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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CC: To The Two Great Mothers Around....

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Since Mother's Day is just few days away, I would like to share my feelings about the two great mothers I know. First, I just hope she (my mother) can read this post so she would know how much I love her despite that we are miles apart. I always talk with her on the phone, and see her on the internet, but it wasn't enough to let her know how I miss and love her so much. But you know what? I know and feel in my heart that she loves and misses me, too! For me, she is the best "Mom" in the whole world. I wouldn't be what I am today without her; thanks, Mother for everything you did for us.

"No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you - life” ~ Anonymous ~

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” ~ Abraham Lincoln ~

My mother who is "Nandy" to her family and those who knows her will be turning 73 this month (May 30). A loving, hard working mother who always thinks of her childern's and grandchilden's welfare and well being even to this day. I grew up seeing her many sacrifices done for us. A selfless mother who loves his family more than her life itself. At her age, she is a very sensitive person...who doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings especially her loved ones. And that is the very reason why there are things that I keep to myself so she won't get hurt especially when it comes to my siblings. But other than that, I can always talk to her about anything despite of the distance between us.

My mother is not getting any younger anymore, that is why she gets sick easily. Almost two years ago, she had a mild stroke that made me worry so much because I cannot take care of her. Thank goodness, my brothers and father were there to take care of her. Because of that stroke, she takes medications for hb pressure and diabetes now. I am glad that it is finally under control; she is well... just missing her only grandson. Thanks to the internet, she can see Jake online and even talk to him and vice versa.

“A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking." ~ Helen Rice ~

And here is my Mother In- Law who never fail to show her kids how important they are to her. I thank her for raising such a wonderful son, who is now my husband and the father of my children. My MIL is a very caring and thoughtful mother/person who is devoted to her family. And I love her for that. I thank her for accepting and treating me like her own child. She is awesome! Anyway, her name is Audrey who was born and raised in California, but is now living in New Mexico, of course with my FIL. She is a retired teacher and 76 year old, but still active, healthy and strong. She and my FIL still camp, hike, and does many things that a woman her age couldn't anymore. My son adores her so much and she is tickled with Jake's constant asking "where is Grandma? or I want to play with Grandma" every time she visits us or when we visit them in her place. Before I met her, I was worried that she might not like me, but I was so wrong! She is the opposite of what people say about MIL. In fact, she is the best MIL every DIL would want for. She is like my mother whom I also have a very close relationship with.

We love you both, mothers...and from the bottom of our hearts, Happy Mother's Day! You, guys are the "Best."

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  1. you're MIL is still strong for her age, Ces and that's good. thanks to the internet, at least you have way of talking and seeing your loving mom everyday.both of my parents are taking maintenance meds for hb pressure too.

    advance happy mother's day, Ces! mwaah!

  2. Ka sweet naman. buti nga at me internet na di ba? only grandson pala si Jake, pero may mga iba pa siyang apo sa Pinas? Pareho na mga mothers natin, may mga diabetis, ano ba yan, kasi naman all their lives, kanin ang laging kinakain, hehehe..

    MIL mo 76 na? wow mukha ngang malakas pa. Naku ate Ces, swerte natin at loves tayo ng ating mga MILs di ba? basta naman we act as ourselves eh makakasundo natin ang mga MIL natin, di naman sila complicated na tao, unlucky na lang yung iba na di nakakasundo ng kanilang mga in laws. thanks for joining.

    Happy Mother's Day sa u at of course sa iyong mga mothers...

  3. Happy Mothers day in advance to you and to your Mom ces. What a lovely message of love to a mother.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you Ate Ces and to your mothers... you're indeed very blessed to have such kind of relationship with both your mom and MIL. My lola was 74 when she passed away and super hina na... your MIL is indeed so strong!

  5. awwww...so sweet of you te Ces....am sure your mom is very proud of you.....thanks for sharing the pics...you are so lucky na met mo si MIL mo...ako never kung na meet si MIL ko....happy mother's day ateCes!

  6. lucky you or us for having great mother and MIL.