into the water, so I decided to just take pictures of them just after they swim. I wished the weather will warm up a little bit so I could join them next time. Anyway, here are some of it.

Jake who is still afraid to swim by himself without the help of his Dad.
Going down the water with Mommy coaching him....
oh well, this little guy needs to learn to swim with the help of swimming lesson this summer.
Heading home to take a bath instead :-); alright, seriously, we are going to enroll him this summer for a swimming lesson. It seems like he listens more to other people like his teachers than us. So listen, Jake...whether you like it or not...swimming lessons is coming up this summer! No more clinging, then! Daddy and Mommy won't be there for you :-)!

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