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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Party 2009

We attended a church Christmas Party last night and we had a blast. We enjoyed the foods as well as the musical presentations. There were a dance afterward but we decided not to stay since hubby was not there. So here are some photos taken from last night.

Jake was shy when Santa asked him what he wants for Christmas...

...he said, he wanted a race car.

Music presented by Young Men and Young women.

T'was us walking after putting the Chicken apritada on the table :-)

Me and Jacob...

With friends...Kerry and Kisty ( not they are not a couple).


  1. hahahha....race car man diay ang gusto ni jake...ka cute niya woi....naka red pa jud sya...terno sila ni santa...ehehehe!

    woi, nakita tamo 2 ni jake sa likod...ehhehe...nag afritada diay ka te...sos kalami....:)

  2. Merry Christmas ces, I hope Santa gave Jake's race car wish hehehehe.

    Im glad you guys had a blast at the party. Looks like there's a lot of fun in the party. and food too lol pagkain talaga nasa isip ko basta party lol

  3. Ang saya naman ng Christmas party nyo ate. Hahaha shy pala si Jake kay Santa, si Rye hindi.. As soon as she sat on Santa's lap birada agad lol.

    Salamat ulit ate sa magandang presents!