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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Need New Camera

This morning while at my son's school helping with the "field day" activity, I wanted to take pictures of him having fun participating. But since hubby and I were busy helping, we couldn't take pictures of him. So, when my son got into the gym, I went ahead and started taking pictures as fast as I can to the point I dropped the camera...and it even bounced twice on the hard floor...and that is the reason why it is broken right now. I felt bad, but what can I do? I cannot cry with the spilled milk. No choice but to forgive myself and get a new one. Hubby told me that maybe it is time for us to buy the camera I really want which is the DSLR. It will cost us more money, but it will be worth the price.


  1. agree with your husband... :)

    i lost my camera last friday which gave me a reason to buy the dslr camera i wanted :)

    time to get yourself a dslr!

  2. Oo nga, Willa and Rache.....pagtapos na kami maglipat saka na kami bibili baka may tira pa sa savings :-)