"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Save More

Are you looking for a car insurance rate? If so, then you should look online and compare prices. Hubby and I did some shopping before finally decided which insurance company we would buy car insurance. I tell you, it helped us a lot. Had we not done it, we wouldn't be saving money. It isn't really hard to compare car insurance rate, you can even go shop for car insurance company and then decide which one fits your needs and budget. You will be glad you did for you'll be saving tons of money. Take our advice and you will never go wrong. Compare, decide and save now!

Are We Guilty?

My mother in-law's birthday is fast approaching. Every year, hubby and I forget bout it since it happens a day after New Year where everyone is busy. Can you blame us? No, we didn't mean to forget it, in fact, we already bought her a birthday card a month before her special day. But we still feel guilt not being able to send it on time. Anyway, to make up for the late birthday greetings, without hubby's approval I buy my mother in-law a gift and is delivered to her doorstep the day of her birthday. She loves surprises especially when it comes from us! This year, am planning of sending personalized gifts for her. I am thinking of a quilt with all her grand kids photos on it. I bet she would be very happy about that.

Barcode Scanner for Everything

It is amazing how computer has almost taken over the whole earth. Almost everything can be done with the use of modern technology called computer and internet. You can shop without leaving home, make appointments, talk with loved ones who lives million miles away, and recording medical records. While at the hospital for 6 days treatments, I noticed that nurses and PCA, medical staffs and even an ordinary food servers use computer and barcode scanner. My bracelet was scanned many times. Could it be true that someday human will be scanned, too! How odd but if it would help track down criminals, then I would give my two thumbs up!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not So Happy Christmas for Us!

Today is the last day I will be seeing my Renal Specialist for a routine check up as well as lab.blood works. Hubby and I are hoping that all the blood work will be normal and that my blood count is back to the way it should be after the 3 session of Iron Infusions. Those sessions are big mistakes for I didn't really feel much better; still weak and no energy to do even small chores around the house. We just wished my doctor had given me a blood transfusion instead for this is the only thing that helps bring back my energy. Not only the infusions didn't work, but the co pays were very expensive. A $500 co pay is too much for us though the procedure was 100% covered my our health insurance. Indeed, with all the health issues I am going through right now, Christmas got even more expensive for us. I still haven't done sending gifts to my family in the Philippines, wahhh. Anyway, just crossing my fingers that nothing bad in the blood works result.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Miss Christmas in Philippines Island

Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala lalalala....and not be stressed! Commercialism on Christmas season despise the true meaning of Christmas. People are busy shopping for gifts, foods to prepare and place to celebrate it. I, myself is tired of it all. I just wished that I was a kid again, where Christmas is celebrated with simple meal and hardly any gifts. We were happy then....being together as family is really a big thing to us even now back home. That is what I miss most about Christmas....family being together, enjoying simple meals, going to church and visiting friends and relatives. Christmas here in the U.S. is really different. To me, it is like an ordinary day...except there plenty of foods and gifts. These material things are not making me happy at all! Instead of feeling happy, I feel the opposite when Christmas time is here. I so miss the way Christmas is celebrated in the country where I was borne and raised.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sleep Deprived

Who would ave thought that being anemic would stop me from getting a goodnight sleep? For the past two months now, I am sleep deprived due to my low blood count. No matter how early I go to bed, sleep wouldn't visit me until it's 2am! The result aside from lack of energy...wrinkles under my eyes and dark circles as well! I look like a walking zombie :-(. I do take a two hour of nap, but that doesn't really help at all. I wished I could find the right anti wrinkle eye cream I could use to hide these unsightly wrinkles. I wonder if the eye cream my friend gave me three years ago would still be effective when I use it for the meantime. Is there an expiration date for it? Oh well, I guessed I need to buy a new anti wrinkle eye cream instead of taking a chance on n old eye cream.

Christmas and Family Reunion

In just a couple of weeks, winter break would be here. I am excited for my son to be home and spend time with us. The much awaited date for a Christmas/family reunion is coming pretty soon, too. Jacob couldn't wait to open his presents while we are excited for our trip to m in-laws on Christmas day. I hope it would be a great time/reunion. To see hubby's family is like a treat or us for we don't really each other that much. It would be very fun if we could ride my in-laws rv and tour the whole town. Snow would never be a problem for they are a member of a club where rv towing is covered. In case the rv get stuck on the snow or ice, the roadside assistance would be there to help us.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CC: Our Christmas Wishes

Last week, my friends and I went shopping for Christmas gifts. We went from Tanger Outlet Mall, Town East Mall and at Allen Outlet Mall. With all these shopping, thank goodness, I was able to finish shopping for all except for my sister in-law who wants kitchen utensils. Anyway, I have been wishing for a coach purse for a long time, and never thought that my wished would materialize, but it actually did!

This coach purse is normally worth $338, it was on sale for $229.99. Paid for it for only $99.64; saving 70% the sale price...sweet! Hubby told me that it would be my gift and that I need to wrap it :-).

Hubby told me not to buy him anything, but I bought him one anyway, for this seiko watch was his dream watch and mind you.... I only paid $55... thus saving 30% off.

This is my share for this week's....