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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Read Lipofuse Reviews First!

A couple of years ago, hubby's friend and colleague went to a surgery to removed those unwanted fats in her body. The procedure was a big success! She lost a lot of weight dramatically and was very pleased. She tried to convince my husband to do the same since he was trying to lose weight, too using different method. His method was effective but slow. And so he started to do some research first to make sure he is not getting himself into some kind of trouble. He mentioned with me that he has been reading lipofuze reviews on the internet lately and was amazed and convinced that it was the answer to his prayer. Unfortunately, our health care provider didn't give him a prescription yet...not until he proved that diet and exercise didn't work for him. Oh, my poor husband :-(....we really need to help each other lose weight then.

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  1. I just my first bottle in today Im so excited to try the pills I thought I wasn’t going to get my order after reading some of these comments. Im going to try my first pill tomorrow we’ll see how it goes I’ll post my results! thanks