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Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Secrets to Exercising & Staying Motivated

Tips Will Get You Moving and Help Manage Your Diabetes

If you have diabetes, daily physical activity can help you manage your blood sugar levels and achieve weight loss. Being active feels good, too. And it doesn’t have to be time consuming and difficult. With just a few simple changes, you can make fitness part of your daily routine — even something you look forward to. Here are 10 tips to help jump-start your activity level.

10 Ways to Add Activity to Your Life
  1. Start slowly. Fifteen minutes of physical activity is enough for a beginner. Gradually work up to more strenuous exercise for longer periods of time. Consult your health care professional for guidance.
  2. Take a class. Try something new. Your budding interest in the new activity is likely to motivate you.
  3. Get an exercise buddy. Set regular times with your friend that you both commit to. The social aspect will make your exercise routine more pleasant and provide added support.
  4. Physical activity can take many forms; vacuuming counts. Gardening counts. Golfing, walking, and pushing the lawn mower all count as exercise. Allow yourself to feel good about the physical activity you build into your normal day.
  5. Discuss the best time to check your blood sugar (before or after exercise) with your health care professional. And keep track of your results. It will help you stay motivated to continue with your diabetes weight loss and fitness goals.
  6. Check out some new scenery. Plan a new walking or jogging route using our Google™ Map and Go tool.
  7. Keep an activity log. Briefly jot down what you did and for how long. You can look back and feel proud of your efforts at exercise.
  8. Warm up and cool down for five minutes before and after you exercise.
  9. Put physical activity in your calendar, preferably at the same time of day. If exercise is scheduled into your routine, you'll be less likely to skip it.
  10. Get the right gear. Wear comfortable, appropriate shoes and clothing for the activity.
Follow these 10 simple tips to jump-start activity in your life.

Source: DiabetesControlForLife.com


  1. Hiya! I was here! :) blog roll visit time! ^_^

    Thanks for sharing these tips mommy. :) I'm currently attending gym, so I can surely use these tips. =)

    Maricel --- Momhood Moments

  2. So, you did all these Ces? Wow ha, naku...ako tamad eh. Ganina misakit ako ulo...144/102 ako b/p...shower ko nag tanga...may gani naulian ko . Ingat ka lagi ha.

  3. thanks for the tips po. mukhang kailangan ko ng mag exercise and diet..i again 17 pounds since december ..waaaah! =(

  4. laag ko diri Ces, adto ko Hard Rock karon, buy ko concert ticket bahala ako ra isa, but, kung naa front row available, gusto ko sa duol ko sa stage para klaro...