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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Couple's Corner: I Am Angry!

Rodliz’s Nest

I always say how wonderful my husband is; but I tell you he makes me so angry sometimes. I still remember the time I got so mad at him when I had my monthly visit coupled with my moods swing due to some of the medicines I am taking. It was the little things he does that annoy me that adds up and I couldn't take it anymore from deleting email addressed to me, changing our plans right there and then, procrastination to name a few. It happened last year where we were still living in VA and that was the day his parents are coming for a visit. I was so mad that I decided to pack my things up and leave him. He was very sad and apologetic that he couldn't stop me from leaving him. Well, finally he said okay, you can stay at a hotel and I just make something up when my parents ask where you are. Well, all I want to do that time was to be alone and for his parents not to see that I have been crying. I actually left but really didn't check in at a nearby hotel. I just couldn't do it. I went to the mall...did a little window shopping...to forget what happened. I finally went back home to be with his parents. Thank goodness we don't live close to my parents or else I would probably go there and stay for a night or two. I tell you when I get angry...I would scream or leave so I can avoid saying something to him that would hurt his feelings and I would regret saying afterward. I made him mad too, but when he is mad I just shut my mouth up...and be calm. And oh by the way, I can't really afford to leave him...I just want to scare him....and I tell you, I always succeed, hehehehe!


  1. I actually couldn believe ces that you will get angry like that, you seems very very nice that even if you are in the stage of anger you can calm yourself up. Grabe power ni Matt pala pagpinapagalit ka, buti nlng may shopping mall and you know how to drive. Ako walang choice paggalit, kahit pa sabihin ko lalayas ako walang mangyayari kasi hindi ako marunong mag drive lol.

    Bait mo pa rin tsang kasi kahit galit na galit ka you still face your inlaws. I guess only our better half can bring the monster in us lol. Nice story ces thanks for sharing.

  2. Liza's comment transferred from facebook...

    First of all, bagong site ba to? or bagong bihis lang po? Ang ganda, loves ko, sino gumawa?

    Alam mo, kapag galit din ako, pinipilit kong makapagsalita ng pagsisisihan ko, once kasi na nasabi mo na di mo na mababawi. Kaya kapag galit ako kay Rodney, ayaw ko siyangmakita. although bihira naman mangyari yun, he can make me mad easily, kapag tungkol sa finance ang pag uusapan..hehehe, guilty kasi ako at nagpapadala ako sa Pinas ng pera every month, tapos jobless pa ako.

    But you're right, kapag galit tayo, need nating mag cool off. Saka kahit naman galit tayo sa mga hubbies natin, di reason yun para iwan natin sila, unless na nang babae, ehehehe..

    Ayaw mag show ng box for word verification eh, di ko tuloy ma submit ang comment ko, wahhh!