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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CC: Our Likes and Dislikes

Last week, the theme was all about our differences, today we would be talking about our likes and dislikes as couples :-); hubby and I came from different country, culture, background, and race, but those didn't stop us from loving each other no matter what. I just don't understand some couples whose marriages didn't succeed because of some petty stuffs. For instance, the way the spouse squeeze the toothpaste tube, one who keep forgetting to put the toilet cover down, they way the toilet paper is placed on the ring and so forth and so on. I believe, divorces happened because of selfishness. And the ones who suffer most are their children. Marriage for me can be worked out if they use compromise, understanding, love and most of all have strong faith in God. What about those old couples who get divorce? Aren't they too old for that? If they think they weren't not compatible, then why didn't they do it during the first few months of their marriage. Marital problems can be fixed if both are willing to work it out.....so everyone can be happy especially the kids.

Anyway, here are the things Matt and I likes and dislikes :-):

~ we both love to watch movies and tv shows , but hate violent shows and movies
~ we are adventurous couple who likes to try new things like foods (we've already tried Italian, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Indian, Malaysian, Singaporean, as well as English foods)...this way we are also exposing our son to different kinds of cuisines.
~ we like to eat sleep, camp, drive on country sides and modern furniture.
~ we like country music and western and old fashioned movies
~ both likes to cook, shop, and outdoors
~ we love big family, but unfortunately, we both have small family
~ we like attending church activities

~ he likes explorer for a browser and I like Mozilla Firefox
~ he likes sweet and I don't
~ he likes creamy foods like Italian and I don't
~ he likes to be in bed early and I don't
~ he likes to ride his bike and I don't
~ i like sea foods and he doesn't
~ he is anti - social (doesn't like crow and I do).
~ i like to blog and chat and he doesn't
~ he doesn't like the smell of dried fish, dried squid, dried dilis and the strong smell of adobo, and ~ i like these foods so much!

There you go...what about yours? Share them with us by joining the meme :-).


  1. naku e ang bango-bango nga ng mga daing pag niluluto. gusto ko din yang mga yan, Ces. but it's good na mas marami kayong pingakakasunduon expecially sa foods.

    btw, ok lang ba magpa-package dyan ng mga tuyo at dried pusit? pinapayagan ba iyon?

  2. Naku pareho naman ni Matt at Rodney, ayaw ng smell ng dried fish, di ba nila alam na yun ang napakasrap na amoy sa umaga?? Hehehe!

    Now ko lang naisip na bakit nga yung ibang couple, kung kelan tumanda saka nag hihiwalay. Non lang kaya nila nakita ang mga ugali ng isa't isa? Noong unang sama namin ni Rodney nakita ko na ang mga little things na nakakairita, pero I learned to accept it, kasi mga things na pwedeng i work out gaya nga ng sabi mo. Kung wife beater, lasenggo at sugarol, eh siguro matagal na kaming hiwalay. Come to think of it. The reason why there are marriages that don't work, both parties have high ego and none want to come down and talk it over. di ba?

  3. Yung mgadislikes ninyo ces are just petty stuff, you still have lots of stuff na pareho kayo my likes.

  4. Parehas kayo ni Huny Ate Ces na ayaw ng sweets. :)

    Nakakatuwa yung introduction mo po dito. As a new couple, I am learning from the vets in having or rather how to have a happily married life lasted and tested for years. By those inspiring and worth to read posts.

  5. hahaha...kakatuwa naman kau te....reading this makes me smile....ang sweet nyo!

  6. Noong unang sama namin ni Rodney nakita ko na ang mga little things na nakakairita, pero I learned to accept it, kasi mga things na pwedeng i work out gaya nga ng sabi mo.thanks..