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Thursday, December 31, 2009

To My Family, Relatives, Friends, and Visitors...

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Couple’s Corner: We Can Read Each Other's Mind!

Time for Couple's Corner hosted by Liza of This Is My Life.

Rodliz’s Nest

First of all, I was not able to join last week's theme because I was very buys. So, I will just share a little bit about our first Christmas together as newly married couple. Matt and I were married in September. Our first Christmas was spent in our small/humble apartment where I decorated the first Christmas tree I bought at a yard sale. We had fun though it was just the two of us. I made some Pinoy foods like Pansit, Lumpia, Chopsuey, Rice of course and Fruit salad. Yup, for the first time in Matt's life he' stayed till midnight before we eat :-)! And in the morning, we opened each other's presents. Am I terrible or what? I can't remember what presents we gave to each other! But one thing for sure, we both loved it! Indeed it was a memorable Christmas for both oh us!

Okay for this week theme which is "can you read my mind" I'll say as times or years pass by, Matt and I got to know each other enough to read each other's mind on top of reading body language and stuff. Sometimes just by the look on his face, I know what he thinks and I will just say "that is not going to happen or NO! And he will just laugh. There were times that we both said the same thing at the same time! Neat isn't it? Sometimes before I or he say s something he or I already knew it. Every once in awhile, he would say "you have to tell me because I am not a mind reader" hehehe.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Party 2009

We attended a church Christmas Party last night and we had a blast. We enjoyed the foods as well as the musical presentations. There were a dance afterward but we decided not to stay since hubby was not there. So here are some photos taken from last night.

Jake was shy when Santa asked him what he wants for Christmas...

...he said, he wanted a race car.

Music presented by Young Men and Young women.

T'was us walking after putting the Chicken apritada on the table :-)

Me and Jacob...

With friends...Kerry and Kisty ( not they are not a couple).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Couple's Corner: Shopping Galore!

Rodliz’s Nest

Just like every woman, I love to shop, too! I remember when I was still single, I always give myself a treat after payday. It's either I would treat myself to a nice meal or go to the mall and shop. Mind you, I always shop for a name brand clothing and shoes. I would go to Alabang Town Center, Robinson, SM and Landmark and would not shop in Ukay Ukay or market. By so doing, I accumulated a lot of shoes and clothing that drove my grandmother crazy:-)! Back in Malaysia, I started shopping with friends and we would always go for name brand items such as Lacoste, Guess, Tommy Hillfigger, Ralph Lauren and more. Spending money was not a problem for me then.

But after Matt and I bought our first house, I started to slow down shopping. Every once in a while we would go to Thrift store or Goodwill even yard sale. But lately, I have found out that I don't need to go to those places because I can get new clothes even at the mall for a cheap price, all I have to do is wait for the clearance sale. I also use coupons and discount cards in order to save money both at the grocery store and mall. Now, I still shop for clothes, but mostly for my son. And if I want a nicer purses or bag, I would go to TJ Maxx for they sell quality made stuffs for reasonable price.

Indeed when you are married with kids, your perspective changes. I always think of my son now and hubby when I shop. And if I want something for me, I will need to think whether I really need it or not. Usually, I ended not buying anything for myself at all.

Yesterday, hubby took me on a date. His plans was we would watch movie, lunch and shop at the mall. But you know what? We did watch movie, but since we had pop corn, pretzel and soda at the movie, I decided not to eat lunch since both of us were not hungry yet. So he said, let's go shop. He told me he would like to buy me a new cellphone since he knew I like to replace mine with the slider one. Well, upon seeing the ridiculous prices of the cellphone at the mall, I decided that the one I have now is still okay. I don't need that expensive phone or purse. Then, we went to look for earring and once again, I couldn't afford to spend much money for a small jewelry, so we ended going home empty handed. Hubby was sad because he really wanted to get something nice for me this Christmas. Plus, I feel guilty spending money while other people need it more than I do..like my family back home. I would rather give the money to them than spend it to such an expensive things I don't really need!

As I get older, I realized that those material things are not really important to me now. Yup, it will make me happy for a short time, but that's about it! The Best Things in Life are NOT Things! It is our family, and the peace and lasting happiness we feel when we are together...sharing what we have and what we need...not what we wanted.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Couple's Corner: Jealousy

It's time for Couple's Corner Meme hosted by Liza of This is My Life. This entry is late; but I think it is never too late to share it. So, here it is:

Rodliz’s Nest

Believe it or not, guys but Matt and I love each other so much; the moment we marry each other...jealousy has no more place in our hearts. We can talk to opposite sex without feeling jealous...we just tease each other after I or he talked to my male friend and vice versa.

But don't get me wrong, I still feel jealous with my brothers ( kasi I feel na may favoritism parents ko eh), and friends...so no jealousy only works between me and Matt.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Couple's Corner #8: Kiss and Make Up

This last week's continuation (I think) of my CC entry. This week's theme is about "Kiss and Make Up." So, here is my entry. By the way, this meme is hosted by Liza of This is My Life. Visit her blogs and get to know her better.

Rodliz’s Nest

Well, it's been eight years now that Matt and I are married, but just like other couple, we still go to misunderstanding which is part of every married life. It is the spice of life!

Every time we had misunderstanding, whether it is my fault or not, Matt is always the first one to apologize. He knew that I wouldn't talk to him when I am upset, so he learned to keep his distance or he would make it worst. He used to follow me everywhere I go just to know what did he do wrong. But he realized that, that wasn't working; I would talk to him when the bad feeling is gone and that I realized that it is my fault and I need to apologize. We talk and tell our each other our feelings. But you know what, when Matt is upset, I just don't talk. It is so seldom he gets really really mad and it scares the hell out of me when that happens :-), then I will apologize and everything is fine! Sometimes, if it was really his fault, he would cook for me or or prepare my fave food.

The first few months of our married life, when I am upset, he would bring me flowers and card as peace offering on top of calling me from work like 3-5 times a day. Now, no more flowers :-)...missed ko na rin yun eh, hehehe.The thing is, we never let a day passed without resolving any conflicts or misunderstanding.