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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unexpected Sad Reunion

The last time I saw my grandmother alive was three years ago. I am so glad to see her before she passed away a year ago. Jacob was able to see her for the first time and vice versa. Last year she left 8 children, and countless grand and great grandchildren. A very sad reunion happened for the first time in years. I was grateful to be blessed with means to go see her for the last time before she was buried. I miss her so much because I grew up with her. She and Lolo took care of me when my mother suffered from postpartum depression after I was born. Anyway, it was like an emergency trip back to the country where I was borne and raised. My cousin in California joined me on that trip. He carried my luggage for they were too heavy. When we got to our destination, the people who work at the airport weren't careful enough to handle it and so they broke the handle of my luggage and of course lost one of the custom luggage tags I purchased at my favorite store. I was a little bit annoyed but what can I say. Now that we are planning to see my parents early next year, we need new luggage tags. have no choice but to buy new custom luggage tags for our much awaited trip. Good thing I can buy customize luggage tags any time I want to.

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  1. hi blog hopping... my grandma just passed away the other day and we're grieving. unfortunately, we can't go home to see her..