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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Clutter Free Home

After two weeks of not being able to do my chores due to sickness and holiday, it was nice to be home once again. I was able to finally clean the house! Oh what a great feeling to know that laundry are done, too. Talking about household chores, hubby shares the load with me. He cleans the ceiling fans as well as the windows. Now this is what I called division of labor. The feeling of peace and comfort is what we have right now. How about you. To me, when the house is messy and full of clutters....there is no way I will feel at peace. For whatever reason, some people can live it so much clutters. I remember during our trip to NM; we saw this van that is full of junk! I can imagine how this man must be! Oh well, I'll say, people are indeed different and unique in every way.


  1. Hirap talaga pa gmay sait ang isa sa family,talagang you have to prioritized the important,kesehodang madumi ang lahat. Good to know that Jake is ok now.

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  2. hello! was here from the bloggers exchange! :D

  3. wahh tried to comment to your other blog but I cant get through. I hope I can push my comment on this blog.

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  5. Yes, it feels really good when you're done cleaning your house.


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  6. having a clutter-free house is one of the things I aim for but with the girls running here and there with their toys,grrr!!!anyway, as much as possible I keep things in order. I'm irritated when the house is in a mess