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Friday, August 27, 2010

Peaceful and Quiet Place

It's been two months since we moved in to our new house; and with that span of time five houses have been built next to ours. I cannot believe how fast this construction workers are when it comes to building houses. They don't mind the soaring temperature! Maybe because they are used to hot weather since 99% of the workers are Hispanics. They can stand the heat which is to me is incredible. I don't know if I can stand the heat...but they can for sure. Good thing that the temperature is better this week....and is getting better since fall is just around the corner. I think construction employment is easy to find nowadays for I see more and more Latinos have this kind of job. Anyway, I am glad that they are almost done with the houses in our neighborhood. We can now enjoy the peace and quiet time.....no more loud noises, road would not be very busy again, and safer place for kids to play outside home.


  1. Singapore Fatso – We have a great little community here. People leave really good comments. Hope you stop by again.thanks..

  2. Very good post thanks for shearing..

  3. Mura lang ba ang lot diyan ces? bilis naman nakapagpatayo ang mga tao diyan daming pera