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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Couple's Corner: We Know Each Other Very Well!

Rodliz’s Nest

Matt and I have been married for eight years now and I can say that we pretty much know each other from head to toes. He loves to eat but doesn't like garlic that is why he stopped eating adobo. He can eat spaghetti everyday and will never gets tired of it. His burger must not have mustard while his steak is medium rare. He wants the bed to be made every morning and sleep on all sides. A very simple man who is contented wearing sweet pants and cotton t shirt when home. During his days off, he would rather watch his fave shows and movies except sports than going out with friends. One who loves western movies and a fan of John Wayne. Just like most men, hates mall shopping, but loves Walmart and Sprouts. I like that he knows when to keep his distance when I am angry. He never gets angry when he gets home without food on the table; he will eat whatever is left in the fridge. He cooks and washes dishes without being ask.

He very well know that when I eat lunch or dinner, the meal is not complete without rice and veggies on the side; and that I love seafood and steak and my fave resto is TGI Friday and Maggiano's Little Italy. He knows I like expensive stuffs, but never buy them. He knows where to find me when we are at the mall shopping (shoes and purses section). He knows my fave color and I don't like sparkly jewelry especially silver. When I am silent, he knows that something is bothering me and he would ask if I he could be of help.

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  1. Ate Cecile, ayaw ni Matt ng garlic? why??? sarap kaya ng bawang..hehehe. Katawa naman, alam niyang mahilig ka sa expensive stuff, pero di ka bumibili? yun ba ang intindi ko? He hates shopping malls din gaya ni Rodney? at parehas din silang mahilig lang manood ng tv kapag days off. Aba eh mga asawa pala natin pwedeng maging kambal, hahaha..Mga simpleng tao, pero rock!! Oh di ba? sarap kapag kilala natin ang ating mga partners, kasi kialla din nila tayo, we can act wahtever we want na they will accept and love us for who we are.. I fel sorry for those who need to pretend jsut to make their spouses happy. May mga cases na ganyan..Oh well..we are so blessed for having our beloved hubbies..Thanks for joining and Have a great day!

  2. Wahhh magkakasundo kami ni Kuya Matt pagdating sa garlic but I can eat food with garlic wag ko lang sya mangunguya at naku malalabas lahat ng food na naintake ko hahaha.

    Bago mo ba tong blog ate Ces?

    We know each other so Well

  3. oo liz, tama ang pagkabasa mo...di ako bumibili ng expensive things kahit na gusto ko, kaya si Matt na lang ang bumibili nito for me...kaya ayn sometimes ini re return ko...di rinsiya mahilig sa mahal na damit mga bagay hehehe

  4. wow..bait ni hubby mo ate Cecille...hindi na nghuhugas ng plato kahit hindi sinasabihan...si hubby ko naman kailangan pakiusapan muna pero sumusunod naman...

    ah women, mhilig sa shoes and bags..ehhehehehhe..

    thnks for the visit

  5. @ Rose, tagal na tong blog ko na to, Rose, bagong bihis lang :-)

    hahaha, wala naman siya magawa pag may garlic ang dish eh, kaya kain na lang siya.

  6. @ Chie, oo may kusang palo naman siya, minsan nga na gi guilty ako eh hehehe, kasi trabaho ko yung magluto at maghugas ng pinggan as wife .

  7. Babae talaga mahilig sa mga shoes and purse!same here,para kasing nakakapanghinayang pag bumili ng mahal na gamit kaya si si hubby na rin ang bumibili for me or else wala akong mabibili for me lol!

  8. sweet naman ni hubby ate ces, naghuhugas rin sya kahit di inuutusan? hehe.. pagdating sa mga mamahaling gamit, naku kame naman parehong di maaasahan dyan. super duper kuripot kame at madalas window shopping lang ang nagagawa namin.. your hubby loves you so much that he buys what he knows will make you happy.. see you again in CC..

  9. weee..ako ang ayaw ng garlic yong asawa ko naman ang ngek magsalad pa yan ng garlic. grabee!

    woi...sinuot ko talaga antipara ko para mabasa to.., ang lili-it kasi..hehhe!

    Happy CC!