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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Health Condition Has Gotten Worst

The other day, I went to see my doctor for a routine check up and found out that my blood count was too low (6) again. No wonder why I feel so weak and no energy to do my job at home. Not only that, my blood sugar level was higher than normal and my creatinine was a little bit higher. These worries me so much now. I don't want to go to another set of iron infusion again because it didn't really help me much. Anyway, he gave me an epogen shot and told me to come back next week to see whether the shot helped. If it doesn't, then he would probably give me blood transfusion this time. Till then, I need to eat liver and green leafy vegetables because they are rich in iron. I am also limiting salt and sugar intake to control my blood sugar and blood pressure. I would like to walk on a treadmill, but I am afraid I'll pass out. I am very tired of my health condition, but I have to take care of myself for the sake of my son; hubby is doing the same thing for the same reason.


  1. I catch your site while browsing around the net. I read your dilemma but, that's not really a prob. Be brave and fight the illness.

    I been through a very hard-time struggling illness too (if I can call it illness). Might worst pa eh?

    In & out sa hosp for a slight surgeon daw but that slight isn't fun kasi, it's every other month. Toke a year of that scheds & when docs realized they can't do any surgeon anymore kasi ala na yong cervix ko. They decided to take the ovary kasi the bad cells scatterd in na. So, last April I gone through the hardest surgery I been and that's not funny at all.

    So cheer up. You can fight the salt & sugar and sus! grill the liver and eat ampalya na di mo lutuin? Jst thin slice it sprinkle with salt then puga-in mo? Mix with lil patis & vinegar, onion and tomatoes, voilá! bon aptit kana.

    So, no threadmill... go out for an hour walk to get the fresh air. I do that everyday, rain or shine. Although, -21 below 0? am out walking home to trainstation. Though takes only 3 mins by car.

    I keep my fingers x and see the good outcome of what you done.

    God Bless.

  2. You need to take more rest ces, and pray for your health. sana bumalik na lakas mo hirap niyan for at nakaka stress isipin ang health condition talaga. just take it easy friend and get more sleep at rest.