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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Love to Read

Shopping is one thing hubby and I love to do aside from outdoor. We sometimes rationalize by saying that here in Texas, there is nothing else to do than eat and shop since we are far away from beach, and the weather is hot during summer time. That is a lame excuse we know :-); anyway, we both shop online especially when the shipping is free and prices are affordable. We particularly love to shop at buy.com where we find great deal on bestselling books. Right now, Amazon books are on sale with a free shipping for order $25 or over. I think I need to buy myself a Glen Beck new book. I have been hearing so much about it that made me interested.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CC: I Married My Dream Man!

I started to dream of marrying a fine, simple man when I turned 25. Since I am a simple person with simple dreams, I never really dream on marrying a rich good looking man, but someone who is presentable, responsible and of course one who will love and accept me for who and what I am. And I have found that man in the person of my husband....only I never dreamed that he would be white and lives in U.S. of A :-). I was engaged once to a Filipino who is based in San Diego, but the wedding didn't go through because of the distance. I think that I am really destined to marry a man who lives million miles away.....and that God chose Matt for me because He knows me and my needs. My husband might not be a good looking or rich guy, but he completes me...he is responsible, presentable and loves me for who I was and am today....he is the man of my dream!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking for Cheap Auto Insurance

One way to secure our finances and properties as well as our valuable assets are to insured them. Let say house, car, life, and health can be insured and that no matter what happens, we don't need to worry about them. Now that we bought and is living in a new house, we thought about adding the house to the current insurance company we are using, but after so much consideration, hubby and I opted to the insurance we are using now for the house. Later we need to buy cheap auto insurance for our cars since hubby drives 30 miles to work, and that means extra expense with the gas. Now, hubby asked me to look online for an insurance company that offers great deals on car insurance, and I am crossing my finger to find the best one out there.

Honey, I Need a GPS!

Part of the thing I don't like about moving is trying to familiarize myself with the roads and where they will lead me to. I hate driving where I can easily be lost...and nobody can tell me which way to go. Now, that we are settled, one thing I need to do is go to mapquest for direction since I don't gps I can rely on. I would like to get, but hubby wouldn't let me. He said it is expensive and sometimes not accurate. I asked him why he said that, he didn't even tried it before. His response was: some guys at work told him so. Oh well, you can't really rely on what one or two people, you've got to try it for yourself especially that he hates to for direction when we are lost, anyway. What I really like about this particular gps is that you can even apply it on your mobile phone, thus making it easier to drive confidently. Hubby needs to do some research himself about sat nav​ before he finally shut the door on it. One of these days, I would get it whether he likes it or not!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

CC: First Impressions with In-Laws

When Matt visited me for the first time in Malaysia, we didn't feel any awkwardness towards each other as if we've known each other for a long time. No pretensions or anything like that. During his week long stays at my Aunt's house, he constantly communicates with his parents through emails. They were very excited and interested with what is going on between me and their son. As I read those emails with Matt, I felt very comfortable and thought they were very nice and warm people. I started to like them even before I met them in person though I have this nervous feeling inside me. That feeling disappeared when Matt and I got engaged and started planning for our wedding. His parents particularly MIL was very helpful with all the preparations, that is when I became very confident that they are indeed good people.

I saw/met them for the first time, one week before our wedding. I was right, they are very nice people though they are both quiet or should I say private. My MIL and I became close since we are similar in many ways. We talk a lot about almost everything; my FIL on the other hand is opposite. He doesn't talk much and very quiet unless I'll break the ice first, lol. With my SIL and BIL, they are nice people, but are not that the close since we don't see even talk very because of the distance. Don't get me wrong, but I love them, too! Some people don't really get along well with their MIL, but I am one of those lucky ones who have such nice, generous, warm and thoughtful MIL and FIL.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Best Cookware Ever!

When hubby and I first got married, we were living in an apartment. We were also excited that we went shopping like crazy. We bought new things we need like cookware, home decorations, few furniture and more. And since we both like to cook and eat, we made sure that we purchased a high quality cookware like the all clad copper core. I am glad we chose this kind of cookware for it really last longer than we have imagined. In fact, we have been using them for almost nine years now and are still in good shape, and are easy to clean. These kind of cookware cook foods evenly.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CC: Our Plan on Father's Day

Five more days and it will be Father's Day. Hubby and I don't have any plan of doing something special, but go to church that day. Every year the church (LDS) where we belong prepares something special for mothers and fathers. Last month small kids from 3 to 11 year old presented a song while the young men (youth) ages 12 to 17 gave us (mothers) red Roses. On the other hand, on Father's Day.....fathers usually get cookies from young women (youth) and of course, song from small kids as well.

Hubby doesn't want any gift, but a card; and he is happy with that. Plus, I don't buy him anything anymore unless he gives me hint of what he really wanted to get. He buys his own clothes, shoes and all. The other day while we were at Harbor Freight, he saw this pretty neat work bench which was on sale and said he wanted it for the garage. And since he likes to work in the garage and we are moving to our new house soon (Saturday), I told him that if he really wants it (he needs it actually), he can get it and that would be our present for him on father's day. He didn't say no, which means he like it. Oftentimes, when I ask him what he wants for his birthday, our anniversary or on father's day, he would always say "nothing....please don't buy me anything." We will not go anywhere either for we are busy with our coming move. He would be very happy if we are done moving our stuffs up at the new house before he goes back to work a week from now.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Problem is Fixed!

Finally, the problem is fixed with the blogger. I thought this problem will last for at least a week or so just like before, before they'll do something about it. I am glad they are prompt this time. I can now relax and finish the sponsored posts assigned to me. Hay, thank goodness, my stress is gone :-).

Revealing Clothes, Not My Cup of Tea!

Back when I was still single, I used to live with my Aunt overseas. My Aunt is my Mom's sister who is lucky enough to marry an English man who is rich, kind and generous. He is the opposite of my Aunt in almost everything/way. Anyway, these guys belong to a group of people who are physically active, and party animals. They used to host costume party at home. I like that most of their friends wear simple costumes, some wear conservative and others wear sexy costumes just like my Aunt. I know she is my Aunt, but I don't like the way she dresses...very sexy and revealing clothes. I don't have any idea what she is trying to portray, but I was the one who get embarrassed by the way she dresses. Oh well, can't do anything about it. She is a grown woman who knows what is right and wrong and good and bad. She is free to choose whatever she wanted to do and I don't need to remind her of that...for she knows better.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CC: Meet My Father and FIL

It is not fair if we don't pay tribute to our fathers who brought us into this world together with our mothers, and so Liza decided to make "meet my father" a theme for this week's Couple's Corner. It is also in conjunction with the coming Father's Day on the 20th of this month (June). Now, here is my share.

My father doesn't really like picture or should I say, a camera shy person and so this is the only photo I can find where he (on gray t shirt) is included.

Meet my father whose nickname is "Lope" was borne and raised in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Second and youngest child in the family of four. My father "Ama" in Tagalog is a quiet man who seldom gets angry. I can really count with my fingers the times he laid his hands on us and that only happened when he was really, really mad. Growing up, I remember my father being a hard working person who loves his family. He didn't get the chance to go to college due to poverty, but despite of that, he is person who values education highly that is why he did his best to send us to college so we can have better education and eventually better future. He is now 74 year old, still strong for his age. I can only say he is healthy if he will only quit smoking. Honestly, I am not that close to my father, but we both know in our hearts that we love each other though we don't really express it in words, but in action. I admire him for the hard work he has done for us and his willingness to help his grandchildren's finish education by helping them financially. A simple person who always thinks of other more than himself. I love my father so much and my only dream for him is that he can come to see us here someday hopefully in the near future together with my mother.

This is taken day after Jake and I got home from the hospital.

This is my FIL, Merrill Kenyon, who lives in NM all his life; a retired Engineer and military man who enjoys outdoor. He is 80 year old and yet still very active. I love my FIL despite of being strict and critical at times; we still get along pretty well though. He and hubby are very close. They talk over the phone every week and visits (with my MIL) us at least once a year. He is an opposite of my father for he talks a lot and very often with his children. They are very active at church where they belong. The funny thing is that he only decided to finally get baptized at a Catholic church five years ago. He became grandfather almost six year ago that is why he doesn't have energy to play with my son, Cody and Grant's much, but he is still trying.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

When I have Headache...

I don't know why but lately, I have been suffering from a terrible headache. The bad thing about headache is that I get annoyed pretty quickly. I don't want noise, I don't want to talk to anybody, and don't like sun. You wouldn't want to be near me when I am in this kind of mood :-). Thanks to my sweet hubby who is very understanding and patient. He knows when to keep his distance when I have headache or is not feeling well. Sometimes he would asks me whether I am hungry or have I checked my blood sugar already....because he knows that those are few symptoms of headache. Anyway, when I feel like I am having one, I would immediately take some Tylenol....after half an hour, my headache is gone!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CC: Hubby as A Son

My husband and I came from families with different background, cultures and traditions, but those didn't stop us from getting along very well as a couple. We managed to make our marriage work through constant compromise, supporting each other, understanding, trust, and most of all love. We always put God in between us when it comes to decision making including how we will raise our children.

Hubby grew up in a family who has strong faith in God and family ties. His family goes to church every Sunday and visits their grandparents afterward. They spent a lot of times together as family doing things that strengthens each other and family as a whole. They love outdoors...and things that stimulates their minds such as reading, going to museums, trip to historical sites to name a few. He is a good son who follows his parents advice till he get to be 18. He left home to attend college and that's where he learned how to live alone and tend for himself. He remains close to his parents even though he lives away from them. He visits his parents every so often and vice versa. Now that he is married, he still communicates with them once and sometimes twice a week over the phone. They are very often with each other.

As a father to my son, he is the opposite of what his Dad is when it comes to parenting and discipline. He is more of a soft and kindhearted person and I am the strict one, just like my FIL. A responsible person who do his best to sustain our needs. His family (us) comes first before anything else. We both belong to the same faith before we even met that is why we don't have problem raising our son. We both want Jacob to be close to God and be a God fearing person. And that is how he is now. Jake loves to go to church, learn about Jesus and be with is friends.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Others Don't Carry It?

Sometimes I feel so tired going to the transplant center every other week for a lab work to check my blood count level and then comes back for an Epogen shot. This thing is taking so much of our time. Thank goodness we haven't move yet or we are stuck there for hours until the result of the lab work is back. Anyway, lately, I have been talking to the nurse, Cindy that we would go back after a couple of hours so we can make use of that time running errands and do things that need to be done. And she was fine with that. She would just call us and we would go back if I needed a shot. Today, we went to Walgreens to get myself a bottle of Magnesium Oxide for my bones. I looked at the vitamins section of the store where they normally put it but I didn't find it, so hubby asked the person in the counter the to see if they have this kind of supplement, but they don't...bummer! How come they don't carry it while other Walgreens do? I don't understand! I guessed, we need to go to Costco again tomorrow just to get myself magnesium supplements.