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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

COUPLE’S CORNER #2 The Day We Met/Dined Out

Rodliz’s Nest

It's time for Liza's Couple's Corner once again; and I am excited to share a little bit about our love story to you guys. Here it is:

After six months of exchanging phone calls and emails (no chat for us), Matt and I decided to meet in person. That time, I was living in Malaysia, meaning a long flight for him. He was scared since it was his first time in Asia; but since he wanted to see me, he put aside his feelings and traveled a long way just to see me!! It was his gift for my birthday, he said. At first I didn't really believe he was serious about it. So I just said: "okay" (shrugging my shoulder). But he came! That means he was really serious about me. I didn't tell him though that I was also writing and talking to someone from Sweden at the same time. We met at the airport when we picked him up. Surprisingly, we both felt comfortable, it was like we've known each other for a long time! He told me he was very nervous, but happy to see me. He stayed at my Aunt's house for a week; and every time he sees me (he said) he thinks that I was hot! I wonder what else he was thinking that time, lol! Anyway, we dined out in one of the finest restaurant in KLCC mall at Kula Lumpur, Malaysia (now the Petronas Tower, the tallest tower in the world at this time). Before he left, we decided to get married after asking me to be his wife for the second time...pakipot pa kasi ako noong first time na he asked me to be his wife :-) . Sino ba naman di magpapakipot eh, that night he arrived eh he asked me to marry him already...so fast! He was that serious! Six months later we are married :-)! Despite of our differences, we manage to keep our marriage stronger and are still very much in love with each other. Now we are proud parents of two children (one in heaven already).


  1. Ate Cecile, you were HOT!!! Wow, another kilig to the bones love story ito ah, oy, daming successful stories ng mga online relationships ha. Yung iba lang kasi nag eend up ng di maganda, but.look at us, we had the same fate..Nakilala sa internet mga hubbies natin, ang saya sya ng ating buhay.. Matt I believe is a great guy. You are blessed to have found him, and of course, he is also lucky to have found you.. Thanks for joining us this week and luv yah ate Cecile, muahh!!!

  2. Ahhhhh kakilig, saan dulo ng mundo basta love ang nagdikta ces, adtoon jd awwww. Nice birthday gift, preha ta mao mn sd to adto pinas joe for my bday.

    Ang bait ng hubby mo ces bagay kayo, you both nice ang genuine person.I love your love story daming successful relationship on the web kasi mababait tayo waaa mababait din na swertihan nato.

  3. sobra naman! kakakita pa lang personal, ask na agad ng marriage! ganun kaserious at nafall in love sa beauty mo! kakatuwa naman! :) i like your love story! buti naman di ka na nagpakipot the second time he asked you, i believe you have no regrets! ang galing ni Lord He let you meet each other!

  4. hi tita ces,natawa ako dun sa sinabi nya na hot ka daw, kakaloka ano? di natin masabi kung ano ang tumatakbo sa isip nya that time but siguro yun talaga ang na feel nya sayo kaya yun ang sinabi nya. hahahahha..cute love story. god bless tita ces. miss you

  5. Kuya Tots, miss you, too! Paano naman gagawin ko eh di ako maka bisita sa blog mo; sabi lagi "we couldn't find the blog you are looking for." wahhh bakit ako lang nakaka receive ng ganitong result?