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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CC: Our Christmas Wishes

Last week, my friends and I went shopping for Christmas gifts. We went from Tanger Outlet Mall, Town East Mall and at Allen Outlet Mall. With all these shopping, thank goodness, I was able to finish shopping for all except for my sister in-law who wants kitchen utensils. Anyway, I have been wishing for a coach purse for a long time, and never thought that my wished would materialize, but it actually did!

This coach purse is normally worth $338, it was on sale for $229.99. Paid for it for only $99.64; saving 70% the sale price...sweet! Hubby told me that it would be my gift and that I need to wrap it :-).

Hubby told me not to buy him anything, but I bought him one anyway, for this seiko watch was his dream watch and mind you.... I only paid $55... thus saving 30% off.

This is my share for this week's....


  1. Wow indeed a good deal sis...


  2. bait ng hubibi mo ces. Ako din may gift from the husband but tinago pa nya. sabi nya not to buy him kaya hindi rin ako bumili masunurin kasi heheheh. he prefers cash anyway

  3. That is a gorgeous purse Te Ces. Hindi ako hilig sa mga purses eh. But I told my hubbz that I had an Amazon wishlist for his reference. Ang nice and sweet naman u na bumili nang watch for Hubbz. That will be my next thing to buy him on his birthday on January next year. I already bought him presents too.

  4. wow, complete na ang nasa wish list. galing mo namang maghanap ng great deals. ao din mahilig sa sale kase naman ang laki talaga ng matitipid.
    God bless!

  5. what, what a steal! pwd bang giveaways?

  6. ang ganda naman ng purswe mo ate Cecile. Alam mo bang ako eh nabili ng branded na gamit? kapag bigay, tatqanggin ko ng maluwag sa aking kalooban, hehehe.. Si Rodney naman drill lang ang gusto nya. yung relo nyang 8 hyears old na eh, buhay pa, Fossil, ang wallet eh 4 years old na yata..hehehe..