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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CC: Why Bad Habits Are Hard to Break?

I wished I could help you how to break your bad habit, but sorry...I, myself is having difficulty breaking mine. The bad habit I have is being a procrastinator. For whatever reason I manage to neglect, put aside or so to speak procrastinate everything from household chores to taking care of my health (by not exercising or walking on the treadmill). Hubby shares the same habit on keeping ourselves active. Exercising less and eating more, wahhhh!

I believe that being human is not an excuse to break bad habits. It's all about determination, dedication and being consistent. I know that we can break our bad habits if we have these three things. It wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth trying. Just think about the biggest losers; they loss weight and keep it off! Wouldn't it be great if we can do that! Easier than done...and they did it! I bet we could do it, too! My share on this week theme on.....


  1. Right! easier said than done...but i believe you can do it cecile for it says in the Bible that "we can do all things in Christ..."
    CC this week

  2. Tam ka ate Ces, madaling sabihin pero ang hirap gawin di ba? and you are also right that being human is not an excuse to not be able to break our bad habits, nasa tao yan di ba? nasa sarili nating determinasyon. pareho tayo procrastinator din ako eh, pero mas lamang ang pagiging impulsive buyer ko, and I am praying so hard na magbago ako..I don't need anything..I need money, wahhh!

  3. naku po... kame din ate ces... ang hirap kaya mapagod! wahahaha!!! ayaw na ayaw ko ng hinahabol ko ang hininga ko... kaya nga ang pag jogging namin twice lang nangyari... but sabi ko nga, if it's about health, we have to really do something about it... health is wealth dba? goodluck ate ces!