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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Body Is Like A Temple of God

Last week while watching the news, there was this guys who traveled looking for the guy who is an expert on the art of tatoo. Watching this man with tatoo in almost every part of his body made me think...what in the world is this guy thinking. Where else would he need a tatoo for? Literally, there is no space for another one for his body is covered with tatoos already. I also think that his body is probably immune that he could feel no longer feel the pain from being poke by needles and stuffs. I wonder if there is a thing that he could use like tatoo removal in case he decides to get rid of them. Forget me when I say this, but for me when you decide to have tatoo, you are not respecting your body. In the bible it says "your body is holy" therefore, you need to treat it with great respect. Tatoo makes it look untidy.


  1. Korek girl, never will I do that or recommend that. Visiting you back here

  2. I am thinking of getting a tat, but just a small one; for I know it would look awful when I am all wrinkly.

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  3. i am scared of men whose body is full of tattoo! =) but i love playing with the stickers one.i asked my daughter to paste it in my back. lol!

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