"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Thursday, December 31, 2009

To My Family, Relatives, Friends, and Visitors...

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Couple’s Corner: We Can Read Each Other's Mind!

Time for Couple's Corner hosted by Liza of This Is My Life.

Rodliz’s Nest

First of all, I was not able to join last week's theme because I was very buys. So, I will just share a little bit about our first Christmas together as newly married couple. Matt and I were married in September. Our first Christmas was spent in our small/humble apartment where I decorated the first Christmas tree I bought at a yard sale. We had fun though it was just the two of us. I made some Pinoy foods like Pansit, Lumpia, Chopsuey, Rice of course and Fruit salad. Yup, for the first time in Matt's life he' stayed till midnight before we eat :-)! And in the morning, we opened each other's presents. Am I terrible or what? I can't remember what presents we gave to each other! But one thing for sure, we both loved it! Indeed it was a memorable Christmas for both oh us!

Okay for this week theme which is "can you read my mind" I'll say as times or years pass by, Matt and I got to know each other enough to read each other's mind on top of reading body language and stuff. Sometimes just by the look on his face, I know what he thinks and I will just say "that is not going to happen or NO! And he will just laugh. There were times that we both said the same thing at the same time! Neat isn't it? Sometimes before I or he say s something he or I already knew it. Every once in awhile, he would say "you have to tell me because I am not a mind reader" hehehe.

So much on that...for more interesting and funny entries click the badge above.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Party 2009

We attended a church Christmas Party last night and we had a blast. We enjoyed the foods as well as the musical presentations. There were a dance afterward but we decided not to stay since hubby was not there. So here are some photos taken from last night.

Jake was shy when Santa asked him what he wants for Christmas...

...he said, he wanted a race car.

Music presented by Young Men and Young women.

T'was us walking after putting the Chicken apritada on the table :-)

Me and Jacob...

With friends...Kerry and Kisty ( not they are not a couple).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Couple's Corner: Shopping Galore!

Rodliz’s Nest

Just like every woman, I love to shop, too! I remember when I was still single, I always give myself a treat after payday. It's either I would treat myself to a nice meal or go to the mall and shop. Mind you, I always shop for a name brand clothing and shoes. I would go to Alabang Town Center, Robinson, SM and Landmark and would not shop in Ukay Ukay or market. By so doing, I accumulated a lot of shoes and clothing that drove my grandmother crazy:-)! Back in Malaysia, I started shopping with friends and we would always go for name brand items such as Lacoste, Guess, Tommy Hillfigger, Ralph Lauren and more. Spending money was not a problem for me then.

But after Matt and I bought our first house, I started to slow down shopping. Every once in a while we would go to Thrift store or Goodwill even yard sale. But lately, I have found out that I don't need to go to those places because I can get new clothes even at the mall for a cheap price, all I have to do is wait for the clearance sale. I also use coupons and discount cards in order to save money both at the grocery store and mall. Now, I still shop for clothes, but mostly for my son. And if I want a nicer purses or bag, I would go to TJ Maxx for they sell quality made stuffs for reasonable price.

Indeed when you are married with kids, your perspective changes. I always think of my son now and hubby when I shop. And if I want something for me, I will need to think whether I really need it or not. Usually, I ended not buying anything for myself at all.

Yesterday, hubby took me on a date. His plans was we would watch movie, lunch and shop at the mall. But you know what? We did watch movie, but since we had pop corn, pretzel and soda at the movie, I decided not to eat lunch since both of us were not hungry yet. So he said, let's go shop. He told me he would like to buy me a new cellphone since he knew I like to replace mine with the slider one. Well, upon seeing the ridiculous prices of the cellphone at the mall, I decided that the one I have now is still okay. I don't need that expensive phone or purse. Then, we went to look for earring and once again, I couldn't afford to spend much money for a small jewelry, so we ended going home empty handed. Hubby was sad because he really wanted to get something nice for me this Christmas. Plus, I feel guilty spending money while other people need it more than I do..like my family back home. I would rather give the money to them than spend it to such an expensive things I don't really need!

As I get older, I realized that those material things are not really important to me now. Yup, it will make me happy for a short time, but that's about it! The Best Things in Life are NOT Things! It is our family, and the peace and lasting happiness we feel when we are together...sharing what we have and what we need...not what we wanted.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Couple's Corner: Jealousy

It's time for Couple's Corner Meme hosted by Liza of This is My Life. This entry is late; but I think it is never too late to share it. So, here it is:

Rodliz’s Nest

Believe it or not, guys but Matt and I love each other so much; the moment we marry each other...jealousy has no more place in our hearts. We can talk to opposite sex without feeling jealous...we just tease each other after I or he talked to my male friend and vice versa.

But don't get me wrong, I still feel jealous with my brothers ( kasi I feel na may favoritism parents ko eh), and friends...so no jealousy only works between me and Matt.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Couple's Corner #8: Kiss and Make Up

This last week's continuation (I think) of my CC entry. This week's theme is about "Kiss and Make Up." So, here is my entry. By the way, this meme is hosted by Liza of This is My Life. Visit her blogs and get to know her better.

Rodliz’s Nest

Well, it's been eight years now that Matt and I are married, but just like other couple, we still go to misunderstanding which is part of every married life. It is the spice of life!

Every time we had misunderstanding, whether it is my fault or not, Matt is always the first one to apologize. He knew that I wouldn't talk to him when I am upset, so he learned to keep his distance or he would make it worst. He used to follow me everywhere I go just to know what did he do wrong. But he realized that, that wasn't working; I would talk to him when the bad feeling is gone and that I realized that it is my fault and I need to apologize. We talk and tell our each other our feelings. But you know what, when Matt is upset, I just don't talk. It is so seldom he gets really really mad and it scares the hell out of me when that happens :-), then I will apologize and everything is fine! Sometimes, if it was really his fault, he would cook for me or or prepare my fave food.

The first few months of our married life, when I am upset, he would bring me flowers and card as peace offering on top of calling me from work like 3-5 times a day. Now, no more flowers :-)...missed ko na rin yun eh, hehehe.The thing is, we never let a day passed without resolving any conflicts or misunderstanding.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Couple's Corner #7: Misunderstanding

It's time for Couple's Corner created by Liza of This is My Life. This week's Topic is all about "Misunderstanding."

Rodliz’s Nest

We all know that in every relationship, be it friendship, marriage, family etc..., misunderstanding cannot be avoided. Most misunderstanding that Matt and I had were all my faults especially during the first few years of our marriage. The very reason of our misunderstanding were all about language barrier. I was so sensitive enough to take what he said in a wrong way. Thank goodness, he is very understanding, loving, and patient with all the little fights caused by me. Yup, even the small things, I made big deal out of it! I don't want to elaborate them because now, as I think about it, was all very childish.

I remember one time, I got so upset with a small thing; I can't really remember what that thing was, I just went in our bedroom crying. He tried to talk to me to know what did he do wrong, but I remained silent and was crying (I always do that), he became so frustrated and upset, he hits the wall and his hand bled (this never happened again). That time I became nervous because he has never done that before. I told to myself, he must be that upset. Well, that was the first time that I apologized to him which I never done ever since we got married. Even though it was my fault, he is always the one who apologizes first; but not that time! Yup, that was how prideful I was before. Now, when I get really upset (rarely happens), I cry hard saying " I want to go home, and that I don't belong here." I don't really mean it when I say those two phrases... just trying to scare him. Anyway, the good thing about misunderstanding is that, we always kiss and make up. We make sure that on every fights we had, we never let a day passed without talking things over. No more silent treatment for it is not healthy for our marriage and will not fix any problem between us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

COUPLE’S CORNER #6: First Year of Being Married

It's Couple's Corner once again hosted by Liza; and time for me to share a a summary of the first year of being married.

Rodliz’s Nest

The first year of us being married was one of the happiest years of my life. Though we came from totally different countries, cultures, background and language, I can say that we were able to put our differences aside and exercise compromise to make our marriage work. My husband is a very understanding man who knows how to handle difficult situations and makes me feel better. It was a big adjustment for both of us, but because of our love for each other and with God's helped those differences helped us know each other more. Being a Filipina, I am a sensitive; I easily cry and that was hard for him, not knowing what to do because I wouldn’t talk. But later on, when I explained that to him, he understood and knew already when to back off and let me deal with the problem. Don't get me wrong, we didn't really had a big fight at all. It was just me. Anyway, and when I am ready to talk, he is there to listen. We are not a perfect couple and so is our marriage…and just like every marriages, we have ups and downs, but the important thing is we are there to talk things over, find a solution together and support each other. There many things I like about being married: first you become one, your last name changed, no more inhibitions, no secrets, you share everything to each other. Looking back, I’ll say that the first 365 days of our marriage was amazing and was full of love and learning experiences that we will both cherish for as long as we live. God is and was our guide then and now.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Operation Smile!

To a very talented, athletic, simple, and sweet Woman I've met online....Clarissa; I just want to let you know that I am grateful to have known you. We may never meet in person yet, but I can feel your sincere friendship and love! I am sure when we finally meet you will be more than what I have expected you to be. Stay what you are for that is the only way to be happy! Thanks for being a good friend to me and many!

Whatever with the past has gone,The best is always yet to come. - Lucy Larcom

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One More Day...

I saw this video at youtube and felt sad, because this reminds me and my husband when we lost our first baby on stillborn. The lyrics of this song is what exactly we felt when we were grieving for our lost. "I remember thinking, "this is not real/true, this can't be happening, this isn't happening. I remember both of us crying out, I remember Matt crying out, I remember him holding me, and both of us sobbing." On that moment our bereaved life changes in the instant." I still cry every time I think of her... and blames myself for I think that it was all my fault why she died. The doctor tried to explain with me that it wasn't my fault or the things I did or didn't do. Can you blame me for feeling that way still? I love her so much! Though I know we would be able to be reunited with her someday, knowing that she not here, makes me feel empty still. She was back to Heavenly Father for a reason of which I don't know...but am sure she is happy that we are doing our "best" here on earth just to be with her someday! I know for sure that "Families Can Be Together Forever.....someday."

sung by: Rocket Club Band

I'll never get to hold you
I'll never hear your sweet voice sing
I'll never get to say 'I told you so'
I'll never read to you, or get to teach you anything
But you'll always be my hope
You'll always be my first light
You're always gonna be Daddy's little girl
You'll always be the strength I need to make it in this world
I only wish for one more day
I'm gonna miss your first day of school
I'll never see you turn that page
I'll never see you in your graduation gown
And I'm never gonna see you coming of age
But you'll always be my hope
You'll always be my first light
You're always gonna be Mommy's little girl
You'll always be the strength I need to make it in this world
I only wish for one more day
Sweet angel of mercy
Coming down to comfort me
Faith, sit right here beside me
I never want you to go away
I'm always gonna wonder how you'd look
Always gonna wish I took your place up there
You'll always be our hope
You'll always be our first light
You're always gonna be our little girl
You'll always be the strength we need to make it in this world
We only wish for one more day
We only wish for one more day."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Couple's Corner #5: The Day We said I DO!

It's Wednesday once again, time for my most awaited meme hosted by Liza of This Is My Life. And here is my entry for this week's theme "The Day We Said I Do."

Rodliz’s Nest

Can you believe it? I knew we will be married, and that is why I came to United Sates, but no idea yet when the exact date will be! Well, it was because we (Matt and I) haven't talked about it yet. So when my cousin and her husband and of course Matt picked me up at the airport (LAX), we immediately head into my cousin's house, talked while eating dinner. Though we were both exhausted from our flights, we still managed to talk a little bit about our day before finally went to bed in our respective room. The next day, he surprised me when he told me the exact date of our wedding! I was thrilled of course! I arrived on the 8th of Sept. 2001 and our wedding date was set two weeks after that. Yup, that fast; that is how he was back then; he didn't waste time!

Two days after that surprised, a shocking news 9/11 happened. The whole world were saddened and mourned for the great lost of loved ones. Flights were canceled and I think they also closed the airport. So, we ended waiting for a week before we finally had our flight home to Texas and that means, we need to prepare ourselves. In addition, we still need to buy our wedding ring/band and head home to New Mexico to get married. Since we both have no savings, that is all we can afford that time and that was fine with me, since I am a simple and low maintenance person. All I want is a simple wedding anyway. His parents were kind enough to buy me a wedding gown, arranged the reception and the prepare all the foods (finger foods, sparkling wine and cake), wedding announcement, photographer and even gave us a present which is a fully paid hotel reservation for our honeymoon. Everything were set! Except that they needed to alter my wedding gown because I already gained weight before the wedding....thanks to some restaurants in TX and NM!

To make the story short, we got married with only few of his relatives, friends and family members; his sister was so upset and decided she didn't want to be there because of our religious practices. She left the day of our wedding and that was sad :-( not to mention that no member in my family from Philippines, and of my relatives in the U.S. managed to attend because of such a short noticed. But the wedding must go on whether she (SIL) was there or not! We still think that to this day, she still couldn't pass that. That is why every time we talk about our faith, she will just stop talking and listen or change the topic. Matt and I finally said our "I Do's" and it's been eight years now and we are still happy and in-love, and blessed with two wonderful kids. Thanks to my parents who are very understanding, supportive, respectful and loving, for without them, I wouldn't be what I am today! I love you, Inang and Ama! I will forever be grateful for you, guys! I hope you know that I love you; and that think of you constantly though we are millions of miles away from each other. I also thanked my in-laws for all the helped; and my Aunt's husband who treated me like his own relatives while living with them in Malaysia, and gave me a plane ticket as a wedding present which surprised us both. Matt was supposed to buy it for me though.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Wedding Cake Test

You Are an Intimate Wedding

Love makes you feel warm and comforted. You may not need much in this world, but you need the love of those you're close to to survive.

To be unloved would be heartbreaking for sure, but you would never give up hope. Even if you felt all alone in the world, you're sure you could make new connections.

For you, romantic loving is about giving your all and not worrying about what you'll get back in return. Keeping score ruins a relationship.

Besides, your ideal partner would naturally want to give as much as possible too. That's what makes you a perfect match.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Quotations

I got it from American Baby.com, and thought of sharing it with you, guys with a hope to inspire and strengthen families as what it did to mine.

"Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you."
-- H. Jackson Brown

"The mark of a good parent is that he can have fun while being one."
-- Marcelene Cox

"Let your child go if you want to keep them."
-- Malcolm Forbes

"Families ought to be noisy."
-- Benjamin Franklin

"Where we love is home -- home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one."
-- Jane Howard

"Nothing you do for children is wasted. They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted."
-- Garrison Keillor

"Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. 'Pooh!' he whispered. 'Yes, Piglet?' 'Nothing,' said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. 'I just wanted to be sure of you.'"
-- A.A. Milne

"A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold."
-- Ogden Nash

"Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to."
-- John Ed Pearce

"If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable -- each segment distinct."
-- Letty Cottin Pogrebin

"Our children are extensions of ourselves in ways our parents are not, nor our brothers and sisters, nor our spouses."
-- Fred Rogers

"The family is one of nature's masterpieces."
-- George Santayana

"Parents learn a lot from their children about coping with life."
-- Muriel Spark

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."
-- Charles R. Swindoll, The Strong Family

"When you teach your son, you teach your son's son."
-- The Talmud


"Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer."
-- Louise Gluck

"A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves -- a special kind of double."
-- Toni Morrison

"I think people that have a brother or sister don't realize how lucky they are. Sure, they fight a lot, but to know that there's always somebody there, somebody that's family."
-- Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park

Published on AmericanBaby.com, February 2007.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Love You...

To my loving husband... as we grow older, hope we can know each other better... not bitter but better. We are not the perfect couple but I know it well... that you're the one for me and hope I am to you as well. I love you... now and forever!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Couple’s Corner # 4: THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL

It's Wednesday once again, and time for Couple's Corner by Liza of this is My Life. Forgive me for my poor grammar, dry and boring writing, hope you guys still read it.

Rodliz’s Nest

When Matt and I decided to see each other in person, I didn't expect for more than a visit. He told me that it would be a birthday present as well. So, on the 12th of March 2001, my cousin and I picked him up at the airport. My Aunt was kind enough to accommodate him for the rest of his stay in Malaysia which lasted for exactly a week. He stayed in the guestroom and I stayed with mine. Anyway, after picking him up, we had a talked with my Aunt and her family... just for them to get to know each other. My Aunt and her husband acted as my parents since my parents were not there. They were happy to see and know Matt. I can tell that they liked him the first time they saw him. Honestly, I didn't expect Matt to propose with me that same night! I was speechless and didn't know what to say; so I said nothing. Yes, that fast! No idea what he felt that night. But, I was happy and nervous inside.

The next day, we spent most of the time going to museums and parks, and ended the day with a dinner at the Chinatown with my Aunt and her family. That night before we finally retire to bed, he once again proposed and finally I said: YES even without an engagement ring. He was very happy and apologetic; he told me that he didn't plan to propose to me. But the moment he saw me at the airport, he told to himself that he would like to spend the rest of his life with me. The next day, we went shopping for an engagement ring, but didn't find the one we both like. To make to story short, he sent me the engagement ring by mail (buti na lang di nawala). The ring looked exactly like the one on the photo above only it was a small one. Two months after our wedding, he surprised me with a new one (see the photo above). I told him he didn't have to it, but he said he wants what is best for me! Of course, he also sent mail to my parents in the Philippines asking their permission to marry me. My parents respected my decision and gave my hand for marriage with Matt.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Trip Canceled!

Today was supposed to be my son's class to go to the pumpkin patch; but due to the weather (raining), it was canceled. It was good that these kids were very understanding though a bit disappointed. They just had a little picnic inside their classroom. They also had fun wearing their fave storybook character; obviously, my son's fave is Woody at the Toy Story animated movie :-)!

With his teacher, Mrs. McCrea...outside their classroom.

Drew this pumpkin for me :-); thanks, son!

Striking a pose :-)!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Couple's Corner #3: We Love Each Other

Rodliz’s Nest

When Matt decided to see me in person for the first time in Malaysia, I knew then that he loves me. Yes, he was that serious! He was willing to travel a long way just to see me. And as for me, I already fell in love with him the moment I heard his voice on the phone. It was a kind, soft, and sweet voice. Even now, every time he calls, I still feel the same feeling. Of course we both prayed whether our decision to marry each other is the right thing to do. It was answered through the conversation I had with the other guy on Sweden. We were both happy since we received the blessing to marry each other from both parents especially for my parents who were not present during that special day of ours. Anyway, immediately after he arrived from his trip to Malaysian, he started processing everything we needed so I can go the United States to marry him. So after six months of waiting for my K-1 visa, I finally get to travel to meet his family and friends. It's been eight years now, but we are still in love despite of our differences, background, race and cultures. Putting aside differences and looking for what is good in each other makes our relationship stronger and even closer with each other. I am not perfect and neither does my husband, but with open mind and heart and support, we make our marriage works. We know that when we put God's first in everything we do such as marriage, whatever happens our marriage is going to be as strong as a rock!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Which Peanut/Snoopy Character Are You?

You may lack some courage outside your comfort zone but with a little security you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You are smart, understanding, and caring. Keep up your strong style because it is a part of you that is unique.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

COUPLE’S CORNER #2 The Day We Met/Dined Out

Rodliz’s Nest

It's time for Liza's Couple's Corner once again; and I am excited to share a little bit about our love story to you guys. Here it is:

After six months of exchanging phone calls and emails (no chat for us), Matt and I decided to meet in person. That time, I was living in Malaysia, meaning a long flight for him. He was scared since it was his first time in Asia; but since he wanted to see me, he put aside his feelings and traveled a long way just to see me!! It was his gift for my birthday, he said. At first I didn't really believe he was serious about it. So I just said: "okay" (shrugging my shoulder). But he came! That means he was really serious about me. I didn't tell him though that I was also writing and talking to someone from Sweden at the same time. We met at the airport when we picked him up. Surprisingly, we both felt comfortable, it was like we've known each other for a long time! He told me he was very nervous, but happy to see me. He stayed at my Aunt's house for a week; and every time he sees me (he said) he thinks that I was hot! I wonder what else he was thinking that time, lol! Anyway, we dined out in one of the finest restaurant in KLCC mall at Kula Lumpur, Malaysia (now the Petronas Tower, the tallest tower in the world at this time). Before he left, we decided to get married after asking me to be his wife for the second time...pakipot pa kasi ako noong first time na he asked me to be his wife :-) . Sino ba naman di magpapakipot eh, that night he arrived eh he asked me to marry him already...so fast! He was that serious! Six months later we are married :-)! Despite of our differences, we manage to keep our marriage stronger and are still very much in love with each other. Now we are proud parents of two children (one in heaven already).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Couple's Date

Learning New Tricks

The two of you have goals together—learning how to
ballroom dance, learning a language, learning how to paint, learning to cook gourmet meals. Take the chance this weekend to put one of those goals into action. If dancing is your goal, find out if your community offers dance lessons; many dance studios will offer at least one free night a month in hopes that visitors will end up signing for lessons. If you want to learn a language or learn how to paint, research community colleges or city education resources. Or find a local food night where couples can sign up to learn cooking techniques; sometimes you can even cook your own gourmet meal. Decide on something and start expanding your horizons together!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

COUPLE’S CORNER #1: Meet Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon

Thanks Liza for creating this meme; Liza by the way is the author of This Is My Life, The Youngster's Park and Mommy Liza's Lutong Bahay. It talks all about couple (husbands and wives) and their lives and none else. Join us by clicking the badge. I wrote my entry a day later and so here it is:

Rodliz’s Nest

I was named Cecilia by my parents on the day I was born in Tarlac City, next to the city (Nueva Ecija) where my family lives. Raised by my grandparents ( mother side) in Isabela till I was ready to go to school. I attended school in Nueva Ecija and a working student in Manila. I am a pure blood Filipina, who speaks Visaya, Tagalog and a little bit of English. My parents are Ilocanos but never speak their dialect, no wonder why my sibs and I never learn to speak Ilocano. I have 4 siblings, 3 brothers and a sister who died before I was born. Prior to coming to United States, I served as a missionary for LDS church for 18 months in Mindanao where I met new friends, learned new dialect (Visaya) as well as shared the gospel to the people there. Then, went to Malaysia where I met my hubby; after a year of courtship, migrated to U.S. and got married in 2001. With regards to my personality, I am a simple person, serious and sensitive at times, loving wife, mother, daughter and sibling, and a good friend to many.

My husband on the other hand is named after one of the prophets in the Bible named, Matthew who was born and raised in New Mexico. Second child in the family where his parents and siblings call him Matt but prefers to be called Matthew. He has a brother and a sister, and two nephews with a Welsh blood and an ancestors migrated in the U.S. in 1800's. Before he moved in Texas, he was working at the USPS as a mail carrier for three years. Then he decided to change career, applied a job at Texas Instruments (T.I.), was hired and is now working in the manufacturing for 8 years now. He earned associate degree as well as Bachelor Degree in Anthropology, but never used it. My husband is a very patient, simple, loving person, a devoted family man who adores our son so much. Well, he can be a critique sometimes, but an understanding person.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lessons Learned from the Talks Given at the General Conference

God has prepared us to survive a world of permissiveness. We can gain strength by keeping the commandments of God.

If we don't nourish our mighty change of heart, it will turn to stone. Having religious observance at home is as important as providing food, clothing and shelter.

Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need?

Christ enlists us in his service, He invites us to draw close to him.

We are the Lord's hands on the earth with a mandate to serve others.

Man's greatest happiness comes from losing ourself in service to others.
we can all do something to help someone.

Related awesome story of man who lost his hearing before he was able to heed the counsel of the Lord and acted on it.

Iron rod is our safety line, like the safety equip of the bridge workers. The line is there but we must choose to use it.

Integrity is the mother of many virtues.

The roof of the Manti Temple was built using the plans of a ship. Then turned upside down and the rest was added upon.

Husband & Wife are to put the needs of the others above his/her own and the children's need equal to him/herself.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Closing Remarks from the 179th Annual Conference: ''Until We Meet Again''

by Thomas S. Monson

May we long remember that which we have heard during this conference. … I urge you to study the messages and to ponder their teachings and then to apply them in your life.

My beloved brothers and sisters, my heart is full and my feelings tender as we conclude this great general conference.

We have been richly blessed as we have listened to the counsel and testimonies of those who have spoken to us. I believe we are all more determined to live the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I express my sincere thanks to each one who participated in the conference, including those Brethren who offered prayers.

The music has been magnificent. How grateful I am for those blessed with musical talents who are willing to share their talents with others. I am reminded of the scripture found in the Doctrine and Covenants: "For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads."

May we long remember that which we have heard during this conference. I remind you that the messages will be printed in next month's Ensign and Liahona magazines. I urge you to study the messages and to ponder their teachings and then to apply them in your life.

I want you to know how much I love and appreciate my devoted counselors, President Henry B. Eyring and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. They are men of wisdom and understanding. Their service is invaluable. I love and support my Brethren of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. During this conference we sustained a new member of that Quorum. He is completely dedicated to the work of the Lord, and I testify that he is the man our Heavenly Father wants to fill this position at this time.

I express my love to the members of the Seventy and the Presiding Bishopric. They serve selflessly and so effectively. Similarly, I pay tribute to the general auxiliary officers. In accordance with our policy of rotation, we have sustained new general presidencies of the Young Men and of the Sunday School. We look forward to working with them. We thank those who were released from these positions at this conference and who served so faithfully in these capacities.

My brothers and sisters, may we strive to live closer to the Lord. May we remember to "pray always lest [we] enter into temptation."

To you parents, express your love to your children. Pray for them that they may be able to withstand the evils of the world. Pray that they may grow in faith and testimony. Pray that they may pursue lives of goodness and of service to others.

Children, let your parents know you love them. Let them know how much you appreciate all they have done and continue to do for you.

Now, a word of caution to all - both young and old, both male and female. We live at a time when the adversary is using every means possible to ensnare us in his web of deceit, trying desperately to take us down with him. There are many pathways along which he entices us to go - pathways that can lead to our destruction. Advances in many areas that can be used for good can also be used to speed us along those heinous pathways.

I feel to mention one in particular, and that is the Internet. On one hand, it provides nearly limitless opportunities for acquiring useful and important information. Through it we can communicate with others around the world. The Church itself has a wonderful Web site, filled with valuable and uplifting information and priceless resources.

On the other hand, however - and extremely alarming - are the reports of the number of individuals who are utilizing the Internet for evil and degrading purposes, the viewing of pornography being the most prevalent of these purposes. My brothers and sisters, involvement in such will literally destroy the spirit. Be strong. Be clean. Avoid such degrading and destructive types of content at all costs - wherever they may be! I sound this warning to everyone, everywhere. I add - particularly to the young people - that this includes pornographic images transmitted via cell phones.

My beloved friends, under no circumstances allow yourselves to become trapped in the viewing of pornography, one of the most effective of Satan's enticements. And if you have allowed yourself to become involved in this behavior, cease now. Seek the help you need to overcome and to change the direction of your life. Take the steps necessary to get back on the strait and narrow, and then stay there.

May we say, with Joshua of old, "Choose you this day whom ye will serve; . . . but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Now, my brothers and sisters, we have built temples throughout the world and will continue to do so. To you who are worthy and able to attend the temple, I would admonish you to go often. The temple is a place where we can find peace. There we receive a renewed dedication to the gospel and a strengthened resolve to keep the commandments.

What a privilege it is to be able to go to the temple, where we may experience the sanctifying influence of the Spirit of the Lord. Great service is given when we perform vicarious ordinances for those who have gone beyond the veil. In many cases we do not know those for whom we perform the work. We expect no thanks, nor do we have the assurance that they will accept that which we offer. However, we serve, and in that process we attain that which comes of no other effort: we literally become saviors on Mount Zion. As our Savior gave His life as a vicarious sacrifice for us, so we, in some small measure, do the same when we perform proxy work in the temple for those who have no means of moving forward unless something is done for them by those of us here on the earth.

I am deeply grateful that as a church we continue to extend humanitarian aid where there is great need. We have done much in this regard and have blessed the lives of thousands upon thousands of our Father's children who are not of our faith as well as those who are. We intend to continue to help wherever such is needed. We express gratitude to you for your contributions in this regard.

How grateful I am, my brothers and sisters, for the Restoration of the gospel in this dispensation and for all the blessings that have come into my life and into your lives as a result. We are a blessed people, for we have the sure knowledge that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ.

May heaven's blessings be with you. May your homes be filled with harmony and love. May you constantly nourish your testimonies that they might be a protection to you against the adversary.

As your humble servant, I desire with all my heart to do God's will and to serve Him and to serve you.

Now, my brothers and sisters, conference is over. As we return to our homes, may we do so safely.

I love you. I pray for you. I would ask that you would remember me and all the General Authorities in your prayers. Until we meet again in six months' time, I ask the Lord's blessings to be upon all of us, and I do it in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord, our Savior, amen.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

I got this blogthing tag from Imelda of My Daily Moods; thanks dear for this one. To those who wants to participate, you are free to grab this

You Are a Chief

You are a cohesive force - able to bring many people together for a common cause.
You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too.
Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others.
You also keep your powerful emotions in check - you know when to emote and when to repress.
Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years
Your weakness: Wearing yourself down with too many responsibilities
Your power color: Crimson red
Your power symbol: Snowflake
Your power month: September

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family-Means: FAMILY = (F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I) (L)ove (Y)ou

I ran into a stranger as he passed by,
'Oh excuse me please' was my reply.

He said, 'Please excuse me too;
I wasn't watching for you.'

We were very polite, this stranger and I.
We went on our way and we said goodbye.

But at home a different story is told,
How we treat our loved ones, young and old.

Later that day, cooking the evening meal,
My son stood beside me very still.

When I turned, I nearly knocked him down.
'Move out of the way,' I said with a frown.

He walked away, his little heart broken.
I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken.

While I lay awake in bed,

God's still small voice came to me and said,

'While dealing with a stranger,
common courtesy you use,
but the family you love, you seem to abuse.

Go and look on the kitchen floor,
You'll find some flowers there by the door.

Those are the flowers he brought for you.
He picked them himself: pink, yellow and blue.

He stood very quietly not to spoil the surprise,
you never saw the tears that filled his little eyes.'

By this time, I felt very small,
And now my tears began to fall.

I quietly went and knelt by his bed;
'Wake up, little one, wake up,' I said.

'Are these the flowers you picked for me?'
He smiled, 'I found 'em, out by the tree.

I picked 'em because they're pretty like you.
I knew you'd like 'em, especially the blue.'

I said, 'Son, I'm very sorry for the way I acted today;
I shouldn't have yelled at you that way.'
He said, 'Oh, Mom, that's okay.
I love you anyway.'

I said, 'Son, I love you too,
and I do like the flowers, especially the blue.'

If we died tomorrow, the company
that we are working for could easily replace us in ;
a matter of days.
But the family we left behind will feel the loss
for the rest of their lives.

And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more
into work than into our own family,
an unwise investment indeed,

don't you think?
So what is behind the story?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Photos on Jacob's Birthday

Here are more on Jacob's birthday pictures at home, mall and Ate Delia's house.

Jake, Woody, his balloon, and Buzz
Enjoying the ride...
at Ate' Delia's house...
with Mom...
and Dad!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Unselfish Service

by: Dallin H. Oaks

Our Savior teaches us to follow Him by making the sacrifices necessary to lose ourselves in unselfish service to others. Our Savior gave Himself in unselfish service. He taught that each of us should follow Him by denying ourselves of selfish interests in order to serve others. "If any man will come after me [He said], let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it" (Matthew 16:24-25; see also Matthew 10:39).

As a group, Latter-day Saints are unique in following that teaching - unique in the extent of their unselfish service.
Each year tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints submit their papers for full-time missionary service. Seniors put aside the diversions of retirement, the comforts of home, and the loving companionship of children and grandchildren and go forth to serve strangers in unfamiliar places. Young men and women put work and education on hold and make themselves available to serve wherever they are assigned. Hundreds of thousands of faithful members participate in the unselfish service we call "temple work," which has no motive other than love and service for our fellowmen, living and dead. The same unselfish service is given by legions of officers and teachers in our stakes and wards and branches. All are uncompensated in worldly terms but committed to Christlike service to their fellowmen.

It is not easy to give up our personal priorities and desires. Many years ago a new missionary in England was frustrated and discouraged. He wrote home saying he felt he was wasting his time. His wise father replied, "Forget yourself and go to work."1 Young Elder Gordon B. Hinckley went to his knees and covenanted with the Lord that he would try to forget himself and lose himself in the Lord's service.2 Years later, as a mature servant of the Lord, Elder Hinckley would say, "He who lives only unto himself withers and dies, while he who forgets himself in the service of others grows and blossoms in this life and in eternity."3

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marriage Quotes

"What God Hath Joined Together, Let No Man Put Asunder"

“The more you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes.”
- Amy Grant

“A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” -Dave Meurer

“Strike an average between what a woman thinks of her husband a month before she marries him and what she thinks of him a year afterward, and you will have the truth about him.” -H.L. Mencken

“Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.” -Simone Signoret

“More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.” -Doug Larson

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." -Mignon McLaughlin

“Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. “ -Barnett R. Brickner

“A man without a wife is like a vase without flowers.” -African Proverb

“Love requires a willingness to die; marriage, a willingness to live.”
-Mignon McLaughlin

“People do not marry people, not real ones anyway; they marry what they think the person is; they marry illusions and images. The exciting adventure of marriage is finding out who the partner really is. “
-James L. Framo

“I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance, A church filled with family and friends. I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for, He said one that would make me his wife.” -Author Unknown

“Between a man and his wife nothing ought to rule but love.” -William Penn

“And when will there be an end of marrying? I suppose, when there is an end of living.” -Tertullian


Humor Has Proven To Be A Powerful Ally In Enhancing Your Overall Health And Well Being.

Good Humor = "Joyfulness"

"Joyfulness keeps the heart and face young. A good laugh makes us better friends with ourselves and everybody around us." -Orison Swett Marden

Laughter is one of the best antidotes for reducing the day to day stress and anxiety that so many in this day and age experience and has proven to be an extremely effective way to increase the positive energy which is responsible and necessary for achieving Abundance, Happiness and harmony in life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thomas S. Monson's Quotes

"When faith replaces doubt, when selfless service eliminates selfish striving, the power of God brings to pass His purposes."

"My faith did not come to me through science, and I will not permit so-called science to destroy it."

"Through humble prayer, diligent preparation, and faithful service, we can succeed in our sacred callings."

"Each of us should remember that he or she is a son or daughter of God, endowed with faith, gifted with courage, and guided by prayer."

"Wherever we may be, our Heavenly Father can hear and answer the prayer offered in faith."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Does the Music I Listen to Matter?

One reason why the music we listen to is important is that music can and does affect how we feel; therefore, music affects our ability to recognize the Holy Ghost. For the Strength of Youth teaches, “Unworthy music may seem harmless, but it can have evil effects on your mind and spirit.” The prophets specifically tell us to “pay attention to how you feel when you are listening” to music. If you don’t think music affects how you feel, ask yourself why movie producers spend so much time and money on the musical score. How different would the movie Jaws be if the theme song for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood pops on when the shark fin pops up? It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor . . .Hello, neighbor . . . (as the shark opens his mouth on the unsuspecting victim). That simple difference in music changes the moment from nail-biting suspense to laugh-out-loud comedy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Secrets to Exercising & Staying Motivated

Tips Will Get You Moving and Help Manage Your Diabetes

If you have diabetes, daily physical activity can help you manage your blood sugar levels and achieve weight loss. Being active feels good, too. And it doesn’t have to be time consuming and difficult. With just a few simple changes, you can make fitness part of your daily routine — even something you look forward to. Here are 10 tips to help jump-start your activity level.

10 Ways to Add Activity to Your Life
  1. Start slowly. Fifteen minutes of physical activity is enough for a beginner. Gradually work up to more strenuous exercise for longer periods of time. Consult your health care professional for guidance.
  2. Take a class. Try something new. Your budding interest in the new activity is likely to motivate you.
  3. Get an exercise buddy. Set regular times with your friend that you both commit to. The social aspect will make your exercise routine more pleasant and provide added support.
  4. Physical activity can take many forms; vacuuming counts. Gardening counts. Golfing, walking, and pushing the lawn mower all count as exercise. Allow yourself to feel good about the physical activity you build into your normal day.
  5. Discuss the best time to check your blood sugar (before or after exercise) with your health care professional. And keep track of your results. It will help you stay motivated to continue with your diabetes weight loss and fitness goals.
  6. Check out some new scenery. Plan a new walking or jogging route using our Google™ Map and Go tool.
  7. Keep an activity log. Briefly jot down what you did and for how long. You can look back and feel proud of your efforts at exercise.
  8. Warm up and cool down for five minutes before and after you exercise.
  9. Put physical activity in your calendar, preferably at the same time of day. If exercise is scheduled into your routine, you'll be less likely to skip it.
  10. Get the right gear. Wear comfortable, appropriate shoes and clothing for the activity.
Follow these 10 simple tips to jump-start activity in your life.

Source: DiabetesControlForLife.com

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Love This Image!

I took the liberty of grabbing this at my niece's blog, Be Learned, Originate Your Gains. This is cool! Follow the instructions and be amazed!
Concentrate on the four dots in the middle of the picture for about 30 seconds. Then close your eyes, or look up toward the ceiling or any clear, white surface around you. Within seconds you will see an image. Continue looking at the image…What Do You See? Is it a heavenly sign?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

21 Things to Do before Summer Ends

If you're like most people, you are planning to launch your summer with the best of intentions. But like that candy bar in the glove box, the sweet summer memories that were your priority can quickly melt in the slow, hot days of the season. Luckily, with a little planning and some great ideas, you can make this summer the best ever. Source: LDS Living Staff

Even if money is tight, there are still plenty of ways to have an exciting summer. In fact, the best summer memories are often made up of small, simple pleasures. When the heat's on, don't sweat the big stuff. Take time to sip lemonade, read a good book, and enjoy the beauty of nature. At
LDS Living, we've looked, asked, and researched the top twenty-one things to do before summer ends.

1. Take a Hike.Being outdoors is like owning a pet - there's just something healthy about it. It feels great to get back to nature, so while the weather is nice, why not explore some of the wonderful parks, trails, and reserves near your home? Bring a magnifying glass and pair of binoculars for a closer look at insects, birds, and other wildlife.

2. Read a Biography. Books are an easy vacation you can fit under your arm. They are distractions our tired brains love, and there are few things as gripping as a good biography. Many people throughout history have lived lives of achievement and inspiration. So bring a blanket and find some shady trees - they were made for reading good books.

3. Make Real Lemonade. Summer just doesn't seem like summer until you've had a nice cool glass of real lemonade. Try this recipe:

Peel three fat lemons. Cut them into smaller pieces. Drop the pieces into a blender with 1-1/2 cups of sugar and 1-1/2 cups of water. Use the blender to chop until coarse, then strain into a pitcher. Add ice cubes. Adjust as needed.

4. Host a Neighborhood Block Party. Summer is always a season of change, meaning at least one new family will move into the neighborhood. So why not host a potluck block party and give everyone a chance to get to know one another better? You can oftentimes obtain a special permit from your city that allows you to block off the street.

5. Go on a Field Trip. Remember the time you were reading about the art museum that wasn't far from your home? Summer is the perfect time to explore all that your community has to offer. How about visiting an aquarium, aviary, or zoo? Or try your state capitol building.

6. Sleep Outside. Most of us have fallen asleep outdoors a few times in our lives, or at least slept with the window open. Brigham Young once said that summers were meant for sleeping outdoors, and that the fresh air does the mind good. So take a trip back to your school days and enjoy sleeping under the stars.

7. Go to a "Dive-in" Movie. Sometimes you need to take a break from the sticky summer night heat. One great way to spend a summer evening is cooling off while watching a good movie. Many water parks show movies on giant screens while people relax in the pool. Can't find any in your area? Opt for a matinee. A nice cold soda and a dark, cool theater can provide a much-needed break from the hot summer sun.

8. Take a Dip. Studies show that 86 percent of all the swimming you'll do in your life is completed before you're twenty years old. And most of that was done in the summer. Make this the summer of swim. Visit the community pool, or better yet, take a trip to the ocean or a nearby lake. You can do some beachcombing or fishing while you're there!

9. Have a Yard Sale. Yard sales are a great way to get organized and cleaned up before the school year starts. Get your kids involved and let them earn some money. They may not want to give away some of their toys, but they might be interested in selling them. Have a yard sale - and don't forget to sell some of that good lemonade.

10. Eat Homemade Ice Cream at Sunset. Making ice cream is one of the crowning events of any summer - eating it while watching a beautiful sunset makes it even more special. This event needs to be planned and executed as though your summer depends on it. Go all out - get berries, cones, and whipped cream to dress up simpler flavors, which are easier to make and tend to turn out better than complicated flavors. Make it a fun time you'll always remember.

11. Attend a Concert in the Park. Many cities host a series of free concerts during the summer months, often with a wide variety of music from Celtic to bluegrass to classical. So grab a blanket or a lawn chair, pack a picnic, and sit back and enjoy!

12. Go Horseback Riding. Most people don't have the chance to ride horses very often, so saddle up and go on a mini adventure. Even if you're not an experienced rider, there are many businesses that can accommodate beginners. This will be great for kids, too, who tend to enjoy close contact with animals.

13. Visit an Amusement Park. If horseback riding isn't your style, you can always opt for a horse on carousel. Most amusement parks have something for everyone to enjoy. Even if you'd rather not take a spin on the roller coaster, there is sure to be dancing, singing, or some kind of entertainment for you to enjoy.

14. Attend a Festival. During the summer months, festivals are everywhere. So grab the kids and spend the day learning about the food, crafts, history, music, and dance of another culture. From Greek to Scottish to Polynesian, you're sure to find a great cultural event to attend. Check your local paper for dates and details.

15. Shop at a Farmers' Market. Local farmers' markets are overflowing with fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables. In summer, you're sure to find perfectly ripened tomatoes, sugar-sweet corn, and delicious watermelon. Go to localharvest.org or farmersmarket.com to find a farmers' market near you.

16. Pick Fresh Fruit. You can also enjoy the bounty of summer by going to the farm yourself to gather juicy strawberries or plump blueberries right from the field. Later in the season, try picking peaches or apples from a local orchard. Check pickyourown.org to see if there is a kid-friendly farm in your area.

17. Clean Up a Park. With the kids out of school, it is often hard to keep them busy with productive, meaningful projects. So grab some gloves, some garbage bags, and a rake and head to your neighborhood park. After you finish cleaning up, let the kids spend some time at the park to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

18. Build a Fort. Kids love to have a special place of their own. Let them drape sheets and blankets over some tables, chairs, and piles of couch cushions for a few days, or round up some scrap lumber and cardboard boxes for the perfect outdoor escape.

19. Attend a State or County Fair. A great event for the whole family, local fairs usually have carnival rides, games, food, entertainment, competitions, crafts, and displays. It's the perfect way to celebrate your local culture.

20. Go Stargazing. Warm summer nights are perfect for stargazing. You can make it as simple as admiring the stars in the night sky, or, with a little planning, you can catch meteor showers, locate constellations, and even find out when other planets will be visible. Find a secluded area near your house that has less light pollution so you can enjoy the full glory of the night sky. Go to stardate.org for lots of tips and a weekly calendar of celestial events.

21. Complete a Triathlon. Races are popular and common in the summer, and the days are long enough to give you ample time to prepare. Find a "sprint" triathlon, a form of triathlon that typically includes shorter, more achievable distances for novice racers. Your whole family can participate in the training, making it a summer of health. It can also bring you closer together as you all work towards a common goal! If you can't race, find out how you can assist with one.