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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not So Happy Christmas for Us!

Today is the last day I will be seeing my Renal Specialist for a routine check up as well as lab.blood works. Hubby and I are hoping that all the blood work will be normal and that my blood count is back to the way it should be after the 3 session of Iron Infusions. Those sessions are big mistakes for I didn't really feel much better; still weak and no energy to do even small chores around the house. We just wished my doctor had given me a blood transfusion instead for this is the only thing that helps bring back my energy. Not only the infusions didn't work, but the co pays were very expensive. A $500 co pay is too much for us though the procedure was 100% covered my our health insurance. Indeed, with all the health issues I am going through right now, Christmas got even more expensive for us. I still haven't done sending gifts to my family in the Philippines, wahhh. Anyway, just crossing my fingers that nothing bad in the blood works result.

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