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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CC: The Magic World "Sorry"

Here is my share for this week Couple's Corner hosted by Liza of this is My Life.

I find it easy to say "sorry" when I say it every time I hurt my husband or son's feeling. It makes me feel better and at peace knowing that I have swallowed my pride and made amends for my mistakes and wrongdoings. I used to ignore my husband when he apologized to me....but I realized that I haven't totally forgiven him if I still have grudge in my heart towards him despite of everything he did to make me forgive him. I learned that a genuine apology is the one that sets thing straight between two people and neither of them keeps a grudge. So, when I say "sorry" I really mean it. I like it when hubby say sorry to me when he is at fault. He is very very sad...and even cry when he sees me crying....he knew then how much he hurts my feelings. Sometimes, I get mad even though it is my fault....but still would not talk to him; then later he would apologize to make me feel better :-) though it wasn't his fault at all. He loves me so much enough to do that, lol. Yup, I can be mean sometimes. Anyway, just like other couples, we never let a day passed without saying "sorry" when misunderstandings arise.

To some people, saying sorry is not easy, maybe because of the pride.


  1. Sorry is just a word but saying it is hard lalo na that the one we hurt is our loved one.

  2. Saying sorry is useless if it came from someone who didn't mean it. Ganyan din ako minsan, nag iinarte, kaya kahit ako ang me kasalanan, si Rodney na ang nag so sorry, hehehe.. kasi kapag galit siya mas galit ako, nyak!

    Sorry ate Ces, now lang ako naka comment, alam mo naman kung bakit di ba?

  3. Im like that too ces, pag alam ko i hurt someone i said sorry with deepest sincerity, pero pag hindi na hindi lumalabas yang word na yan