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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CC: Our Inexpensive Hobbies

Rodliz’s Nest

Matt and I have the same hobbies which are watching movies and shows on the t.v. We watch comedies like George Lopez and The King of Queens :-); and movies on Hallmark channel; and play board games. Scrabble, Zingo, Sorry, Monopoly are few of our favorites. We don't order pizza though as others do, but have pop corn instead. Going to the park and have picnics. is our second fave hobby....yup, we bring our lunch and enjoy watching people fishing, playing ball games or swimming. I blog...where I earn money and he read news on the net instead of buying newspapers which cost a fortune nowadays....hello! Taking a nap and cooking and eating :-) are two of our hobbies, too :-). Tell me, are they inexpensive or what!? I must admit sometimes we do a lot of driving on the countryside and that sometimes costs us money...oh well as long as we enjoyed that trip, who cares...it doesn't happen all the time anyway. Hubby's own fave hobby is working at his garage while I decorate the house and rearrange furniture :-).

What about you? Share us your hobbies by clicking the badge above. Happy weekend!


  1. Sa watching TV, pareho tayong apat nila Rodney at Matt.. Sa going to the park, nakow, eh total opposite, at ayaw na ayaw non nagpupunta sa park, ang tamad maglakad, or ayaw sa maraming tao. Hubby doesn't read news, he watches it on TV yun eh kapag wala na talaga siyang mapanood.
    Mura naman ang hobbies nyo, yung driving around country side, eh mura lang if not all the time, gaya nga ng sabi mo di ba?

    Sensya na now ko lang napuntahan tong Rodliz ko, may entry ka pala. Take care..

  2. Trying to look for ways to fill in my down time without spending too much money sense I'm playing catch up with my finances.