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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Couple's Corner #5: The Day We said I DO!

It's Wednesday once again, time for my most awaited meme hosted by Liza of This Is My Life. And here is my entry for this week's theme "The Day We Said I Do."

Rodliz’s Nest

Can you believe it? I knew we will be married, and that is why I came to United Sates, but no idea yet when the exact date will be! Well, it was because we (Matt and I) haven't talked about it yet. So when my cousin and her husband and of course Matt picked me up at the airport (LAX), we immediately head into my cousin's house, talked while eating dinner. Though we were both exhausted from our flights, we still managed to talk a little bit about our day before finally went to bed in our respective room. The next day, he surprised me when he told me the exact date of our wedding! I was thrilled of course! I arrived on the 8th of Sept. 2001 and our wedding date was set two weeks after that. Yup, that fast; that is how he was back then; he didn't waste time!

Two days after that surprised, a shocking news 9/11 happened. The whole world were saddened and mourned for the great lost of loved ones. Flights were canceled and I think they also closed the airport. So, we ended waiting for a week before we finally had our flight home to Texas and that means, we need to prepare ourselves. In addition, we still need to buy our wedding ring/band and head home to New Mexico to get married. Since we both have no savings, that is all we can afford that time and that was fine with me, since I am a simple and low maintenance person. All I want is a simple wedding anyway. His parents were kind enough to buy me a wedding gown, arranged the reception and the prepare all the foods (finger foods, sparkling wine and cake), wedding announcement, photographer and even gave us a present which is a fully paid hotel reservation for our honeymoon. Everything were set! Except that they needed to alter my wedding gown because I already gained weight before the wedding....thanks to some restaurants in TX and NM!

To make the story short, we got married with only few of his relatives, friends and family members; his sister was so upset and decided she didn't want to be there because of our religious practices. She left the day of our wedding and that was sad :-( not to mention that no member in my family from Philippines, and of my relatives in the U.S. managed to attend because of such a short noticed. But the wedding must go on whether she (SIL) was there or not! We still think that to this day, she still couldn't pass that. That is why every time we talk about our faith, she will just stop talking and listen or change the topic. Matt and I finally said our "I Do's" and it's been eight years now and we are still happy and in-love, and blessed with two wonderful kids. Thanks to my parents who are very understanding, supportive, respectful and loving, for without them, I wouldn't be what I am today! I love you, Inang and Ama! I will forever be grateful for you, guys! I hope you know that I love you; and that think of you constantly though we are millions of miles away from each other. I also thanked my in-laws for all the helped; and my Aunt's husband who treated me like his own relatives while living with them in Malaysia, and gave me a plane ticket as a wedding present which surprised us both. Matt was supposed to buy it for me though.


  1. Wow, didn't realize that this was the story behind that Wedding. I remember when we posted this topic long time ago, I told you that you seemed like you had a grand wedding since you were wearing your Wedding gown and all. And you told me, it was Matt's parents that did all that preparation.

    We are both lucky ate Cecile, in the life that we chose with our men. And we are also lucky to have parents who brought us into this world with full of love and made us good people.

    Both our weddings were simple, but, it's so grand because we're in love, from then up to now..

    Hehehe, oo nga, aga ng post natin ah..Thanks and I will see you again on CC by next week!

  2. Ohhh Ces, I stll envy your wedding. still look bongga ever to me and look at you, you were still tiny as in coca cola body pa. Well your wedding was awesome ces. Sus ang amo mura ug nananggot mn hehe.

  3. Behind every wedding and every marriages there is always a story to tell and yours is awesome! Love it. Thanks for dropping by I do appreciate it. ^_^

  4. Hi sis, though you said your wedding was of short notice, you still both look grand in those wedding dress and suit. Congratulations for a wedding day success and more power to your own family now..

  5. matt didn't wasted time kase baka daw makawala ka pa, ehehe! ganda ng wedding picture nyo...madalian pa yan ha?

    about your SIL, we all have our own opinions and beliefs so maybe she should respect yours as you are respecting hers.

  6. sexy mo jan ces..hehe! hmm what can i say??? your wedding has many things happended before and on that day...i mean from the 9/11,the sister who left, and the short noticed:), but then, your wedding still superb;) And what matters most is that until now you guys are together with those lovely kids you have!

    Have wonderful day!

  7. Ang sweet sweet naman ni kuya matt hehehe parang wedding express yung nangyari but still a grand one ha..

  8. Beside of all the story behind the wedding day, there's still lots of story to tell..heheh

    Infearness and sweet ni hubby ha...congrats

  9. Wow..what a surprise hehehe..wa najud ka buhii sa imong husband dear ate Cel... It's been a long 9 years and still happily inlove with each other, that's what love is.....i know there are many more years of love to share for the two of you....i hope kami rin ni hubby..we still have a lot to go through...i mean ako diay...i still have a lot to know sa married life and i am eager to learn to be able to have a happy forever with my hubby...

    wish you and your husband dear ate cel more years of togetherness..and many more babies pa

  10. parang naiyak naman ako nun, wahhh anyway girl thanks for dropping by ha?

  11. Kaya pala memorable sa inyo ang 9-11--you're so lucky, nung kasal namin ako ang lahat nag prepare!Nakakaloka talaga!You look great in your wedding dress,Ate Ces!

    Thank you so much for letting me feel that I'm not alone,Ate Ces.I really appreciate your prayers.


  12. agoy tCes, sowe kaau ha nga uwai nako sa linya....:)

    it is good to read your story teCes....thanks for sharing...:)

    wow ka nice ni MIL woi kay sya man buy sa imong wedding gown.....:)

    you look gorgeous and stunning on your wedding dress ateCes....paulos lang ko puhon pag magpakasal me sa church puhon...eehheheh!

    kami te kay wala nami nag church wedding kay kulang sa budget...unya 10 days ra sya.....kulang man jud pod me sa time....

    thanks sa paglabay sako te ha...thanks sad sa comment....mwah!