"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playing on the the Sand...

Some more snappy at Virginia beach during our spring/family vacation.

Making sand castle...
Getting water from the seashore...
Just me...
And them...hubby and son...


  1. wow! such fun c: we also had our day at the beach for mother's day c:

  2. oi.... how nice to see father & son pictures, I always remember hubby and kids too...seems na nage-enjoy kayo....that's good!.

  3. wow! mukhang enjoy kayo sa beach ate ^_^
    nice pics ^_^

  4. wow these are the rest of the photos...sos pagkalami sa dagat...hehehe...maayo pa mo diha te kay duol ra mo sa dagat..sos kami tawon...layo kaayo!

    kumusta na diha te? miss to hear from you...sos akong lappy kay nadala dala ra sa electric fan te...hehehe...apil sad ko ani buturan...hahaha...while blogging kay kusog kaayo ang buga sa hangin...hehehe!

  5. Beautiful view, beautiful family.. the pics are captured so well.. :-)

    I just learn't your a Pisces!! the same as me.. i guess you're very loving, caring, emotional and all the traits of a wonderful determined person too(like me).. hehe..

    I wanted to say, i had three days of those painful contractions before i went into actual labor which again consisted of some hours! :-).

    Painful but then it was worth it, and now am a proud mom.. like you :-)

  6. pure bonding time for the family...

  7. weeeee sarap ng bonding nio ces!! kainggit heheh :)

    oi oo nga pla dear lagi ko nakakalimutan ask sau who is ruth?? hope u dont mind my asking ha :) mwah

  8. how fun! i love playing on the beach! ;-)