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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Layout

Finally, I am done with my blog make over. Whew, it wasn't easy than I thought it would be...I have lost a lot of widgets and still on the process of putting them back. And if you don't see your name on my bloglist...let me know and I will add it again. I am glad for what I have accomplished here...it took me a night to finally finish it....yup that is how dummy I am when it comes to this kind of thing. For most of you guys, this is just like a piece of cake...but for me... is something!


  1. hi cel, nindot ang imong lay out gusto ko :-)

  2. Hehehe, ang hirap magpalit ng lay out noh? sabi sau, sa 3 kong pinalitan, inabot ako ng ilang taon, ahahha! di ko nga alam kung naibalik ko lahat ng nasa links ko eh.. I lvoe your new lay out, it's so neat..

  3. @ liza
    oo nga hirap magpalit ng layout...kaya yung isang pinalitan ko eh...kahit di ako masyadong nagandahan sa layout eh...saka ko na uli papalitan...

    thanks, simple lang kasi gusto ko eh, salamat nga pala for giving me the website where i got these free and nice looking layouts :-)!

    your layouts are very neat, too, kaya nagustuhan.