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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

COUPLE’S CORNER #6: First Year of Being Married

It's Couple's Corner once again hosted by Liza; and time for me to share a a summary of the first year of being married.

Rodliz’s Nest

The first year of us being married was one of the happiest years of my life. Though we came from totally different countries, cultures, background and language, I can say that we were able to put our differences aside and exercise compromise to make our marriage work. My husband is a very understanding man who knows how to handle difficult situations and makes me feel better. It was a big adjustment for both of us, but because of our love for each other and with God's helped those differences helped us know each other more. Being a Filipina, I am a sensitive; I easily cry and that was hard for him, not knowing what to do because I wouldn’t talk. But later on, when I explained that to him, he understood and knew already when to back off and let me deal with the problem. Don't get me wrong, we didn't really had a big fight at all. It was just me. Anyway, and when I am ready to talk, he is there to listen. We are not a perfect couple and so is our marriage…and just like every marriages, we have ups and downs, but the important thing is we are there to talk things over, find a solution together and support each other. There many things I like about being married: first you become one, your last name changed, no more inhibitions, no secrets, you share everything to each other. Looking back, I’ll say that the first 365 days of our marriage was amazing and was full of love and learning experiences that we will both cherish for as long as we live. God is and was our guide then and now.


  1. Sensitive ka rin pala ate Cecile, ganon din kasi ako eh, kapg galit ako, di ako kumikibo, kasi kapag nagsalita ako eh naiiyak na ako, ayaw na ayaw ni Rodney na nakikita akong umiiyak. Tama ka, walang perfect na tao at walang perfect na marriage. Yan ang nagpapaganda ng ating relasyon, yung differences natin na kapag na work out eh lalong nagpapatibay sa ating pagsasama, di ba?

    Nasa pag uusap naman ng mag asawa yan eh, kapag parehong gustong manalo, eh away nga..kapg mali, tanggaping mali di ba? we cannot be right all the time. and we have to learn the fact that we make mistakes too..

  2. Yup, coming and marrying to a person different from our culture, tradition at mag adjust ka pa sa weather, sa food pagdating mo dito parang at that time I am an atomic bomb ready to explode!!! I am only very thankful that hubby do had a patience as far as to the moon. Kaya nga one of our favorite song is Fly me to the moon hehehehe referring to the patience yun ^_^
    And I do believe in every marriage nobody is perfect, we have to work for it in order to be perfect and it is a journey. Having God to be the center of our lives makes it perfect. Happy weekdays.

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  3. Well you both lucky ces, kasi you understant each other. kahit sinsitive ka your husband is always there to comfort you and understand. Different sa amin kasi walang marunong umintindi.

  4. haay ako din. i don't talk when i'm angry or disappointed. and then maya-maya mega crayola nako hihi

    yet, i think your husband made a very good choice for a wife. Filipinas make the best wifey in the whole wide world. nobody could match our charm :)

    May God's grace continue to shine on your marriage :)

    my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/11/couples-corner-first-365-days.html

  5. very well said teCes.....makikita naman sa inyong dalawa na puro kau mababait eh...ehhehe!

    ako din, d pod ko motingog...lol!

    I love this phrase " We are not a perfect couple and so is our marriage…and just like every marriages, we have ups and downs, but the important thing is we are there to talk things over, find a solution together and support each other. "

    thanks for sharing teCes...I think will do mine tomorrow...wala nako time ron kay naa paman ko assignment jud...busy kaau akong skul...hapit na sad final...ehehe!

  6. I agree, at cecile.. it must be really hard for you to adjust.. but with your good and understanding hubby there by your side, no doubt you pulled it through.. Nothing's perfect in this imperfect world, it's for us to be contented with whatever imperfections we have.. and that is made possible by LOVE..

  7. i can relate with your story ate ces .. kasi nga naman banyaga din ang aking habibi.. well ganun naman talaga kelangan lang meron time para pag-usapan ang problema.. Im not yet used to it pero we' are trying our best keep the relationship smooth as possible .. Love ur story :)

  8. Awwww sweet naman sis. Most of my Filipina friends have a husband na ibang lahi. I observe them and they are very happy naman and gusto ng mga asawa nila mga pinay talaga dahil daw malambing at maalaga mga pinay :) at masarap magluto! hehehe

  9. im a cry lady too ces and i don't talk when I am slighted.

    I am happy that you have overcome the critical years of your marriage and you have knwn each other so well. again, as you said life is not a bed of roses. but prayers will help a lot. happy sunday ces.

  10. ganyan siguro talaga tayong mga pinay noh, we wont just talk, we will just be silent if there is something that is bothering us or we disapprovingly certain thing that one is suggesting hehehe marriage life talaga