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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guilty or Not?

Last week during Easter egg hunting at the park. I almost lost my iPhone. My friends and I are waiting for the playground gate to open so the kids can go in and find eggs. While waiting I was checking my FB to see whether a friend returned my call. After checking it, I put my iPhone at its holster so I don't need to hold it. The holster holds my iPhone perfectly and it is impossible for someone to snatch it. Few minutes later, I thought of checking my husband to see if he had eaten his lunch yet. To my surprised, the phone is gone and I panicked! I told my friend about it, and she started calling my phone. She said; the phone is ringing but nobody's answering; so she tried again and a woman answered "hello" and then hang up! So, whoever got my iPhone gave me no choice but to get some help. Good thing there was a cop nearby. I talked with the cop and asked if there any way I can get my iPhone back. He asked the number of my lost phone and started calling it. A friend of mine on the other hand was still trying to get hold of the woman who got my iPhone. Finally the woman answered again and was about to hang up, but when my friend handed her phone to the cop, the woman got scared; so she talked to the cop and told the cop where she was? That woman was there few feet away from us! The cop headed to her direction mad! I didn't follow the cop but watched him talk to the said woman. I can tell that she was trying to explain where she got it and that was a lie! That made me think that this woman wanted to keep my phone for herself! And how in the world she got my phone? There were so many people at the park that day; and she was probably standing next to me, bumped into me and snatched it. I am so glad that I was so calmed that time; I got my phone back...thanks to the cop who did his job which is to protect and help people.

After the egg hunting, this woman followed us on the way home, upset and saying that we are accusing her of stealing my iPhone! I said, I didn't say anything bad to the cop, I just told him that "whoever got my phone is not answering it....and that there is no way I could have dropped my iPhone because the holster is holding it very tight! I, myself is having hard time taking it out of the holster. And if in case I dropped it, I could have heard or felt it on my foot." But "no"...it was stolen...that is our conclusion. Anyway, she was mad and wouldn't listen to what we were saying, so we just ignored her and left for we don't want a fight! But we said, "thank you first. Then, she saw the same cop and started complaining about us. Whatever the cop was saying to her, we don't have any clue. All we know is that she is guilty as charged, lol!

Okay, after that my son and I went to Chick Fillet for lunch. While waiting for my son to finish playing on the playplace, I thought of checking if there any missed call during the time when my phone was under the woman's hand. To my surprised again, somehow she managed to blocked all the incoming calls! Well, another proof that she intended to keep my phone to herself! How did she do that? I do not know! I don't even know how to do that kind of stuff yet since I am lazy to read the manual. I am also being lazy adding my friends phone numbers in my contact lists! I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, but that was replaced with the concrete proof that she stole my phone! To me and my friend and the cop, she is indeed GUILTY! What do you think?

1. She didn't answer the phone the first time, then answered the second time and hang up, and third answered the phone again and was about to hang up after saying "hello."
2. Lied about where she picked up or got it.
3. Was upset.
4. Blocked all incoming calls.
5. Complained to the cops about us.

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