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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bold Look of Kohler Kitchen Sinks

I hate it when I am trying to lose weight...and got nothing but extra pounds in my body. In just two weeks I already gained 5lbs. This is what happened when I am under a lot of stress. I tend to eat a lot and work less. Sitting in front of the computer most of the day makes me constipated and I hate it! I need to get up and exercise is what my husband always tells me to do. I will walk when he will walk with me, but when he is back to work, I would be walking by myself and that doesn't help. Anyway, while I was reading an article about how to flatten belly, I noticed on the other page of the magazine was a photo of Kohler kitchen sink. I can't help but dream about that someday when it is time to replace our kitchen sink, we would buy a kitchen sink made by Kohler. Hubby and I like the bold look of it. Too bad that the showroom didn't make Kohler brand sink an option when we picked the sink for our kitchen. Oh well, it isn't too late yet, someday we would have the kitchen sink we want at Kohler.


  1. Is there any wetness or dripping under the sinks after use? If so... Likely possible cause is a broken seal on a water trap which emptys itself out and then lets sewer gases through.

  2. Have you seen this done before or do you have any advice?I just love the large rectangle sink, but I do not want to have the "front" of my sink on display... does anyone have a good website that sells these or any ideas what I can do?

  3. There an added advantage in using metal sinks, the cleaning is much easier. Undermount kitcen sinks are a must if you ask me, they are reliable and cheap.

  4. This is some wonderful information. Although you may a bit more, you're getting quality stuff and won't have to replace and repair them nearly as often!