"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Am Mad at Him...He still loves Me!

This is one example of how much hubby tells me that he loves me. It happened half an hour ago when I nagged him about our house hunting...that he needs to decide which area he wanted us to live and how much we can afford to buy. He has been a wishy washy lately and it is driving me crazy. Well, as always, he don't want to argue with me, so he just kept his mouth shut and calmly told me to wake him up from his nap when I am really for lunch. Yup, he would take me to a seafood restaurant because I told him last night that I am craving for seafood. All of a sudden I feel guilty! There I was nagging him and all he could think about is the lunch he promised me last night. This is the moment where I will go to him and ask forgiveness. I will give him a big hug saying how sorry I am for snapping at him like that. He will just say: It's okay honey, but don't do it again. He is so forgiving and understanding that I feel so touch and cry...and ask: are you sorry now that you marry such a mean woman? Silly, don't you ever think about that...you know I will always love you...no matter what! I say, that my hubby is not perfect man...but a perfect lover to me...and could never ask for a husband like him.


  1. *Winkz* You're a sweetie Te Ces, kaya you two are great with each other.. ganyan naman din sila minsan dba? hehehe.. I love your love story Te Ces.. muahhhh! Keep going.. and always keep the love burning... (~_~) ~regards~

  2. ang sweet nyo naman cel at ikaw ay may pa iyak-iyak pa ha. wag mo namang aawayin yan si mat kawawa naman.