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Friday, July 9, 2010

I Need Appetite Suppressant

If there is one thing I would like to wish right now...that would be shedding those extra pounds I accumulated for years. After the kidney transplant I had 4 years ago, it has been very difficult for me to lose weight due to the steroid I have been taking since....so that my body wouldn't reject my my kidneys. Prednisone's side effect is...it helps boost my appetite, thus making me eat more than I should. If there is an appetite suppressants that would help me eat less, I would buy and take it. I bet there is one pill in the market today that would not interfere with my medications. I really need to lose weight, so I can set an appointment again to see my primary physician :-).


  1. We all know we need to concentrate on being fit and healthy and that means losing some of the weight we’ve put on over the years.

  2. wahahaha nakakatawa anu....nung dalaga tyu ang hinahanap ntin yug vitamin pampagana bec were so payat naman....ngyun naman tumanda na tyu nag hahanap ng pampawala ng gana =))

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