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Thursday, October 15, 2009

COUPLE’S CORNER #1: Meet Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon

Thanks Liza for creating this meme; Liza by the way is the author of This Is My Life, The Youngster's Park and Mommy Liza's Lutong Bahay. It talks all about couple (husbands and wives) and their lives and none else. Join us by clicking the badge. I wrote my entry a day later and so here it is:

Rodliz’s Nest

I was named Cecilia by my parents on the day I was born in Tarlac City, next to the city (Nueva Ecija) where my family lives. Raised by my grandparents ( mother side) in Isabela till I was ready to go to school. I attended school in Nueva Ecija and a working student in Manila. I am a pure blood Filipina, who speaks Visaya, Tagalog and a little bit of English. My parents are Ilocanos but never speak their dialect, no wonder why my sibs and I never learn to speak Ilocano. I have 4 siblings, 3 brothers and a sister who died before I was born. Prior to coming to United States, I served as a missionary for LDS church for 18 months in Mindanao where I met new friends, learned new dialect (Visaya) as well as shared the gospel to the people there. Then, went to Malaysia where I met my hubby; after a year of courtship, migrated to U.S. and got married in 2001. With regards to my personality, I am a simple person, serious and sensitive at times, loving wife, mother, daughter and sibling, and a good friend to many.

My husband on the other hand is named after one of the prophets in the Bible named, Matthew who was born and raised in New Mexico. Second child in the family where his parents and siblings call him Matt but prefers to be called Matthew. He has a brother and a sister, and two nephews with a Welsh blood and an ancestors migrated in the U.S. in 1800's. Before he moved in Texas, he was working at the USPS as a mail carrier for three years. Then he decided to change career, applied a job at Texas Instruments (T.I.), was hired and is now working in the manufacturing for 8 years now. He earned associate degree as well as Bachelor Degree in Anthropology, but never used it. My husband is a very patient, simple, loving person, a devoted family man who adores our son so much. Well, he can be a critique sometimes, but an understanding person.


  1. Wow, marunong kang mag Visaya? dami mo ng napuntahang lugar ate Cecile, but Malaysia is the best place, kasi dun mo nakilala si Matt.Pareho pala tayong may lahing Ilocano? di rin ako masyadong marunong, nakakaintindi lang ng konti. Siguro si Matt eh super quiet, parang si Rodney, simple, but very loving father. I can tell by the way you describe him na he's a great person. And you too Ate Cecile, I am so glad I have met you kahit dito lang sa blog. I am honored to be one of your friends..Sana someday magkita tayo ng personal..

    Take care huh. Have a great day to you. Thanks so much for hoining this Meme..I knew more about you and your loving partner.

  2. Agoy naa d i dri imung CC ces. Abi mn nku ug taga davao ka hehehe, wow you are good in visaya ces, kahit hindi yan ang kinalakhan mong dialect. Ang dami mo rin napagdaanan sa buhay ano, nakarating ka rin ng malaysia, sariling sikap. You are an extremely good person ces, that hy your friends including me love you.

    Pareho mga banana natin may lahing welsh, ang bait ng bana mo ces you two are both lucky to have each other and blessed with a good, handsome, smart baby Jake. Thanks for sharing more info about you and your hubs. take care

  3. wow te...andami mo pala experiences in life..u were able to learn how to speak visaya..its really great..its nice knowing you more and your hubby

  4. You know what?my dad is Ilocano but none of us (children) learned the language either, my mom is Visaya (from Aklan), and I was born there actually but don't know how to speak the native lingo as well. I really felt bad for not learning either lingo and I got stuck in Tagalog, now with li'l english kinamatis (or english carabao). I wish I could learn but I'm too old for that. I'm so proud with my boys, as an early age, marunong magtagalog and english, hopefully they can leanred french too.

  5. wow! I love your story teCes....nice knowing you more te.....wala diay ka nag dako sa visayas? hehehe..abi ba nako ug bisdak ka ug lahi...ilocano man diay ka teCes....joke!

    thanks for sharing te....mwah!

  6. Love moves in mysterious ways talaga!!Imagine sa Malaysia pa kayo nagkakilala ni Sir Matt?!!Sarap talagang ma-in love!!
    Nandito lang pala ang Couple's Corner mo--hanap ako ng hanap!!^_^