"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

CC: As Mother and Aunt

I don't know about you guys, but every once in awhile, I have this moment where I blame myself when Jacob misbehaves. For instance, there were times when I feel like he is not listening to me or he is ignoring me. I said this because I would repeat the same thing everyday to him otherwise he wouldn't do what I asked him to do like putting away his toys, brushing his teeth, tidying up his room, and so forth and so on. I don't want to yell on him, and so I would just leave the room and cries. Hubby keeps on cheering me up and tries to assures me that "I am a good Mom to Jake and he is couldn't find a better mother for his son than me." It was like a music to my ear every time he says those words...and I feel better again. He also said that Jacob's success at school was because of me. That is how my husband sees me as the mother of his only son...and I love him for that!

As an Aunt, Matt knows that I love my immediate family and they meant the world to me, too! The way I depend, support and take care of them show how much I love them. And so, he never complain when I send "care packages" to them every now and then. Hubby loves me for my selfless love to our son, to him, his family and my immediate family. He knows my generosity and our strong family ties. I always get compliments from him for my selfless love, generosity and thoughtfulness to my nieces.

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  1. Ang dami mo na palang mga pamangkin Ate Cess and ang cute nila. God bless you Ate Cess for you have a good heart.

  2. Ate Ces, you're not the only mom who gets frustrated when your child doesn't do what you say. Halos lahat yata ng bata ganyan. And since they are kids, we can't blame ourselves for their behavior. Yung mabait sila, polite, respectful at loving, it's because they have the right upbringing. May mga batang kakambal ang ugaling, either tamad or nag iignore. And how sweet of Matt to assure you that you are a great mom. Nakakaala ng sakit ng loob di ba?

  3. Ces, i can relate to you. tipong pag galit ka na saka pa lang sila susunod. ganyan din 2 boys ko. and I cry at times too. my late CC