"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love." ~Mildred B. Vermont~

Monday, January 31, 2011

We Don't Want to Raise a Brat!

My son has been bugging me lately for a new backpack. He keeps telling me that he didn't get a new one this school year instead he is still using the one I bought when he was still on first grade. Well, the old one is still usable plus it doesn't look liked its all worn out. To make him stop from bugging me, I promised him that this fall, I will buy him a new one and he agreed. I tell you, school backpacks are not cheap at all. I just hope he would take whatever backpack I get him otherwise he would have to settle with nothing but his old backpack, lol! My little has been very picky lately. I guessed because he is growing and is learning more and more everyday. He learns a lot from his friends at school and at church. He is like a little guys who wanted to keep up with the little Johnses. And if I will give in to his request...I would end up broke every time. This guy needs to learn the value of hard work and money otherwise he would grow up a brat!

The Need for New Laptop and Camera

While at Best Buy this morning shopping for a cable, I have found a perfect laptop to replace my old one. The one I really like is Sony VAIO's; it has more features than the one I have now which is by the way two year old now. I am planning to give it to my brother who has been asking me to buy him one. So instead of getting him a new one...I'll just give the old one. Hubby told me that I can buy a MacBook for the same price if I go to MicroCenter. He was right! Now, I need to save more for that dream laptop of mine :-). Anyway, we are also planning on buying a new camera for we want to update the two digital cameras we have right now though we just bought the other one last year. It is time to get a DSLR camera for it will give us more features than the digital cameras don't have. I just wished that we would be able to get that said camera before our trip to P.I. this summer.

Friday, January 28, 2011

CC: We Promised....

As the saying goes "promises are made to be broken" and yet I still find myself making promises to my family that I have difficulty keeping. For instance: I told my husband to spend less time in front of my computer, but due some unavoidable circumstances every once in awhile I fail to keep it. The sad thing is that I promise to be more patient with my son, but I couldn't control my temper when he doesn't listen to me, thus breaking his heart and mine, too!

I am not a perfect wife, but believe it or not I am trying to be perfect on keeping my promises because I don't want my family to stop trusting me for breaking promises. It is not healthy for me and my family to make promises I couldn't keep. God is good because HE gives me wonderful husband who understand me and have enough patience to forgive and give me another chance to try keep those promises. Hubby and I promised to each other that no matter what happen, we would never leave each other and we will be there for each other through good and bad times. It's been 9 years since we got married...and here we are still together. Those trials and challenges made us stronger and better person and couple. We owe it to God who is always there for us.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Body Is Like A Temple of God

Last week while watching the news, there was this guys who traveled looking for the guy who is an expert on the art of tatoo. Watching this man with tatoo in almost every part of his body made me think...what in the world is this guy thinking. Where else would he need a tatoo for? Literally, there is no space for another one for his body is covered with tatoos already. I also think that his body is probably immune that he could feel no longer feel the pain from being poke by needles and stuffs. I wonder if there is a thing that he could use like tatoo removal in case he decides to get rid of them. Forget me when I say this, but for me when you decide to have tatoo, you are not respecting your body. In the bible it says "your body is holy" therefore, you need to treat it with great respect. Tatoo makes it look untidy.

Not Producing Breast Milk

When I gave birth to my son six years ago, I had hard time breastfeeding him because I couldn't produce milk for him. We couldn't figured the reasons why. I did the best I could from eating a lot of soup to using a breast pump, but none of them worked. After few weeks of trying, we decided that he will have to be fed a milk formula. I just wished I've know some other ways or even tip on how to increase breast milk production. I was worried he would not get the vitamins and nutrients he needs to grow healthy, but I was wrong. He is now a healthy first grader who seldom get sick. He has seasonal allergy though. Thanks to the milk formula he had when he was a baby.

Acne Attacks Me Once Again!

After the treatments stopped my body from rejecting my new kidneys, the side effect of steroid started kicking in. Acne started to appear down my cheek and on my chest. It bothers me when pimples try to invade my face; and so the other day while at the doctor's office, I asked Cindy (my nurse) if Dr. Lerman will give me a prescription for adult acne again. Unfortunately, he is on a vacation for a week and would not going to be at the office till next week. Oh well, I guessed I better wait for him. I really like the medicine he prescribed me before for it was very effective and safe. My acne was gone in just a matter of week. How cool is that?

CC: Why Bad Habits Are Hard to Break?

I wished I could help you how to break your bad habit, but sorry...I, myself is having difficulty breaking mine. The bad habit I have is being a procrastinator. For whatever reason I manage to neglect, put aside or so to speak procrastinate everything from household chores to taking care of my health (by not exercising or walking on the treadmill). Hubby shares the same habit on keeping ourselves active. Exercising less and eating more, wahhhh!

I believe that being human is not an excuse to break bad habits. It's all about determination, dedication and being consistent. I know that we can break our bad habits if we have these three things. It wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth trying. Just think about the biggest losers; they loss weight and keep it off! Wouldn't it be great if we can do that! Easier than done...and they did it! I bet we could do it, too! My share on this week theme on.....

New Flat Screen Television

Last week, hubby and I decided to rearranged our furniture in my son's room and in the dining area. As we were going through our stuffs, we noticed how huge and old that television in our son's room. So right then and there, we took the huge TV out of his room which by the way very heavy and gave it to a friend. The other old TV that was given by another friend was also gone. And since we need replacement for those TV's, we headed to Walmart to look flat screen TV's at Walmart. While there, I asked the salesperson whether they also sell wireless cctv cameras. Unfortunately, they don't. It would be nice if we have one installed outside our house for protection. Anyway, talking about the televisions, we bought two flat screen televisions and placed them in the guest room and the other one at my son's bedroom. Now, I can walk on the treadmill knowing I won't be bored because of the new TV in there, LOL!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Clutter Free Home

After two weeks of not being able to do my chores due to sickness and holiday, it was nice to be home once again. I was able to finally clean the house! Oh what a great feeling to know that laundry are done, too. Talking about household chores, hubby shares the load with me. He cleans the ceiling fans as well as the windows. Now this is what I called division of labor. The feeling of peace and comfort is what we have right now. How about you. To me, when the house is messy and full of clutters....there is no way I will feel at peace. For whatever reason, some people can live it so much clutters. I remember during our trip to NM; we saw this van that is full of junk! I can imagine how this man must be! Oh well, I'll say, people are indeed different and unique in every way.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

CC: Old Bad Habits

Just like everybody else, I too has few bad habits that need to be stopped. I am not perfect but that doesn't mean I can't be perfect in something else. Right now, I am working on the following:

~~ Reading scriptures daily. I feel bad and couldn't sleep if I miss a day without reading.
~~ Not yelling at my son or hubby when I am irritated or when the red flag in on.
~~ Spending less in front of computer and more time exercising.
~~ Managing my weight by dieting.

Here's hubby's share of bad habits:

~~ Impulsive buying.
~~ Not saving enough for the future/emergency.
~~ Leaving dirty socks on the floor.
~~ Eating more than he should and exercising less.

We are both working hard on it by supporting and helping each other. We both know that we would succeed if we work together.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Recess Lighting

Every time I look at our kitchen, I can't help but think about the hudson valley lighting. This company for me sells the best lighting products. I have browse their website and fell in love with all their lighting products. My favorite was the wall scones. I wanted to put one in our living room and in the hallway. But first, the recess lights needs to be installed in the kitchen first so our kitchen would look complete. Right now, I feel like it is missing something and that is the recess lights above the sink/counter.

Karaoke Singing is Fun!

Back in the Philippines when I was still single, my friends and I used to hang a lot at the mall where karaoke machines are placed. We pay and then sings; we had so much fun! Well, we are not good at it, we just love to sing and be happy. I still love to sing though am already married that is why hubby bought me a karaoke so we both could sing whenever we want to in the comfort of our own home. Now, we don't have to worry about people listening to our not so good voice, lol. On New Year's day, a friend of our's celebrated her birthday and we all went and enjoyed the foods, fellowship and karaoke singing. I tell you, we had a blast. We went home almost 12 midnight!