"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Save More

Are you looking for a car insurance rate? If so, then you should look online and compare prices. Hubby and I did some shopping before finally decided which insurance company we would buy car insurance. I tell you, it helped us a lot. Had we not done it, we wouldn't be saving money. It isn't really hard to compare car insurance rate, you can even go shop for car insurance company and then decide which one fits your needs and budget. You will be glad you did for you'll be saving tons of money. Take our advice and you will never go wrong. Compare, decide and save now!

Are We Guilty?

My mother in-law's birthday is fast approaching. Every year, hubby and I forget bout it since it happens a day after New Year where everyone is busy. Can you blame us? No, we didn't mean to forget it, in fact, we already bought her a birthday card a month before her special day. But we still feel guilt not being able to send it on time. Anyway, to make up for the late birthday greetings, without hubby's approval I buy my mother in-law a gift and is delivered to her doorstep the day of her birthday. She loves surprises especially when it comes from us! This year, am planning of sending personalized gifts for her. I am thinking of a quilt with all her grand kids photos on it. I bet she would be very happy about that.

Barcode Scanner for Everything

It is amazing how computer has almost taken over the whole earth. Almost everything can be done with the use of modern technology called computer and internet. You can shop without leaving home, make appointments, talk with loved ones who lives million miles away, and recording medical records. While at the hospital for 6 days treatments, I noticed that nurses and PCA, medical staffs and even an ordinary food servers use computer and barcode scanner. My bracelet was scanned many times. Could it be true that someday human will be scanned, too! How odd but if it would help track down criminals, then I would give my two thumbs up!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not So Happy Christmas for Us!

Today is the last day I will be seeing my Renal Specialist for a routine check up as well as lab.blood works. Hubby and I are hoping that all the blood work will be normal and that my blood count is back to the way it should be after the 3 session of Iron Infusions. Those sessions are big mistakes for I didn't really feel much better; still weak and no energy to do even small chores around the house. We just wished my doctor had given me a blood transfusion instead for this is the only thing that helps bring back my energy. Not only the infusions didn't work, but the co pays were very expensive. A $500 co pay is too much for us though the procedure was 100% covered my our health insurance. Indeed, with all the health issues I am going through right now, Christmas got even more expensive for us. I still haven't done sending gifts to my family in the Philippines, wahhh. Anyway, just crossing my fingers that nothing bad in the blood works result.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Miss Christmas in Philippines Island

Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala lalalala....and not be stressed! Commercialism on Christmas season despise the true meaning of Christmas. People are busy shopping for gifts, foods to prepare and place to celebrate it. I, myself is tired of it all. I just wished that I was a kid again, where Christmas is celebrated with simple meal and hardly any gifts. We were happy then....being together as family is really a big thing to us even now back home. That is what I miss most about Christmas....family being together, enjoying simple meals, going to church and visiting friends and relatives. Christmas here in the U.S. is really different. To me, it is like an ordinary day...except there plenty of foods and gifts. These material things are not making me happy at all! Instead of feeling happy, I feel the opposite when Christmas time is here. I so miss the way Christmas is celebrated in the country where I was borne and raised.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sleep Deprived

Who would ave thought that being anemic would stop me from getting a goodnight sleep? For the past two months now, I am sleep deprived due to my low blood count. No matter how early I go to bed, sleep wouldn't visit me until it's 2am! The result aside from lack of energy...wrinkles under my eyes and dark circles as well! I look like a walking zombie :-(. I do take a two hour of nap, but that doesn't really help at all. I wished I could find the right anti wrinkle eye cream I could use to hide these unsightly wrinkles. I wonder if the eye cream my friend gave me three years ago would still be effective when I use it for the meantime. Is there an expiration date for it? Oh well, I guessed I need to buy a new anti wrinkle eye cream instead of taking a chance on n old eye cream.

Christmas and Family Reunion

In just a couple of weeks, winter break would be here. I am excited for my son to be home and spend time with us. The much awaited date for a Christmas/family reunion is coming pretty soon, too. Jacob couldn't wait to open his presents while we are excited for our trip to m in-laws on Christmas day. I hope it would be a great time/reunion. To see hubby's family is like a treat or us for we don't really each other that much. It would be very fun if we could ride my in-laws rv and tour the whole town. Snow would never be a problem for they are a member of a club where rv towing is covered. In case the rv get stuck on the snow or ice, the roadside assistance would be there to help us.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CC: Our Christmas Wishes

Last week, my friends and I went shopping for Christmas gifts. We went from Tanger Outlet Mall, Town East Mall and at Allen Outlet Mall. With all these shopping, thank goodness, I was able to finish shopping for all except for my sister in-law who wants kitchen utensils. Anyway, I have been wishing for a coach purse for a long time, and never thought that my wished would materialize, but it actually did!

This coach purse is normally worth $338, it was on sale for $229.99. Paid for it for only $99.64; saving 70% the sale price...sweet! Hubby told me that it would be my gift and that I need to wrap it :-).

Hubby told me not to buy him anything, but I bought him one anyway, for this seiko watch was his dream watch and mind you.... I only paid $55... thus saving 30% off.

This is my share for this week's....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CC: What Are We Thankful For?

My husband and I have a lot of things to be thankful for:

~~ having God, Jesus and gospel in our lives
~~ family and each other
~~ foods, shelter and clothing
~~ good job
~~ good health insurance provider
~~ great doctors and nurses
~~ our son's schools and teachers (then and now)
~~ good/true friends
~~ supportive friends and leaders at church

What about you? What are the things you are thankful for? Share them with us here at .....

Friday, November 19, 2010

CC: Our Wishes

When Matt and I first got married, we were living in a one bedroom apartment close to his work. Neither of us wanted to live there long, and so after six months, we decided to fulfill one of our wishes which is to own a simple house bigger than the apartment where we used to live. We got what we want and we were happy for that. Five years later, we sold the first house and moved to the East due to his work. We lived there for a little over a year and then headed back to Texas for the same reason. Having used to live in a house, once again bought a second house after a year. We still are living the life we've wished for. We have a house, stable job, me staying home full time with the child we have been blessed with. We are happy!

There are only a couple of wishes we haven't gotten yet and they are good health, and enough savings for our son's education, mission and for our retirement. These are a long term goal since we are still helping my family financially back home. Maybe winning a lotto would grant the rest of our wishes, but how is this going to happen when we don't buy lotto tickets, lol? Oh well, with patience and great faith in God all these wishes will be able to come...in His time and term. My share for this week's.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CC: What Have We Accomplished?

Oops, I think I have already mentioned the outcome of it on my last entry. Sorry, Liz :-). Anyway, as I mentioned on my last CC entry which was last week, hubby and I managed to live the life we wanted before we got married. We want it simple, but happy and comfortable. We didn't have many kids, but we got one (Ruth) and Jake...and we couldn't be happier. I used to work before Jake came, and now a stay at home Mom which is what we planned. Our life together is not perfect; we have had ups and downs along the way, but with God's help we survived them. We still have problems (health) to deal with and financial issue as a result of that, but we know that with God we can overcome it and we would still be happy despite of the circumstances.

My share on

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CC: Glimpse of the Future

Before Matt and I got married, we talked about kids, me staying home, and him providing for our needs. We also planned on living a simple but happy life and both serving God in every possible way we can. Everything we planned happened, but one which was having more kids. Our only child gives us so much joy and we couldn't be happier. I believe in making plans and and working hard for the plan to materialize.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Busy Month Ahead of Us!

Another one busy day has gone. Thanks to my dear husband who never fail to help and support me with all my tasks. This morning, we got up early for my routine lab work after walking our son up to school. We arrived at the transplant center before 9am; thank goodness I didn't have to wait long for my turn to have my blood drawn. It took almost two hour before we got the result. Though my blood count is better than the last time, my doctor still ordered an epogen shot for me and then later today, his nurse phoned me saying I need to have iron infusion onec a week for the next four weeks starting Tuesday of next week. At this moment I can tell hat this month is going to be another busy month for us just like last month. With all this medical issue going on with me, Jake's karate lessons and school activities...no idea where would I get the strength to do them; just rely on God's help and guidance. When my son got home from school he excitedly told me that he had a great day school and been very good that is why his teacher gave him Hershey kisses chocolates as a reward. And I a check his backpack, I saw a birthday card invitations from his classmate. Damien is turning 7 this Saturday and he invited all his classmates. My son is very excited that he chose to attend the birthday party rather than his skating lesson. Oh well, this occasion doesn't happen all the time and so I have to agree. Anyway, I thought that the invitation is very cute. I wonder where would I get nice 1st birthday invitations that I can give to my friend who's daughter will be turning 1 year old before the end of the year. I better ask Damien's Mom where she bought her son birthday invitations.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goofing Around After Dining Out

After our dinner at Iron Chef Japanese restaurant, hubby and I decided to visit a store that sell cowboy boots, hats and apparel. We had fun goofing around and trying boots and hats with our son. W ended buying hubby a cowboy hat and Jake with a new cowboy boots since his old one is already small for his feet.

As you can see in the background, hubby was busy looking for a hat.
I've tried this hat, but didn't buy it. I liked it, but 40 bucks is too much for a cowboy hat.
Now, here hubby with his new cowboy hat. Jacob was complaining because I didn't get one for myself. Maybe someday, Ill get myself a pair of boots and hat.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Anniversary Cards

It is our tradition to buy each other a card for any occasions. Here are the cards we bought for each other on our anniversary. It was funny because we bought these cards the same day. We were kind of laughing when we went to Walgreens to buy card. We said to each other: okay go get me a card and I'll get yours, lol. This was the first we bought cards together; we normally buy card days before the occasion where he will hid mine and vice versa. Anyway, the other card was from my parents in-law who never missed sending us cards for special occasion such as anniversary, birthdays, and more. We are so lucky to have such sweet and thoughtful parents.

For me, this is the simplest way to tell your loved ones that you care....inexpensive gift, but the thoughts written in it are priceless!

CC: I Will Do It Tomorrow

Hubby and I have the fair share of "I will do it tomorrow, honey." Most of the time, these words come out of my mouth when it comes to putting away clean clothes after I am done with the laundry...the same thing happened when it is time to do the laundry. Hubby on the other hand has bad manana habit when it is time for lawn mowing, washing our cars and making phone call to his parents. Nagging him is the best thing I can do to get his butt out of whatever he is doing. Good thing husbands don't nag otherwise they would nag their wives, too, lol. Ladies, can you imagine our husbands nagging us? Honestly, It can't! It would be funny, I imagine.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

He Wouldn't Dare

When I was single I used to take a sleeping pill called melatonin. This pill has helped me sleep through the night. I stopped taking it when I lived overseas, but when I go visit my family in the Philippines, I take it for I couldn't sleep due to time difference. My husband on the other hand don't want to take it for whatever reason. Since he work at night, he is having hard time sleeping on daytime sometimes. I suggested that he try melatonin, but he refused it saying that he'd rather take allergy medicine. Oh well, there is nothing I can do to help him, he just need to find a way. I am so tired on trying to help him and he wouldn't listen or do anything. I've don my part, and t is time for him to do his.

CC: No, Honey!

This week's theme for Couples Corner is "No" and here is my share. I say 'no' a lot compared to my husband. I always say 'no' when he'd rather sleep than walk, and yet he wanted to lose weight. I say 'no' when he wanted to buy something that is unnecessary. Yes, hubby can be impulsive buyer that is why, I say 'no' a lot of times. Yup, I am a 'no' person and he is the 'yes' one. That is why we are perfect for each other.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

From Noisy to Quiet Neighborhood

More than two years ago, my family and I moved back to TX from VA due to hubby's work. And since we sold our first house, we have no choice but to live in a two bedroom apartment for a year and a half before purchasing a new house. Living in an apartment is a bit of adjustment to us; aside from living in a small space, the noise from upstairs neighbor is very hard to tolerate. Our patience was stretched as well as our understanding. Anyway, to cover the noise up, we would just turn down the volume of our television to see if they would cut up the noises they are making. It did help a little bit. thank goodness. Later on, we've old tenant moved out and new ones came in, that was a relief! After that, watching tvs is easier. We don't need to worry about noises for our new neighbors are very quiet and considerate people. It's been four months since we moved in to our new house, and so far we like it here. It is peaceful, quiet, safe, great community, nice neighbors and we are close to everything from school to shopping complex. We are even close to appliance store where we can shop for HD TV, or even a plasma tv.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CC: Yes Wife

If you ask me if I am a "yes wife" without thinking, I'll say right away that "I am not." As I always say, our relationship is based on trust, loyalty, love and compromise that is why we are still together despite of our differences. I can do whatever I want and vice versa and there is no problem with that as long as it doesn't affect our marriage. But when it comes to big purchases like furniture, and appliances we would weight things up first as to whether it is a need or just want...then decide if it is a necessity or not. There are times, hubby can't say 'no' to me, lol....he is scared I might be upset if he says 'no' to my petty requests or lambing. He even told me one time that he cannot resists not saying 'yes' to me, and that made me feel guilty. And so after hearing that confession, I promised myself not to make frown face if he doesn't give in.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CC: Who's the Boss?

We sometimes joke about "who's the boss" at home and Jacob will reply immediately saying "it's Mommy!" Matt and I just laugh. Sometimes, when I want Matt to smile, I would say, "yes bossing" and he likes that, lol :-). Anyway, when it comes to almost everything in the house, we both decide what to do and what to buy. We also agree on how we discipline Jake. We may sometimes agree to disagree and that helps. Compromise is a big help, too. There is no boss even when it comes to finances.

At church (LDS) where we belong, this is what our church leaders taught us and we do the best we can to follow it:

"By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. "Children are an heritage of the Lord" (Psalms 127:3). Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, to teach them to love and serve one another, to observe the commandments of God and to be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives—mothers and fathers—will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.

" The Family, A Proclamation to the World." ~~ Gordon B. Hinckley ~~

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Dentist's Appointment

While waiting for my turn to see the dentist last week, I busied myself reading some magazines at the watching area. I read better homes and garden magazines where I got an idea on how to decorate my house for fall season. Got some yummy recipes using pumpkin like soups, pies and breads. I have read the entire magazine and yet, 30 minutes later, and I found myself still siting and waiting. So, I grabbed a magazine where there was an article about affordable life insurance prices. This caught my interests and started reading it. I was surprise of how many insurance companies that offer affordable life insurance. This is good news for those who are looking for affordable yet with good benefits/coverage life insurance like us. I wasn't done reading when finally, the woman called my name, then I spent an hours of x-ray and other routine check ups on my teeth.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

CC: What I Want and What He Wants

This would be a short and straightforward entry for this week's Couple's Corner theme; and here is my share...

I want him to:
~~ serioulsly lose weight.
~~ learn to speak my language (Tagalog).
~~ continue leading us to the right path.
~~ be happy at work.

He wants me to:
~~ not pluck my eyebrows.
~~ to stretch my patience with Jake.
~~ read the scriptures daily.
~~ not worry too much.

What about you? Share yours with us by joining us once a week at Liza's And Rod's nest.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CC: Hardest Days of Our Marriage

Just like everyone I know, the hardest days of our marriage was the first year. The adjustment period was very difficult for me especially. Though we love each other so much and that we both have the same religious belief, Matt and I still have so many differences. As I mentioned on my last CC entry, I was super sensitive with everything he said and did. I cried a lot, too. I am glad those days are over! Those days thought me lessons in life I am forever grateful for.

I got pregnant in 2002 and was saddened by the unexpected death of our first child. Ruth died inside me (stillbirth) six and a half months after. We were both devastated. It took a long while before we accepted the fact that she was gone. I must admit, I still miss her. I still cry every time I think of her. And my eyes are teary right now as I write this part of my post.

My kidney started to fail after Jacob was borne. Eighteen months later, I have to go to dialysis for my kidney stopped working. My poor husband was burdened with stress at work and taking care of our one year old baby. He has to juggle his time between work, babysitting and taking care of me for I was always tired and no energy to do things around the house. Thank goodness, God was very mindful of us; He took care of us during those times. Eight months later (on dialysis) I was blessed with new kidneys. Two baby kidneys were transplanted in me. And so far, they are still doing their job and I am doing great.

In 2007, Matt got lay off from his job of seven years. It was the hardest time ever since we weren't prepare for it. We didn't have any choice but to sell the first house we purchased six months after our wedding. I was very emotional that time that I even cried. It was the stressful years in our lives. The good thing though is that, he was hired by a company that was based in VA. As soon as we sold our house, the company moved us and he and started working again. Exactly a year after our moved in VA, he was laid off again. The company the worked for closed and eventually filed for bankruptcy.

In June of 2008, Matt was rehired by Texas Instruments again through Volt; he worked temporarily and eventually became a regular Tier again six months later. With all the of these trials, God never left us. He was always there....guiding us, helping us and strengthening us. Whatever we are and we have right now, we owe it ALL to HIM! Trials and tribulations made my husband and I better persons....stronger and wiser than ever. And we thank God for those days because our faith and testimony of God's love and mercy were strengthened.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Miss Living on The East Coast

For a year we lived in Virginia due to hubby's work. We did enjoy our stay there. We love the area, the school where my son attended Pre-K; and to think that we live in a small town yet, we are close to everything from school, shopping mall, groceries and everything. We still miss the place every once in awhile. We also miss our weekend visit with my brother in - law and his family in North Carolina, and the famous Virginia Beach in VA. Talking back North Carolina, my brother in-law got lay off from his job of 10 years and is now unemployed. He still gets unemployment benefits from the government, which I supposed enough to cover all their monthly expenses except health insurance. On this case, they should consider purchasing a NC short term health insurance. This would help them in case something happens and till he finds a permanent job. His wife's part time job could really pay the insurance and he doesn't have to worry paying the bill. It's been a year now, hope my brother in-law finds a descent job soon for he has family to support and or relies on him.

The Longest Day of My Life

Yesterday was the longest day I have ever had. I woke up early, prepared my son for school, dropped him off and then headed to my annual medical exams at 7am. The traffic was heavy for no reason at all, and so we got to the hospital and registered (was 15 minutes late). As soon as I signed up forms and have my blood work done, we went to the 2nd floor where my mammogram, and bone density tests would be performed. An hour later, I proceeded to my other test which was the stress test. I got there at 11am; I didn't realized it would take 6 hours for the test to be completely done. I was so pissed off. The an hour and a half procedure end up to six hours. What a day! I was starving and and very thirsty for I wasn't supposed to eat from midnight till the tests were finished. I got to eat my first meal of the day at 6 in the evening. How did it happen? I have been to a stress test before but didn't remember that it took longer as it was yesterday. I pity the 1 year old baby boy who was there before us and finished he test the same time I finished mine. What a mess in the department. They need to fix this problem or many patients will gonna complain. I am glad it is all over; thank goodness these tests happen only once a year.

Sand or Stone

A friend of mine share this with me on Facebook. It is very nice and so I am sharing it with each one of you. Yes, to you, you and you :-)! So, better read this so you know what I am saying. Feel free to copy and paste it on you blog as well. Thanks for reading. And may thanks to Joy for sharing this with me.

Two friends were walking through the desert. At some point they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand:

"TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE." They kept on walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to go for a swim. The one who had been slapped started to drown, but his friend saved him. After he recovered from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone:

"TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SAVED MY LIFE." The one who had first slapped and later saved his friend said, "After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?" His friend replied: "When a friend hurts us we should write it down in sand where the winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when a friend does something good for us, we should engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it."

Retaining Water

Part of my husband's weight gain is water retention in his body. Yes, it isn't all the fats, but also water that made him big. We didn't realized it till he went to see our family physician. They did run series of tests and stuffs and the result was water in his body. And so, aside from advised to exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet, the doctor prescribed him a diuretic that would help him get rid of those excess water. Since we are into natural remedy and treatment, we thought of asking him if he could recommend something like natural diuretics, but didn't do it. We figured we can't find one online. Anyway, aside from diuretics, he needs to limit his salt/sodium intake for that contributes to water retention also. I remember I used to take diuretics, too at some point in time. It really helped a lot.

Did You Know...

...that fireflies are able to flash their tiny lights because of special chemicals in their bodies. The reason for the light displays is to attract a mate and not just to light the way.

...that if your basement is too crowded with cardboard boxes, imagine having this one. The world's largest cardboard box made by students at the Aarhus Business College in Denmark is 11.5 meters wide x4.6 meters deep x2.3 meters tall. Big Box, Indeed!

...that chocolates lovers should know that when they eat their favorite treat, they also getting a fix of caffeine. One 1- ounce piece of chocolate milk contains approximately 6 milligrams of caffeine, while the same amount of dark chocolates has 20 milligrams. Treats to think about.

...that Canada is well known for the presence of big, furry, white mammal that lives in the country's northern regions - the polar bear. There are an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 of these carnivores hunting in the Arctic and sub- Arctic regions o this country. Yup, these bears are big and white.
Isn't these interesting and informative or what!?

Our Quick Visit with Friends

On the way home the other night, we stopped by at my friend's house to pick some bitter gourd veggie. Hubby and I talked about not staying long for Jacob needs to be on bed by 8pm because he has school the next day. Oh well, we ended spending almost an hour because my son wants to play with his friend for a little while and hubby was tempted to eat dinner that my friend prepared for us. I didn't eat for I was stuffed from eating at Vietnamese restaurant. While there, my friend mentioned to me that she is trying to lose weight, but could really do it due to her busy life at work and at home with three children to take care of after work. She is considering taking a diet pill called hoodia. Speaking about hoodia, I heard that this pill is very safe, and effective. My friend made the right choice when she chose this diet pill to begin with her weight loss plan. To you Jules, good luck!

He is Back!

As I mentioned on my other blogs before, my son suffered from anxiety during the first two weeks attendance at school. My husband and I didn't know what to do for it was his first time to have school anxiety. He went through Pre-K and Kindergarten without any problem, but this school year, he did. He cries every morning before we go to school, was very lonely. The thing we worried much was him not being able to sleep at night. The result, he looked very tired and had dark circles under his eyes. I told him how if he doesn't try to sleep that dark circles will never go away. With a worried look in his eyes asked me this simple question: how to remove dark circles under eyes? I just simply said, don't be afraid and sleep early. He needs at least 10 to 11 hours every night. Then he said, okay Mommy, I will try. Finally, this week he was totally back to his old self again. A happy 6 year old boy, who loves school and learning. He now goes in his classroom without someone taking him there.

My New Toy

This is my new digital camera. Hubby bought it for me a couple of weeks ago at Costco. I really like it for it is very small and very light compared to the one we bought last year which is by the way broke when I accidentally dropped it on the floor during my son's field day.

I know I can't cry over spilled milk, but what can I do? It makes me feel bad and sad every time I think about it. It is new and not even a year old when I broke it. I wonder if my brother can fix it. He is good on fixing small appliances and gadgets like this one. I better ask him next time I talk to him.

CC: Sensitivity

This week's theme for Couples Corner reminds me of the first few years of being married to a my husband. I tell you it wasn't easy being married to a white guy; I have been super sensitive during those years. I get hurt easily with small things he says or do. Well, for one thing, we came from two different countries, different background, and culture, not to mention the language barrier. I sometimes misunderstood what he said and vice versa. And when I do, I just go to our bedroom and cries. He doesn't even know that he hurt my feelings and so he will keep asking questions till I talk. There was even a time that he got to frustrated and punched the wall that made his hand bleed. He couldn't get any answers from me because I don't want to say anything. Now, I say that I am as hard as a rock, I can take his joke without being hurt. In fact he is the one who is super sensitive now and couldn't even take a joke sometimes. So I always tell him to lighten up, and to not be all the time. On the other hand, he admires me for being a sensitive person when it comes to other people's feeling. He said I know just the right words to say on different circumstances without hurting their feelings. It must be a gift from God I supposed. Anyway, if he admires me for that trait, I admire him too for being very consistent when it comes to losing weight. He walks everyday for at least an hour, eat healthy foods and taking his vitamins. To help him speed up the weight loss, process, I better suggest that he take a diet pill. Since there are many companies that claim they have the best diet pills in the market today, he must choose which once fits his health and budget on top of being effective and safe diet pill.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Year's Eve with My In -Laws

The other day, my husband had a doctor's appointment in Dallas. Since our place is at least 35 minutes away from where we live now, I told him to just drop me off at the mall for I don't want to wait long at the doctor's office. And so he did, for I don't want to waste my time doing nothing. While at the mall I looked for winter shoes like boots I can wear at church and one when I need to walk at the snow. I was very disappointed that I didn't find the one I like that suits my budget. I guessed I better buy the one I saw online. I did see some sweaters that I can wear when we go spend the new year at my in-laws this winter. We really need something that will warm us for it is always cold in there and snows a lot, too. And since I'll purchase boots online, I might as well buy sweaters for me, hubby and son online; that way I'll able to save and the shipping would be cheaper. Yup, we are all excited to spend time with my in-laws for we would also see my brother and sister in-laws and their families. This would be a great reunion, don't you think?

A Secure Job for Her

After four and a half years in college, next month is going be an exciting time for my niece who is about to finish her refresher class for accounting. She is a smart young woman who graduated an accounting course early this summer. We have the faith in her that she'll pass the board exam this fall. Right now she is in Manila waiting for the day of her exam and is living with my brother. I told her to relax and stop worrying about it. Good thing she took the accounting course for it is an in demand job both in the here and in the country where she lives. It would be nice if she would get a job abroad; for instance here in he U.S., there are many companies in need of accountants to help them. I, myself have seen many accounting jobs or positions on the classified ads everyday. This kind of job can give her job security as well as good salary. When she passes the board exam for accountants, then she would be able to land a good job that would help her earn more than enough to help her siblings with their college education.

Stuffed with Our Favorite Foods

Last night, I had this let over dish for dinner instead of the spaghetti. This dish is called "paksiw na Bangus" in Tagalog; a Filipino dish that made of milkfish, and bitter gourd wih some seasonings like salt and pepper, crushed garlic, thinly sliced ginger, and vinegar. This is very yummy and very healthy, not to mention that the bitter gourd is good for people who have diabetes and are anemic.

Hubby and son on he other ate spaghetti and meatballs. We had tapioca and chocolate pudding for dessert. Man, we were all stuffed!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CC: Trust, Faith and Loyalty

For a marriage to succeed, there must be trust, faith and loyalty between spouses. To me, these are the very foundations of the word "love." How can you say that you love your husband/wife if you do not trust him/her? If you trust your husband/wife that means you have faith in him/her. You will never doubt his abilities as the head of the family; and he would never ever doubt your abilities to care and tend to your children's need while he is away working so hard to bring bacon on the table.

There is no such thing as perfect couple and marriage; misunderstanding happens, wrong decision has been made, but know that these are part of married life. Matt and I are not exempted to these, but because of our trust, faith and loyalty with each other, our love for each other are intact. There is no checking of pockets, cellphone, emails or even sniffing clothes. No blaming or nagging. If you find yourself doing these things, that is a clear indication that trust, faith and loyalty are not there; therefore there is no love in your relationship....and that is something to think and worry about...time for both of you to work things out if you are to save your marriage.

Monday, September 6, 2010

What I Want for Our Anniversary

Our wedding anniversary is fast approaching and hubby asked me what I would like get on that day. He meant the gift I would like to receive from him. I said, you know what want. And he said, yeah but which one.....either one I said (MacBook or DSLR). I know we can't afford either one of them. I told him that we need to save for it and that my laptop is still working. I just said, just dinner for two would be just fine. When the time comes that we have enough savings for it, we would purchase either one of them at buy.com. Anyway, while browsing at buy.com, I saw an Asus laptop that would be a great gift for my brother on Christmas. Buy.com also offers great deal on all laptops as well as televisions. And since hubby wanted to get a bigger television for our living room, I think he better take a look at the website, too. Indeed, you will find everything you can think of from electronic, gadgets, toys, jewelry and etc...they've got you covered. So wait no more, check buy.com now for more products they offer.

CC: We Help and Support Each Other

It's Couple's Corner once again; time flies so fast! Anyway, here is my share for this week's theme "we help and support each other." For a marriage to succeed, couple help each other to make the goal happens. There must be love, trust, understanding, compromise, devotion, and last but not the least, helping and supporting each other no matter what. As a stay at home mother and wife, my job is to take care of my family's need from cooking, cleaning the house, laundry, grocery shopping to a child sitter :-); aside from that, I am also a good listener, and sometimes a shock absorber when hubby needs one. He seeks my opinions and advices when he has problems at work and I love that. Having experienced being by himself to tend for our son's needs, hubby knew how hard my job is as a homemaker and so he helps with the shores during his days off. He makes breakfast, gives Jake a bath and walks him off to school. Yup, when he is off, he spoils me....I can stay on bed late and be lazy all day if I feel like it. He also supports me with whatever worthy goals I have and vice versa. Hubby is not a perfect husband and neither do I and so, part of helping each other is being a critic towards each other, that way, we know what to do and how to act and respond properly in public and private. It is comforting to know that aside from God, we are and we'll be there to help and support each other in all aspects of our lives be it emotional, intellectual, physical as well as spiritual.

Taylor Swift Concert Tickets

Next week would be the annual cotton festival in the county when we live now. It is going to be a four day event of fun, games, rides, foods, music and shopping stuffs. We would like to go, but are having second thought for the ticket would cost us $150 for the three of us. We don't want to go there everyday for four days, and I think it is too much for just one day. And so, I suggested to my husband we could go to Taylor Swift concert instead. I have been meaning to see her perform anyway, plus Taylor Swift tickets are not that expensive and we can go buy the tickets online just like football, soccer and other ball game tickets. He said he would think about it for he is not a big fan of this artist. Oh well, I'll just keep my fingers cross :-).

Friday, August 27, 2010

Life is Good Award/Tag

Thank you so much, Tsang Shy of Simple Happy Life for this award/tag. It's been awhile since I last received an award or tag, :-).


1. Answer the 10 questions.
2. Give this award to six other bloggers
3. Link back to the person who gave this award.
4. Let them know about the award.

Here you go:

1. If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing it that way; if you are not anonymous do you wish you had started out anonymously so you could be anonymous now?

~~ I blog so I can express my thoughts and feelings as well as meet and get to know new friends; nope I wouldn't wish to be anonymous.

2. Describe one incident that shows your inner stubborn side.

~~ When I got so mad at hubby one time; I tried to scare him by packing some of my stuffs and left. He was so scared. But I told him I'll just go away for a day or two to think things over and be back afterward. Despite of his pleadings and apologies, I still left, but came back after few hours lol... I realized that I can't leave him...because I love him so much...To this day, he still teases me....how I hurt his feelings....told him I will never ever do that again...ever!!!!

3. What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror?

~~ I want my old self back.....need to lose weight...i wished our mirror lies, lol!

4. What is your favorite summer cold drink?

~~ Diet Root Beer and Coke. Hubby and I tried to stop drinking sodas, but we couldn't do it...and so here we are again drinking sodas, lol.... (talking about self-control...we are both weak).

5. When you take time for yourself, what do you do?

~~ I shop, blog, read, meditate, pray, and sit on the porch to relax.

6. Is there something you still want to accomplish in your life? What is it?

~~ Pursue my schooling (be a nurse), learn to play piano, be a millionaire so I can help my family in the Philippines.

7. When you attended school, were you the class clown, the class overachiever, the class shy person, or always ditching school?

~~ I was the class shy person but one of the class over achiever, too!

8. If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very poignant moment in your life, what do you see?

I see how much my Heavenly Father loves me, enough to bless/give me wonderful family, parents and siblings, in-laws, and friends.

9. Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people or events?

I am comfortable sharing my true self to other....that is why I created six where family and friends can get to know me better.

10. If you had the choice to sit and read or talk on the phone, which would you do and why?

I would like to start reading my fave books again; for they help me a lot of things which are beneficial to my well being. In that case, I need to spend less time in front of my computer...FB is very addictive!

Okay, now it's time to share it to my friends. Grab it guys and have your say!

Liza of This is My Life, Juliet of My Pastime, Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts, Race of My Crossroads, Rossel of Topics on Earth, and Niko of My Plate and Me.

Peaceful and Quiet Place

It's been two months since we moved in to our new house; and with that span of time five houses have been built next to ours. I cannot believe how fast this construction workers are when it comes to building houses. They don't mind the soaring temperature! Maybe because they are used to hot weather since 99% of the workers are Hispanics. They can stand the heat which is to me is incredible. I don't know if I can stand the heat...but they can for sure. Good thing that the temperature is better this week....and is getting better since fall is just around the corner. I think construction employment is easy to find nowadays for I see more and more Latinos have this kind of job. Anyway, I am glad that they are almost done with the houses in our neighborhood. We can now enjoy the peace and quiet time.....no more loud noises, road would not be very busy again, and safer place for kids to play outside home.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CC: The Magic World "Sorry"

Here is my share for this week Couple's Corner hosted by Liza of this is My Life.

I find it easy to say "sorry" when I say it every time I hurt my husband or son's feeling. It makes me feel better and at peace knowing that I have swallowed my pride and made amends for my mistakes and wrongdoings. I used to ignore my husband when he apologized to me....but I realized that I haven't totally forgiven him if I still have grudge in my heart towards him despite of everything he did to make me forgive him. I learned that a genuine apology is the one that sets thing straight between two people and neither of them keeps a grudge. So, when I say "sorry" I really mean it. I like it when hubby say sorry to me when he is at fault. He is very very sad...and even cry when he sees me crying....he knew then how much he hurts my feelings. Sometimes, I get mad even though it is my fault....but still would not talk to him; then later he would apologize to make me feel better :-) though it wasn't his fault at all. He loves me so much enough to do that, lol. Yup, I can be mean sometimes. Anyway, just like other couples, we never let a day passed without saying "sorry" when misunderstandings arise.

To some people, saying sorry is not easy, maybe because of the pride.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pet Perks

I grew up with quite few pets in our home. We have rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats. I think I have had enough of them that for now I don't want any single pet at home. Maybe someday we will get one since my husband and son want a cat. Anyway, I heard that pets can help you feel better and even help improve your health. So here why I said so:

Pets are cute and cuddly, but what are their real benefits? Here are just a few of the ways pets can help you out:

~~ Pets improve your mood. Stroking, cuddling, and just being around a pet that gives unconditional love helps many people become happier. In fact, more than 65 percent of nursing homes have an animal program because they have been shown to lift spirits.

~~ Pets lower your blood pressure. A study was done comparing stockbrokers who suffered from hypertension. One group was put on a medication, and a second group was put on medication and given a dog or a cat. At the end of six months, the second group had significantly lower blood pressure.

~~ Pets promote exercise. Well, dogs do, anyway. A dog is a jogging partner that will never cancel on you. Studies have shown that dog owners go on more frequent and longer walks than non-dog-owners.

~~ Pets protect against allergies.This may come as a surprise to many people, but children raised in families with pets are far less likely to have allergies and as they get older.

Source: LDS Living Magazine

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Car Insurance, Life saver!

The best thing about having car insurance is that you are contented that whatever happens, you don't have to worry about who will fix your car when it breaks or when you got into a car wreck. With the experienced we have with our chosen insurance company, I say that we are very satisfied with everything, from customer service to the plan we have purchased to them. In fact, a day after thanksgiving last year...my son and I got into wreck on the way to a friend's house. I didn't know what happened. All I know is that I was driving north of Abrams Rd when all of a sudden a car hits us so hard that the van I was driving with my son went all the way to the curve. This woman ran the red light! I was so shock but still managed to call 911. This woman lied to the police saying that I hit her. Good thing there was a witness on that incident and testified that it wasn't my fault. In short, our van was in really bad shape and eventually decided that it is totaled. The insurance company went after the other party's car insurance provider and let them pay for the damage. We got a check from our car insurance provider and was able to purchased a new replacement for our totaled van. We really like the insurance company and have no desire to switch neither change. Car insurance is also indeed a life saver!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CC: When I want Something

Here is my share for this week's topic " When I want something, something." Okay, when it comes to something material whether it is expensive or not....I ask hubby if it is okay to buy it.....and hubby does the same thing....especially when we think that we don't really need it. Most of the time, I get what I want if it is not expensive like $200 brand name purse or shoes :-); he thinks it is way expensive for a shoes or purse....which I agreed. Plus I feel guilty, too knowing that, that amount of money would be a big help if I send it to my family in the Philippines instead. But if he buys something expensive to work in his garage, I get to buy something expensive I need for the house, too (seldom happens). Since I earn a little bit from blogging, I can buy whatever I want if I want to, but he always says that I don't really need to spend it....and so I always use our money. We don't really have problems when we want something....and we don't let money be the cause of marital problems either. For us it is just a money.....and our marriage is more important than that. I'll say that I am one of those lucky wives who get to stay at home and still manage to send some help for my family in the Philippines on a regular basis. With that, I thank God for providing us the means to support our family and extended family overseas as well.

What about you? Would you like to share yours with us? Join us then by visiting Liza's Couples Corner blog. See you there!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Five Basics Every Woman Should Own

When it comes to clothes, I consider myself still a dummy. I always want to buy something that I can wear all year round, but I couldn't for some reason. And when I shop for my clothes, I always ended buying the same style over and over again. What I really needed is a versatile, year-round basics to wear with some trends I already have in my closet.

Check out the list of five fashion staples that will take you through each season.
There’s always something we’re dying to have at the start of a new season. If you stock up on versatile basics, then you can augment with affordable versions of the trends you love. Here with The Thread checklist of the five pieces you must have in your closet:

1. A Little Black Dress. It can be any shape, any sleeve length, but you need to have at least one of these, preferably one made with a jersey fabric that you can throw in the washing machine for easy, affordable care.

2. A White Button-down. An American classic—this is one of my favorite summer looks. A button down and jeans shorts.

3. Dark Trouser Jeans. Fits and washes go in and out of style but trouser cuts are always classic and classy! They’re also the most universally flattering.

4. A Bright, Lightweight Scarf. This is not just a winter item—gauzy summer scarves dress up t-shirts and help battle frigid office air-conditioning!

5. A Grey Merino Sweater. Grey is the new black AND the new white. It’s a neutral that looks good with virtually every complexion.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CC: Our Likes and Dislikes

Last week, the theme was all about our differences, today we would be talking about our likes and dislikes as couples :-); hubby and I came from different country, culture, background, and race, but those didn't stop us from loving each other no matter what. I just don't understand some couples whose marriages didn't succeed because of some petty stuffs. For instance, the way the spouse squeeze the toothpaste tube, one who keep forgetting to put the toilet cover down, they way the toilet paper is placed on the ring and so forth and so on. I believe, divorces happened because of selfishness. And the ones who suffer most are their children. Marriage for me can be worked out if they use compromise, understanding, love and most of all have strong faith in God. What about those old couples who get divorce? Aren't they too old for that? If they think they weren't not compatible, then why didn't they do it during the first few months of their marriage. Marital problems can be fixed if both are willing to work it out.....so everyone can be happy especially the kids.

Anyway, here are the things Matt and I likes and dislikes :-):

~ we both love to watch movies and tv shows , but hate violent shows and movies
~ we are adventurous couple who likes to try new things like foods (we've already tried Italian, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Indian, Malaysian, Singaporean, as well as English foods)...this way we are also exposing our son to different kinds of cuisines.
~ we like to eat sleep, camp, drive on country sides and modern furniture.
~ we like country music and western and old fashioned movies
~ both likes to cook, shop, and outdoors
~ we love big family, but unfortunately, we both have small family
~ we like attending church activities

~ he likes explorer for a browser and I like Mozilla Firefox
~ he likes sweet and I don't
~ he likes creamy foods like Italian and I don't
~ he likes to be in bed early and I don't
~ he likes to ride his bike and I don't
~ i like sea foods and he doesn't
~ he is anti - social (doesn't like crow and I do).
~ i like to blog and chat and he doesn't
~ he doesn't like the smell of dried fish, dried squid, dried dilis and the strong smell of adobo, and ~ i like these foods so much!

There you go...what about yours? Share them with us by joining the meme :-).

Unexpected Sad Reunion

The last time I saw my grandmother alive was three years ago. I am so glad to see her before she passed away a year ago. Jacob was able to see her for the first time and vice versa. Last year she left 8 children, and countless grand and great grandchildren. A very sad reunion happened for the first time in years. I was grateful to be blessed with means to go see her for the last time before she was buried. I miss her so much because I grew up with her. She and Lolo took care of me when my mother suffered from postpartum depression after I was born. Anyway, it was like an emergency trip back to the country where I was borne and raised. My cousin in California joined me on that trip. He carried my luggage for they were too heavy. When we got to our destination, the people who work at the airport weren't careful enough to handle it and so they broke the handle of my luggage and of course lost one of the custom luggage tags I purchased at my favorite store. I was a little bit annoyed but what can I say. Now that we are planning to see my parents early next year, we need new luggage tags. have no choice but to buy new custom luggage tags for our much awaited trip. Good thing I can buy customize luggage tags any time I want to.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CC: Our Individual Differences

I do believe in the saying that " opposite attracts." Hubby and I have some things that we both like and enjoy doing together....but there are also things that we don't agree on. Okay, he is anti-social and I'm not; he doesn't lose his temper quickly and I do. He's a morning person and I am the night one. He prefers regular sodas and I like sugar free or "zero o." When I don't feel good , I want to see a doctor and he doesn't. I like to chat and blog and he is not interested on any of the two. I use Mozilla Firefox and he like the Explorer better. He doesn't like it when I pluck my eyebrow. I like my hair long and likes it short. I like watching scary movies and he hates them. I am frugal and he is not. I love perfume and he doesn't till I influenced him :-). He reads a lot and I don't. He loves bike riding and I don't. And most of all, he takes a shower everyday and I don't. He likes the bed made everyday and I could care less. But when it comes to organizing stuffs, I'll say that I am the organize freak and he is the opposite of me. There you go.....The reason why we are still married is that we love each other enough to include compromise in our marriage :-). For me, when you are compatible in many ways, it's kind of boring....Matt and I compliment each other because of our differences.

The Bold Look of Kohler Kitchen Sinks

I hate it when I am trying to lose weight...and got nothing but extra pounds in my body. In just two weeks I already gained 5lbs. This is what happened when I am under a lot of stress. I tend to eat a lot and work less. Sitting in front of the computer most of the day makes me constipated and I hate it! I need to get up and exercise is what my husband always tells me to do. I will walk when he will walk with me, but when he is back to work, I would be walking by myself and that doesn't help. Anyway, while I was reading an article about how to flatten belly, I noticed on the other page of the magazine was a photo of Kohler kitchen sink. I can't help but dream about that someday when it is time to replace our kitchen sink, we would buy a kitchen sink made by Kohler. Hubby and I like the bold look of it. Too bad that the showroom didn't make Kohler brand sink an option when we picked the sink for our kitchen. Oh well, it isn't too late yet, someday we would have the kitchen sink we want at Kohler.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CC: Our Simple Talents

Talking about talents, I don't think I've got talents to brag about here :-); all I know is how to do basic sewing, cook (if it is considers a talent), and crochet. Matt on the other hand has many talents. He can fix everything, that is why I call him my "handy old man." We hardly hire someone to do things for us except those who install carpets, and do car inspections :-). I am proud to say that his talents saved us tones of money. He is very literate when it comes to computer though he didn't take any computer courses. I tell you, am not the only one he amazes with his talents, his parents as well. In fact last week he just replaced the struts in one of our vehicle. Had he listens to me to take it at Toyota service center, we wouldn't be able to save $350....that's a lot of money! My husband indeed is talented compare to me :-); but he still loves me whether I have talents or none.

Our Business Plan

Due to economic crisis we went through few years ago, hubby and I thought about putting up our own business so we don't need to worry about job lay offs again. He was laid off twice in one year! That was a very stressful times in our lives so far, and we don't want to go though that ever again. Anyway, we did some research and learned that some franchise companies require you to pay cash and don't accept business loan. Since we don't have enough cash, we have set aside that plan and decided to save our money and invest it to something that will surely give us profit on a regular basis and at the same time have an assurance that our money is safe and secure. Talking about business, we also got an idea how business credit reports is all about and why it is very important when you own a business whether it is big or small business.

Our Favorite House Plants

Hubby and I love house plants; his fave is Geranium because it reminds him of his grandmother. I on the other hand loves Orchids, and we both like African Violet. Here are the photos of them as well as the info on how to care for each of these plants.

African Violet
Originating from Africa, African Violets are probably the best known flowering house plants. African violets feature velvety leaves arranged in a circular pattern, with blooms forming at the crown. There are hundreds of different varieties of African violets available featuring differently colored flowers, and differently variegated flowers and leaves. In order to initiate blooming, make sure your African violet gets proper light. Also, African violets bloom best when slightly pot bound. To keep your African violet looking its best, remove dead flowers and leaves.

The Geranium Stardom Red, 'Pelargonium x hybrids', exhibits beautiful red flowers. Stardom geraniums, also known as floribundas, have double flowers which emerge early, and they produce many more flowers than zonal geraniums on spreading branches. Stardom geraniums are self-branching, requiring no pinching or growth regulators. One of the best kept secrets about Stardom geraniums is their garden performance as a groundcover in the landscape setting. Geraniums are one of your best choices for use in hanging baskets. Plant in ordinary well-drained soil. Over fertilization results in excessive foliage and few flowers. Fertilize lightly every 2 weeks. Pinching of the shoots will promote bushiness Remove spent flowers to enhance flowering.

Native to every continent except Antartica, orchids are one of the most elegant and recognizable exotic blooms. There are over 25,000 recognized orchid varieties, and many more hybrids not named. Although orchids have a reputation as being difficult to grow, they are actually quite easy to care for as houseplants, especially Phalaeonopsis. It is best to keep them near windows where they can receive indirect sunlight.

Humidity: Orchids come from very tropical climates and require a good amount of humidity. They have thick, sponge-like, roots that thrive when misted in a warm environment. They have thick, sponge-like, roots that thrive when misted in a warm environment.

Water: Tabletop orchids should be watered thoroughly by drenching them with water from a sink or watering container. After drenching your orchid, you will notice that pot feels weighted. This means that the moss and/ or bark is saturated with water and the orchid will not require water for a period of time. Remember, orchids should never be left in standing water. Discard all excess water.

I Need a Back Up File

As I was writing a post about life insurance this morning for my other blog, I thought about things that needs to be insured. There are many thing we can actually insured; for instance, important possessions such a jewelries, electronic gadgets, appliances, laptop, camcorder, digital and dslr camera on top of car, house, funeral and etc...Do you know that you can even get a student laptop insurance? Yes, even your own iPad can be insured, too! So, if you own any of these two gadgets...worry no more for they are safe and secured if you insured them. Now, I think about my laptop that contains very important documents; maybe I need a back up file in case someone uses it. Hubby already made one on our desktop PC.

Jake's Surprise Gift

Three weeks before my son's birthday, hubby and I decided to buy him surprise a gift. Two of Jake's best friends have their own Nintendo DS. He borrows it every time they meet and play. As I watch him plays with it, I can't help but feel sad. He really wanted to own one, so we bought him a DS XL at Cosco during one of our trip there. As I walk around window shopping, I saw the diamond engagement rings display. I can't help but admire them wishing that someday to own a ring that has big diamond on it. Oh well, maybe when I win the lotto. But how could I win when I don't even buy even a single ticket :-)?

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Blog With Substance Award from Kat

I have been very busy lately because of our move that I didn't get the chance to visit blogs as well as update my blogs. And so, here am I back to blogging. While gone, I got tagged by a smart, sweet and pretty young woman named Kat of Amazingly Me...and I'd like to thanks her for including my blog. Kat, I want you to know that you inspired me to do better with my blogs...this award is pretty inspiring :-).

Blogging for me a way to: share my thoughts and feelings, gain friends and learn from them, an addictive hobby, and a great outlet.
There are rules to when follow ones you receive this award. Like:

Thank the blogger who give the award to you. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words for example: WRITE HEART PEOPLE LIVE HAPPY. Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance. It's time to pass this award to those friends who inspired me to be a better person....and blogger :-).

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  • Rossel
  • Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    CC: Our Inexpensive Hobbies

    Rodliz’s Nest

    Matt and I have the same hobbies which are watching movies and shows on the t.v. We watch comedies like George Lopez and The King of Queens :-); and movies on Hallmark channel; and play board games. Scrabble, Zingo, Sorry, Monopoly are few of our favorites. We don't order pizza though as others do, but have pop corn instead. Going to the park and have picnics. is our second fave hobby....yup, we bring our lunch and enjoy watching people fishing, playing ball games or swimming. I blog...where I earn money and he read news on the net instead of buying newspapers which cost a fortune nowadays....hello! Taking a nap and cooking and eating :-) are two of our hobbies, too :-). Tell me, are they inexpensive or what!? I must admit sometimes we do a lot of driving on the countryside and that sometimes costs us money...oh well as long as we enjoyed that trip, who cares...it doesn't happen all the time anyway. Hubby's own fave hobby is working at his garage while I decorate the house and rearrange furniture :-).

    What about you? Share us your hobbies by clicking the badge above. Happy weekend!

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    On Modesty

    I love this verse for it teaches us to be modest in every possible way we can. Modesty not only pertains on how we dress, but also the way we talk, act, think and treat ourselves and others. By so doing we gain respect from people around us and to ourselves as well.

    Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. (1 Corinthians 3:16-17)

    With all my heart I urge you not to look to contemporary culture for your role models and mentors. Please look to your faithful mothers for a pattern to follow. Model yourselves after them, not after celebrities whose standards are not the Lord's standards and whose values may not reflect an eternal perspective.

    (M. Russell Ballard, "Mothers and Daughters," Ensign, May 2010, 18-21.)

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    CC: When We Were Sick

    I know it is late but still want to have my share of last week's CC theme "when we were sick." Been very busy with our move not to mention my in-laws's visit with us last weeked that lasted yesterday. We had fun and now it is time to update my six blogs and this is one of them.

    Rodliz’s Nest

    Hubby and son don't get sick a lot and when they do, I panic and become very hysterical....and it makes hubby sicker. So he always tells me to calm down and relax, it isn't very serious! I am very protective of my loved ones and if only I could take the pain or sickness out of them, I would take it or I'd rather suffer for their pain than seeing them hurt. Anyway, talking about getting sick, Matt is a loving, sweet and thoughtful person who would do everything in his power to make sure that I/we are okay. He knows every doctor's appointment I have and make sure I don't miss it. He reminds me on when to refill my prescriptions, takes my medicines on time, gives me an insulin shots every night and if he forgets it, he would wake up to make sure everything is done.

    He is very good in hiding his feeling when I am sick. When I had an abdominal surgery due to infection from c-sectionsix years ago, my health deteriorated and he told me that seeing me with tubes in my nose, IV, tubes on my sides, tummy and a catheter all at the same time, he thought I was going to die and he was very scared. I tell you, he lost a lot of weight from stress and worries I caused him. He was very happy when everyhting went well after a month stayed at the hospital. To make this short, we both take care of each other when we are sick. Give each other assurance that we will be well.

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    We Hate Fats in Our Stomach

    Hubby and I have both tummy or stomach fats in our tummies and we hate it. We tried eating less and exercising more but it didn't work due to inconsistency. We were so busy running errands and with our move that we can go for a walk everyday. Based on my experienced before, diet and exercise really work; we just need to work hard on it. I never heard of stomach fat loss before, but I bet it really works or else they wouldn't advertise it. I couldn't wait for the time that hubby and I would be able to fit again on those small size clothing we have been keeping in our closet for years.

    I Need Appetite Suppressant

    If there is one thing I would like to wish right now...that would be shedding those extra pounds I accumulated for years. After the kidney transplant I had 4 years ago, it has been very difficult for me to lose weight due to the steroid I have been taking since....so that my body wouldn't reject my my kidneys. Prednisone's side effect is...it helps boost my appetite, thus making me eat more than I should. If there is an appetite suppressants that would help me eat less, I would buy and take it. I bet there is one pill in the market today that would not interfere with my medications. I really need to lose weight, so I can set an appointment again to see my primary physician :-).

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    1910 Statistics

    The year is 1910

    One hundred years ago. What a difference a century makes!

    Here are some statistics for the Year 1910:
    ~~ Fuel for this car was sold in drug stores only.
    ~~ Only 14 percent of the homes had a bathtub.
    ~~ Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone.
    ~~ The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph.
    ~~ The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower !
    ~~ The average US wage in 1910 was 22 cents per hour.
    ~~ The average US worker made between $200 and $400 per year.
    ~~ More than 95 percent of all births took place at HOME .
    ~~ Ninety percent of all Doctors had NO COLLEGE EDUCATION!

    And that's why I'm glad I live in the US at this very particular time! Aren't you?

    Note: This is from a friend's research. Just sharing it with you :-)

    Read Lipofuse Reviews First!

    A couple of years ago, hubby's friend and colleague went to a surgery to removed those unwanted fats in her body. The procedure was a big success! She lost a lot of weight dramatically and was very pleased. She tried to convince my husband to do the same since he was trying to lose weight, too using different method. His method was effective but slow. And so he started to do some research first to make sure he is not getting himself into some kind of trouble. He mentioned with me that he has been reading lipofuze reviews on the internet lately and was amazed and convinced that it was the answer to his prayer. Unfortunately, our health care provider didn't give him a prescription yet...not until he proved that diet and exercise didn't work for him. Oh, my poor husband :-(....we really need to help each other lose weight then.

    I Love Your Blog Award

    I'd like to thank, Tatess for noticing my blog enough to give me this award :-)Thank you so much dear. Now, it is time for me to pass it on to at least 15 persons whose blogs impresses me much.

    These are the rules:
    1.Post the award on your blog
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    Here they are:
    1. chubskulit, 2. Mommy Liz, 3. MelCole, 4. Willa, 5. Clarissa
    6. Umma,7. AC, 8. niko, 9. Shydub, 10. dhemz, 11. Jake
    12. You, 13.you, 14.you, and 15. you! Grab it guys for you deserve this award as much as I do :-)!