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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Couple's Corner #8: Kiss and Make Up

This last week's continuation (I think) of my CC entry. This week's theme is about "Kiss and Make Up." So, here is my entry. By the way, this meme is hosted by Liza of This is My Life. Visit her blogs and get to know her better.

Rodliz’s Nest

Well, it's been eight years now that Matt and I are married, but just like other couple, we still go to misunderstanding which is part of every married life. It is the spice of life!

Every time we had misunderstanding, whether it is my fault or not, Matt is always the first one to apologize. He knew that I wouldn't talk to him when I am upset, so he learned to keep his distance or he would make it worst. He used to follow me everywhere I go just to know what did he do wrong. But he realized that, that wasn't working; I would talk to him when the bad feeling is gone and that I realized that it is my fault and I need to apologize. We talk and tell our each other our feelings. But you know what, when Matt is upset, I just don't talk. It is so seldom he gets really really mad and it scares the hell out of me when that happens :-), then I will apologize and everything is fine! Sometimes, if it was really his fault, he would cook for me or or prepare my fave food.

The first few months of our married life, when I am upset, he would bring me flowers and card as peace offering on top of calling me from work like 3-5 times a day. Now, no more flowers :-)...missed ko na rin yun eh, hehehe.The thing is, we never let a day passed without resolving any conflicts or misunderstanding.


  1. Ang bait naman asawa mo, sya nagpapakumbaba. That's good sis. Ako ay ma-pride ako minsan gusto ko ako sinusuyo hahahaha then syempre kiss and make up after wards :)

  2. Pareho tayo ces, kapag galit talaga, hindi ako makikipag usap. My hubby too learned how to keep his distance and deall with my anger pag galit ako kasi it never work pag sunod ng sunod siya jut to know why I am upset or to make peace. Pero siya rin ang nauuna mag sorry, ako naaahh hindi ako nag sosorry hehehe.

    Mag demand ka na ng flower kasi malapit na valentines heheh, Ako ni isang beses hindi nakatikim ng flowers sa hubby ko, hindi uso sa kanya ang bulaklak yata.

    Sweet ng hubby mo ces, you two are both lucky to have each other. kasi napa bait mo rin atsarap pa magluto.

  3. un nman talaga ang mahalaga. un mga gifts at flowers nman eh parang instrument para pakinggan mo sia. at mas magwowork kung nagkakausap talaga kayo. nice story ate cecile...

    heres mine >> http://mydigihome.info/?p=288

  4. Aww sweet!Meron pa talagang peace offering!Sa amin?Never heard of it!lol!!
    @Mommy Shy:Hinde ka nag-iisa!!I haven't received any flowers from hubby kahit anniversary lol!

  5. Your hubby is totally patient sis.. That is good. It's good that you or he would just be silent when one of you is mad kasi mas lalo nakakalala talaga pag mag ingay ka pa.. he he

  6. Ngek! bakit wala ang comment ko dito? wahhhh! may moderation ba to? Hehehe. baka di ko na send ang comment ko, buhuhuhu!

    Buti, nag check ako uli, titingnan ko kasi ang ibang mga comments.

    Anyway, Pareho pala ang style ni Matt at Rodney, kapag alam na galit ako, magluluto na yan, or ikakain na ako sa labas. Takot din naman ako kay Rodney, kasi alam ko kung kelan siya serious, ako kasi minsan maarte lang eh KSP baga. Sabi niya, bakit kapag siya ang galit, di ko man lang siya inaamo, kasi naman laging siya ang may kasalanan hehehehe..OH ha...

  7. Ate kantahan mo ng line na "You don't bring me flowers anymore" lol.. Kumusta ka na ate..