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Friday, April 29, 2011

Broken Hearted: This Too Shall Pass

Have you ever experienced that excruciating pain not because you were involved in a tragic accident or had a malignant disease, but due to a failed relationship and a heart being broken? Were there times in your life when you were watching a comedy movie but your tears were falling profusely from your eyes because of heartaches? Did it ever occur to you that eternal love was just a fiction and life had no meaning? Have you ever experienced cursing your life and swearing to death because you lost faith in love? Were there moments in your life that even in your dreams you were hurting?

I strongly believe that somehow or somewhere in our mortal existence, we answered those questions with a groaning YES! I must admit, I am no exception! In my viewpoint the pain that we experienced because of love or failed relationship is either inflicted by others (our partner) or a consequence of our wrong decision or choice. The hurt imposed by other people is beyond our capacity to control. What can we do if our partners purposely looked for someone else or were just too weak to resist temptations (so lame) or just simply were fallen out of love? On the other hand, sometimes it is “us” who are inviting pain to come upon ourselves. Perhaps, there were times when we knew that the relationship was wrong from the very start; and yet, we still persisted believing that love knew no boundaries and reasons; and when it failed, it dragged us to melancholy. Or, we plainly gave in to that “natural man” and unfortunately chose to hurt the “one’ we love – which sadly led us to that road of sorrow and regret! Regardless of the reason(s), we should not let our misery due to unsuccessful relationship shatter our hope and faith in love. My heart goes to those individuals, especially women, who are brokenhearted at the moment (due to a wrong choice or caused by others).

I was once in your shoes, but now I could say that I am the happiest woman alive. There are a number of suggestions that I would like to share on how to mend your broken heart and ultimately help you retrace your steps to happiness. However, I would like to warn you that these are easier said than done and these might not work for everyone. Just give it a shot anyway! It is impossible to start finding your way back to happiness if you are still holding on to false hopes and dreams. If your partner is cheating on you or the other party is no longer interested to make the relationship works, allow yourself to mourn for a moment but never let heartaches and denial drown you. Immediately open that gateway to healing through accepting that it’s time for you to get going.

~ Commitment is necessary: You can never move on unless you have chosen and decided NOW that you will do so. Commit and focus yourself, even if it is difficult, to keep moving forward…YOU CAN DO IT!
~ Pick up the pieces of you: Do not lose hope that someday, somewhere you will find that someone who will make you complete and will give you the true meaning of “everlasting love.” For now, start picking up the pieces of you, enhance the beauty that is already in you, love yourself and start anew…
~ Remember, you can only give your all if your heart is whole! You cannot find bliss in solitude. It is easier to forget your heartache if you will not do it alone! Spend time with your family. Be with people who have that sense of positivity and humor. Socialize. Don’t be so pathetic by just staying in your room and crying all day long.
~ Cease all sorts of communication: When I was still in the process of fixing my broken heart, I realized that it was extremely difficult to move forward because we’re still connected even if we were physically apart. Hence, I restricted myself from answering phone calls and SMS or responding to email messages. Also, I erased the previously received sweet nothings that were stored on my cellular phone and deleted those messages I saved in my email account for so long. Since then, forgetting the unwanted feelings and the pain was no longer a problem!
~ Note: Restore the communication only when you are no longer affected and you have already totally moved on! Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Always remember that Jesus Christ experienced both physical and emotional pain and suffering when He atoned for our sins. He can best comfort you because He comprehends what you are going through. Pray for strength that you might be able to endure the pain. Pray for courage that you might be able to forgive yourself or the one who caused you so much hurt. Pray for guidance so that you will be able to walk back to that path of joy and love without fear. Pray for wisdom that your heart will know when and to whom it should beat again.

I love the saying, “What won’t kill you makes you stronger!” Gratitude always fills my heart every time I think of how I have become because of the sufferings that I went through in the name of love. Hearing ourselves or others questioning our Maker because of heartaches and despair is an unfortunate display of conviction that fall short! It is a sad truth! But, cheer up my friends! Remember, heartaches, pain, sufferings and despair: these too shall pass. Keep praying that your broken heart will soon be mended; so that when the time comes that love will find its way back to your heart again… you are ready to welcome it with a bang!

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