"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Health Condition Has Gotten Worst

The other day, I went to see my doctor for a routine check up and found out that my blood count was too low (6) again. No wonder why I feel so weak and no energy to do my job at home. Not only that, my blood sugar level was higher than normal and my creatinine was a little bit higher. These worries me so much now. I don't want to go to another set of iron infusion again because it didn't really help me much. Anyway, he gave me an epogen shot and told me to come back next week to see whether the shot helped. If it doesn't, then he would probably give me blood transfusion this time. Till then, I need to eat liver and green leafy vegetables because they are rich in iron. I am also limiting salt and sugar intake to control my blood sugar and blood pressure. I would like to walk on a treadmill, but I am afraid I'll pass out. I am very tired of my health condition, but I have to take care of myself for the sake of my son; hubby is doing the same thing for the same reason.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Couple's Corner: I Love You, Honey!

Rodliz’s Nest

Growing up, being vocal with how you feel toward one another is/was the hardest thing to do. My parents, siblings and I love each other but we don't express it in words; we just know and feel it. I think it would have been nice had my parents were expressive with their feeling in words. Even now, I rarely say I love you to them before hanging the phone up. I admire my hubby's family because they say "i love you" after they talked over the phone.

Anyway, Matt and I are very vocal with what we feel to each other. A day will never pass without saying "I love you" before going to bed and right before he steps out of the door on his way to work. My son is not quite as vocal yet, but It makes me feel happy when he says it to me without being ask. We always hugs each other, hold hands when walking and sometimes even when driving the car. He knows that I am not in the mood when he said 'I love you" on the phone and I didn't say "i love you" back. Then, he would call back and wouldn't stop till I say "I am okay". Just yesterday, I asked him whether he still loves me despite of the fact that he had seen the worst in me (lazy, moody, prideful, and can be a nagger sometimes). And he said: what kind of question is that? Of course I love you! You are the best thing that ever happened to me...I love you and I would do everything for you to make you happy. I seldom look Matt in the eye saying I love him so much and thanks for marrying me with tears in my eyes... then he would give me a great big hug!

I love it when he says: thanks for the nice dinner, honey, or thanks for cleaning the house, etc...and he feels the same way when I appreciate even the small thing he does to me. This man is the best husband I have ever met. Oh how much I love this man!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Perfect House for Us!

We have been looking for a house to buy for few months now, and finally found the one we really, really like. But to our dismay, it is already under contract considering it is only on the market for two weeks! It is the perfect house for us; and we are willing to break our lease just to avail of the lower interest rate the market offers this time of the year. Moving takes a lot of work, but that house is worth all the energy and effort. The only thing I worry about is transferring our son to another school in the middle of the school year. Oh well, he is a very friendly little guy, he adopts to it easily and make new friends. It is not nice that something went wrong to the contract and then we get the house instead :-)!

From PR2 to Unranked; why?

Okay, this is confusing to me! Why is it that this blog has gone down from PR2 to unranked in less than a month!? What is going on? This driving me nuts! I don't understand how google do their ranking. Well, I think I just need to forget about the pr thing and not worry about it. It is a bummer and annoying!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Couple's Corner: We Know Each Other Very Well!

Rodliz’s Nest

Matt and I have been married for eight years now and I can say that we pretty much know each other from head to toes. He loves to eat but doesn't like garlic that is why he stopped eating adobo. He can eat spaghetti everyday and will never gets tired of it. His burger must not have mustard while his steak is medium rare. He wants the bed to be made every morning and sleep on all sides. A very simple man who is contented wearing sweet pants and cotton t shirt when home. During his days off, he would rather watch his fave shows and movies except sports than going out with friends. One who loves western movies and a fan of John Wayne. Just like most men, hates mall shopping, but loves Walmart and Sprouts. I like that he knows when to keep his distance when I am angry. He never gets angry when he gets home without food on the table; he will eat whatever is left in the fridge. He cooks and washes dishes without being ask.

He very well know that when I eat lunch or dinner, the meal is not complete without rice and veggies on the side; and that I love seafood and steak and my fave resto is TGI Friday and Maggiano's Little Italy. He knows I like expensive stuffs, but never buy them. He knows where to find me when we are at the mall shopping (shoes and purses section). He knows my fave color and I don't like sparkly jewelry especially silver. When I am silent, he knows that something is bothering me and he would ask if I he could be of help.

Well, that's all, guys...so for more interesting entry, click the badge above. Many thanks to Liza of This is My Life the creator of this meme.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Love that Couch!

We all went to bed early last night for the reason that we want to do something since it is Martin Luther King day and there is no school today on top of hubby's day off today and tomorrow. We thought of going to a friend's house so our boys can play, but I think they weren't home because nobody was answering the phone. So we decided to go home after doing some shopping and lunch at Indian restaurant that was newly opened. The foods were not bad and are healthy. Jacob on the other hand didn't eat because he said that the foods were spicy for him after trying it; he ate a piece of nan and that's about it. Then before finally heading home, we stopped by at Big Lots just to look around. I saw a very nice looking and cheap couch and really liked it. I just wish that our lease is over so we can get that couch for our new house. Oh well, we can't do anything right now since our lease won't be over till June. Hope we can find the same couch when the time comes.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My PR is Back!

Who would have thought that by just changing the layout of this blog will give back its page rank. Yup, PR2 is back. Now I am inspired to consistently update this blogs and my other blogs as well. I am glad that Google didn't forget the effort I have put into it. I also changed the blog url into domain one (www.apinaysahm.com). Thanks again, Mr. G :-)!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Layout

Finally, I am done with my blog make over. Whew, it wasn't easy than I thought it would be...I have lost a lot of widgets and still on the process of putting them back. And if you don't see your name on my bloglist...let me know and I will add it again. I am glad for what I have accomplished here...it took me a night to finally finish it....yup that is how dummy I am when it comes to this kind of thing. For most of you guys, this is just like a piece of cake...but for me... is something!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Couple's Corner: I Am Angry!

Rodliz’s Nest

I always say how wonderful my husband is; but I tell you he makes me so angry sometimes. I still remember the time I got so mad at him when I had my monthly visit coupled with my moods swing due to some of the medicines I am taking. It was the little things he does that annoy me that adds up and I couldn't take it anymore from deleting email addressed to me, changing our plans right there and then, procrastination to name a few. It happened last year where we were still living in VA and that was the day his parents are coming for a visit. I was so mad that I decided to pack my things up and leave him. He was very sad and apologetic that he couldn't stop me from leaving him. Well, finally he said okay, you can stay at a hotel and I just make something up when my parents ask where you are. Well, all I want to do that time was to be alone and for his parents not to see that I have been crying. I actually left but really didn't check in at a nearby hotel. I just couldn't do it. I went to the mall...did a little window shopping...to forget what happened. I finally went back home to be with his parents. Thank goodness we don't live close to my parents or else I would probably go there and stay for a night or two. I tell you when I get angry...I would scream or leave so I can avoid saying something to him that would hurt his feelings and I would regret saying afterward. I made him mad too, but when he is mad I just shut my mouth up...and be calm. And oh by the way, I can't really afford to leave him...I just want to scare him....and I tell you, I always succeed, hehehehe!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Couple's Corner: Most Irritating/Annoying Habits for Both

Time for Couple's Corner once again created by Liza...and this week's theme is about Most Irritating/Annoying Habits for Both.

Rodliz’s Nest

These are few things that hubby does that irritates me most...

Scratching his armpit and smelling it.

Cooking more than we can eat; as if he is going to feed the whole town.

Leaving his dirty socks anywhere in the bedroom despite that the laundry basket is just few steps away from him.

When I asked him to get a couple of things at the grocery store and came back with at least two bags of of stuff we don't even need.

Skipping lunch.

...and here are the things I do that annoys him much!

He hates it when I tell him where to park the car when we are out dining or shopping.

He doesn't like it when I criticize his driving skills.

He doesn't like that I am too strict when it comes to disciplining Jacob.

He gets mad at me because I spend more time in front of the PC; so I decided to spend less this year.