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Thursday, January 6, 2011

CC: Old Bad Habits

Just like everybody else, I too has few bad habits that need to be stopped. I am not perfect but that doesn't mean I can't be perfect in something else. Right now, I am working on the following:

~~ Reading scriptures daily. I feel bad and couldn't sleep if I miss a day without reading.
~~ Not yelling at my son or hubby when I am irritated or when the red flag in on.
~~ Spending less in front of computer and more time exercising.
~~ Managing my weight by dieting.

Here's hubby's share of bad habits:

~~ Impulsive buying.
~~ Not saving enough for the future/emergency.
~~ Leaving dirty socks on the floor.
~~ Eating more than he should and exercising less.

We are both working hard on it by supporting and helping each other. We both know that we would succeed if we work together.


  1. leaving socks on the floor, aba eh kambal siguro sila ni Rodney. hehehe! hay naku ate Ces, ang konti naman ng bad habits mo, hehehe.. kami marami. sumisigaw ka rin ba? para kasing sa itsura mo eh di ka marunong sumigaw, parang quiet ka eh. ay naku, spend less time in the computer? goodluck on that, yan din ang balak kong i cut, eh, pero naku ha, ito na nga lang ang pwede kong gawin kesa lumabas ng bahay (oh ayan, nangatwiran pa di ba?? hehehe..)

  2. Goodluck to all of us in meeting our goal this year.

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  3. ay ces hindi talaga maiiwasan mga ganyan. ako din ganyan minsa hehehe

    visit ko diri ces from bloggers exchange

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