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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On Weight Loss and Acne

The best place I always want to be in our house is the kitchen. I call our kitchen the heart of our home because that is where I cook heart healthy foods for my family. Yup, hubby and I love to cook and eat....and that is very obvious by the way we look now :-); we both gained weight in just a couple of months after our wedding. Anyway, part of it was eating Filipino foods for they are eaten with rice. Rice doesn't really have any nutrients in it, only carbohydrates that make us big. That is the reason why I try to eat as little amount of rice as possible. To help us with the weight loss goal hubby and I have, we need something that will help us lose weight fast. Lipovox is the only diet pill I can think of. The great thing about this diet pill is that it will not only help you lose extra pound in your body, but also treat you acne if you are having problem treating it. Isn't this product great or what!? If I were you, I would try this one. It's like hitting two birds with one stone!

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