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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CC: Labor, Delivery and Bringing Home Baby

After Ruth, I got pregnant again with Jacob despite of my nephrologist advised to not get pregnant again! He was mad at me because it would very complicated knowing my health condition, but what can we do. Hubby and I really thought that it was a blessing why I got pregnant. To make sure that my second pregnancy will be a success, we looked for a doctor that specializes on risky pregnancy and found one! Dr. Elmquist was very nice and sweet Ob-Gyne. She took care of me very well making sure that the baby and I were okay. By the way, this pregnancy wasn't really hard at all. No throwing up or dizziness, but only craving for foods.

One day I started to having a contraction, and it became painful every time my doctor checked weather it is time for the baby to come out despite that he was barely seven months pregnant. She said, it was normal to have a contraction and so we went home. But it didn't stop there....it gets painful and so at 3am I woke my husband up saying that the baby was coming but he didn't believed me till I started bleeding. That was the time that he panicked and rushed me to ER right away! Sure enough, Jacob was coming out with his feet first! They did a C Section and Jake was borne. Yup, he was a preemie baby and was fine, no problem at all except that he was very tiny, and so they told us that Jake needs to stay at NICU to gain weight and so did he.

Now, our tiny little baby has grown so fast and is healthy! I still cannot believe that this fall he will be attending 1st grade. Oh well, he is growing alright and there is nothing we can do about it! Oh by the way, after the c-section I have to go back for abdominal surgery three days later and stayed for a moth at the hospital due to infection:-(. So after a month in the hospital, Jake and I went home together, finally.

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  1. Awww what a wonderful feeling giving birth to a wonderful baby. Liit pa ni jake ano. Who would have thought that little premie will grow up to be healthy, happy, handsome, good boy diba. He is a blessings ces.

    btw, I have an award for you at www.tsangreqz.com

  2. Jake is a miracle baby,Ate Ces.Agad cyang nabuo after Ruth,indeed he's a blessing from above.

  3. korek si mamiClang teCes....jake is indeed a miracle...what a wonderful blessing....

    sos karon nana kay ulitawo..d jud matagdan ang panahon....:)

  4. ngayon ko lang nalaman na second baby nyo pala si Jacob. i am sorry about Ruth, Ces. parang lahat tayo ay c-section ang delivery.

    one month in the hospital? tagal noon a. good thing is sabay kayong umuwi ni Jacob.

  5. who can ever say Jacob is a premmie??? He's such a gorgeous boy... and so healthy indeed... It's your faith in God that maked you strong despite all the trials, Ate Ces... I'm so proud to have known such a brave momma in you... :)