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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Couple's Corner: Shopping Galore!

Rodliz’s Nest

Just like every woman, I love to shop, too! I remember when I was still single, I always give myself a treat after payday. It's either I would treat myself to a nice meal or go to the mall and shop. Mind you, I always shop for a name brand clothing and shoes. I would go to Alabang Town Center, Robinson, SM and Landmark and would not shop in Ukay Ukay or market. By so doing, I accumulated a lot of shoes and clothing that drove my grandmother crazy:-)! Back in Malaysia, I started shopping with friends and we would always go for name brand items such as Lacoste, Guess, Tommy Hillfigger, Ralph Lauren and more. Spending money was not a problem for me then.

But after Matt and I bought our first house, I started to slow down shopping. Every once in a while we would go to Thrift store or Goodwill even yard sale. But lately, I have found out that I don't need to go to those places because I can get new clothes even at the mall for a cheap price, all I have to do is wait for the clearance sale. I also use coupons and discount cards in order to save money both at the grocery store and mall. Now, I still shop for clothes, but mostly for my son. And if I want a nicer purses or bag, I would go to TJ Maxx for they sell quality made stuffs for reasonable price.

Indeed when you are married with kids, your perspective changes. I always think of my son now and hubby when I shop. And if I want something for me, I will need to think whether I really need it or not. Usually, I ended not buying anything for myself at all.

Yesterday, hubby took me on a date. His plans was we would watch movie, lunch and shop at the mall. But you know what? We did watch movie, but since we had pop corn, pretzel and soda at the movie, I decided not to eat lunch since both of us were not hungry yet. So he said, let's go shop. He told me he would like to buy me a new cellphone since he knew I like to replace mine with the slider one. Well, upon seeing the ridiculous prices of the cellphone at the mall, I decided that the one I have now is still okay. I don't need that expensive phone or purse. Then, we went to look for earring and once again, I couldn't afford to spend much money for a small jewelry, so we ended going home empty handed. Hubby was sad because he really wanted to get something nice for me this Christmas. Plus, I feel guilty spending money while other people need it more than I do..like my family back home. I would rather give the money to them than spend it to such an expensive things I don't really need!

As I get older, I realized that those material things are not really important to me now. Yup, it will make me happy for a short time, but that's about it! The Best Things in Life are NOT Things! It is our family, and the peace and lasting happiness we feel when we are together...sharing what we have and what we need...not what we wanted.


  1. Very well said ate Cecile. Pareho tayo, naku eh di na ako bumibili ng para sa sarili ko, sayang kasi. Puro sa mga bata na lang at kay Rodney paminsan minsan. Makapunta nga din sa TJMaxx, baka makakita ako ng mga sale. Ganon yata talaga kapag nagkakapamilya tayo nagiging practical..Kaya nga now, talagang kundi rin lang kailangan di ako bibili. Kung damit lang, I really don't need a lot, di naman ako working.

    Eto nga at inuna ko pang magpadala sa PInas before mag shopping ng Christmas gifts, buti na lang at mag sweldo si Rodney the day before christmas, hahabol pa, hehehe. Di ako makabili ng para sa akin, sayang..sa kanila na lang di ba?

    I love your entry..Muahh!

  2. Ganyan din ako noong single pa ces, shop for myself as reward from working hard, as in every payday I got to have new things hehehe. But now no more as in nada, wala na. Mga anak nalang ang i shop at hindi na branded, second hand nlng hehehe. Maski cellphone ang barat na, hehe namimiss ko tuloy cellphone ko sa pinas. Buti pa hubby mo pinagshoshopping ka, na ako hindi, kahit blogging money ko ces napupunti sa mga bills at ibang mga gastusin waaa. sana manalo tayo sa sweepstakes ano heheh. Thanks for sharing ces, nice post.

  3. pretty well said ateCes...I love the last paragraph.....ako mahilig kaau ko sa material things...na stop na after I moved here in the US...saon nga wala man ta pera dire...ehehhe!

    thanks for sharing teCes....wala nako nag apil ani nga meme lately lay super busy ko kaau man jud...:)

  4. I love material things--pero nauuna ang problema sa laman ng bulsa lol!Kahit ako di na nakakabili ng things for myself.Puro na lang sa mga bata--nag-iiba nga talaga ang perpective nating mga wives lalo na kung ikaw ang taga budget.

  5. Oh my, you are just like me.. i think of whether i really need something or not before busying anything.. i think its the Pisces connection!

    But its really so thoughtful of you Cecile.. i admire you so much and i love and agree to those last lines :-)

  6. Hi Mommy Cil, magkatugma mga sinasabi natin, as we mature and have a happy family life a loving husband do we have to ask for more? Wala na ata diba? Hubby was bugging me to write my wish list..geezz I wrote NONE! As in wala naman talaga I still two dresses, two shoes, one bag na hinde ko pa na gamit do I have to get more? So sabi ko sa kanya ok..since you are bugging me alot I will give you a $100 for a budget and that's it, lalong nagka-headache hehe. At sabi ko pa don't lose the receipts hahaha! SAbi niya don't give me a hard time!!
    I am more concern my family back in Pinas, though di naman talaga uso ang maraming gifts doon but at least they have to have lots of food this Christmas and New Year. Thanks for sharing and dropping by at my site I do appreciate it. Happy weekend!!

    My CC-Shopping galore