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Monday, October 4, 2010

My Dentist's Appointment

While waiting for my turn to see the dentist last week, I busied myself reading some magazines at the watching area. I read better homes and garden magazines where I got an idea on how to decorate my house for fall season. Got some yummy recipes using pumpkin like soups, pies and breads. I have read the entire magazine and yet, 30 minutes later, and I found myself still siting and waiting. So, I grabbed a magazine where there was an article about affordable life insurance prices. This caught my interests and started reading it. I was surprise of how many insurance companies that offer affordable life insurance. This is good news for those who are looking for affordable yet with good benefits/coverage life insurance like us. I wasn't done reading when finally, the woman called my name, then I spent an hours of x-ray and other routine check ups on my teeth.

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