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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CC: No, Honey!

This week's theme for Couples Corner is "No" and here is my share. I say 'no' a lot compared to my husband. I always say 'no' when he'd rather sleep than walk, and yet he wanted to lose weight. I say 'no' when he wanted to buy something that is unnecessary. Yes, hubby can be impulsive buyer that is why, I say 'no' a lot of times. Yup, I am a 'no' person and he is the 'yes' one. That is why we are perfect for each other.....


  1. hahaha! natawa ako dun ha, gusto mag lose weight kaso ayaw nmn maglakad? hehehe....

  2. Hehehe, opposite attracts nga di ba? Asawa ko din ayaw maglakad, paltos na raw paa nya kakalakad sa trabaho, kaya ayaw na mag lakad sa park.. saka impulsive din si Rodney, pero yung pinaka mura ang bibilhin. puro ka No, at siya puro Yes, perfect!!!