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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Need for New Laptop and Camera

While at Best Buy this morning shopping for a cable, I have found a perfect laptop to replace my old one. The one I really like is Sony VAIO's; it has more features than the one I have now which is by the way two year old now. I am planning to give it to my brother who has been asking me to buy him one. So instead of getting him a new one...I'll just give the old one. Hubby told me that I can buy a MacBook for the same price if I go to MicroCenter. He was right! Now, I need to save more for that dream laptop of mine :-). Anyway, we are also planning on buying a new camera for we want to update the two digital cameras we have right now though we just bought the other one last year. It is time to get a DSLR camera for it will give us more features than the digital cameras don't have. I just wished that we would be able to get that said camera before our trip to P.I. this summer.

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