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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Business Plan

Due to economic crisis we went through few years ago, hubby and I thought about putting up our own business so we don't need to worry about job lay offs again. He was laid off twice in one year! That was a very stressful times in our lives so far, and we don't want to go though that ever again. Anyway, we did some research and learned that some franchise companies require you to pay cash and don't accept business loan. Since we don't have enough cash, we have set aside that plan and decided to save our money and invest it to something that will surely give us profit on a regular basis and at the same time have an assurance that our money is safe and secure. Talking about business, we also got an idea how business credit reports is all about and why it is very important when you own a business whether it is big or small business.

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  1. Would someone please give me a brief outline as to what my plan should look like/consist of. I am looking for investors in a business idea. Which will be franchised in the future.