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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We Like Modern Furniture!

Back In Virginia where we used to live, we tried to sell our old furniture online and was lucky enough to get a buyer. He went to our apartment and check on the furniture we had for sale. He bought our china hutch, dining set, end tables and lamps, but not the set of couches. I asked him why he doesn't want it and he replied saying that they can't sell modern furniture because people in the are where he lives don't really like modern or contemporary furniture. I guess there still some people who like the old style furniture. Unlike them, we like modern furniture and that is what we have now. We will be moving to a house soon and we plan to buy additional couch for our living room. Anyway, we ended giving away our old couch to my brother in-laws wife for she needs it in her office. We were glad it didn't go to waste.

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