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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Couple's Corner: Most Irritating/Annoying Habits for Both

Time for Couple's Corner once again created by Liza...and this week's theme is about Most Irritating/Annoying Habits for Both.

Rodliz’s Nest

These are few things that hubby does that irritates me most...

Scratching his armpit and smelling it.

Cooking more than we can eat; as if he is going to feed the whole town.

Leaving his dirty socks anywhere in the bedroom despite that the laundry basket is just few steps away from him.

When I asked him to get a couple of things at the grocery store and came back with at least two bags of of stuff we don't even need.

Skipping lunch.

...and here are the things I do that annoys him much!

He hates it when I tell him where to park the car when we are out dining or shopping.

He doesn't like it when I criticize his driving skills.

He doesn't like that I am too strict when it comes to disciplining Jacob.

He gets mad at me because I spend more time in front of the PC; so I decided to spend less this year.


  1. Ate Cecile, he scratches his armpit and smells it? Hahahaha, that made me laugh. Socks, naku eh carbon copy ni Rodney, kahit katabi na ang laundry basket, nasa sahig pa rin ang medyas. Hay angm ga asawa talga natin, wala pa akong nabasang super tidy na hubby, sana may sumali pa, baka sakaling merong mga hubbies na maayos sa gamit..Hehehe.

    Si Rodney galit na galit sa akin kapag maghanap kami ng parking, tapos sasaihin ko " there, there!" sabay turo sa space.. at ang my spending so much time in front of my computer, inis din siya, aba eh ano kaya gagawin ko eh, pano ang aking blog? hehee..

    Have a great day!!

  2. Pareho hubby natin ces sa leaving the socks anywhere at skipping lunch. Pero natawa ako sa scratching the armpit and smell it parang ako yata yan lol.

    Hirap bagohin ang spend too much in the pc ces kasi parang buhay ko na yata yan, wala nman ibang magawa aside from watching the kids, so ang pc ang bff ko lol. I enjoy reading this annoying thingy.

  3. hahhaha...similar man diay atong mga habits te...ehehhehe....joker kaau! woi mag skip diay ug lunch si hubby nimo?

    visit ko dire kadali teCes ha....sensya na jud...super busy ko kaau...ehehhehe!

    sa lunes na jud me maglakaw te....woi, gosh d bulan among vacay didto te...ehhehe..3 weeks lang me didto...lol..d makaya sa budget...kay 2 weeks ra ang payoff ni hubby..so 1 week wala me kwarta...lol!

    kamo te, when man mo mag uli puhon?