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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She Wants the Field Day to be Stopped!?

The other day when I was watching one of the early show, one of their host was on leave. And so they had to get someone to fill in for her that day. I was enjoying the show till this woman talked about "Field Day" at her sons school. She said that the said activity gave her stress by just watching them play! For a minute, I thought why? Then, she goes on and said how much she hates it and hopes, that schools in Texas will not do such activity again. Why? Just because she was being impatient and inconsiderate! I am sorry to say, but I don't like this woman to host that show again...she wasn't setting a good example to the viewers. Field Day is one of the most anticipated activity at school by the children. I think that she and her kids were being competitive that is why this activity gave her stress. If that is the case...it's either she should stop attending or shut her mouth out! This woman is showing how inconsiderate and impatient she is! Shame on you for saying those things in front of thousand even millions of viewers. You are not fit to host that show!

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